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Jennifer Hoffman april newsletter

Reality and Feelings

Our relationship with life is based on feeling and emotions, as we enjoy and find peace within situations that make us 'feel' good and quickly try to change those that make us feel bad. We think we have successfully created what we want when we 'feel good' about it but this is a short term view as we try to replicate the feeling over and over again. In the longer term, we consistently create the reality we desire by working from the energy to emotion to feeling, instead of the other way around. We judge our reality by how we feel when we need to look at the energy.

We think that reality is about 'feeling' but it's really about energy, where feelings mirror energy and energy creates our reality but energy doesn't create feelings. They are created based on how we interpret the energy in motion through our beliefs, thoughts and memories. Feeling is an ego-based response to energy that we think is our reality but it is simply a response that, when we stay with our feelings, hides a far more powerful asset that we rarely use because once we 'feel' good about something we stop manifesting and when we 'feel' bad we panic and question ourselves instead of looking at the energy in motion and its lessons.

A person who breaks our heart will cause us to avoid situations in which our heart is broken but if we look at it from an energetic perspective, what did we need to learn from this energy exchange? Do we have lessons in power, trust, in listening to our guidance, in being more aware of our needs, are we trying to heal others or feel undeserving of a fulfilling, lasting relationship? When we question the energy in motion, we put aside the feeling and look at life through purpose, experience, learning and growth. This gives us closure and we can use energy as our guide instead of our feelings.

When we live through feeling we are always working backwards, without regard to the flow that is energy in motion. If we live through energy, we will create the energy for the feelings we want, see our dreams manifested and consistently manage our feelings because we are working with their source instead of dealing with the results. We are either actively creating with the energy or passively dealing with the results, and while one is not 'better' than the other, actively creating is certainly more effective than trying to figure out how we can feel good again and try to fix them in each situation. We have to remember ourselves as powerful co-creators, masters of the third dimension and its energies which, when put in motion through our conscious intention for the joy, love, peace, and abundance we wish, will always create the feelings we want to have.
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How Big Is Your World?

I want to thank you for the wonderful outpouring of birthday wishes I received from you this past week and am still working through all of your emails and replying to them. I am truly humbled by your messages of thanks and encouragement and of how much my work and presence have added to your lives. And as I was talking about how wonderful you made my birthday this past week to a family member over the weekend, he was silent and stared at me blankly. After some thought I realized that he simply cannot comprehend that thousands of people would write to wish me happy birthday because although he has big dreams and is very talented, he has created a very small world for himself.

Like so many others he has experienced some painful financial difficulties over the past few years and is struggling to find his path. The size of his world, or the world he allows himself to have, is what limits his ability to create solutions. He has issues with self worth, deserving, knowing about abundance and seeing himself as successful. While he talks about wanting a job, what he really wants is to have a steady paycheck, a job that isn't demanding, with few responsibilities, no risks and he wants someone to tell him what to do. Yet while he is so much more talented than that, he has created a world that is so small, there is no room for him to explore and expand his gifts and talents.

It is the size of the world that we allow ourselves to have which limits our ability to succeed in any aspect of living, which includes career, business, life and love. In order to have what we desire we also need to expand the size of our world to accommodate these things. If we ask for love and don't also work on our issues of trust, acceptance and intimacy, we won't get the love we want. If we ask for financial abundance and don't release our beliefs about deserving, victim consciousness or poverty thinking, we won't create the abundance we can have. We have to dream big to create what we want but we also have to accompany our big dreams with big thoughts, big actions and big beliefs.

We can have huge dreams but our small thoughts limit our world to fit within their boundaries. Can you see yourself with the love you want, being successful in what you do, having financial abundance that allows you to feel secure, or living the lifestyle that you want? How big do you have to make your world to accommodate your dreams? This includes all of the beliefs you have about how much you deserve and can have, your thoughts about the past, any victim thinking you have and how powerful you think you are. For each big dream you have, take an inventory of your thinking about it and release all of your small thoughts. Make your world as big as possible to fit your dreams, make room for the life, love, peace, joy and abundance you want in it so when you manifest those things they can become part of your reality because your world is big enough to accommodate them, and more.

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Uriel's Message -- Guardians of the Old and the New

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Each moment arrives with new energy and potentials, different possibilities and outcomes and opportunities for expansion into a new future or contraction into a new past. Each of you is guardian of the new and of the old energies in your lives, for humanity and for the earth. You enter into each lifetime mostly unaware of the results of previous lifetimes because you are tasked, in each life journey, with transforming the energies of the past. These energies are not there for you to use and repeat, they are simply reminders of a past that you have come to transform, applying new vibrations to create a different future.

The energy of the past is always part of your life experience as a reminder of the foundation of the energy you, as the family of humanity, have created and are here to change. Everyone on the earth today is here to shift an energetic aspect into a higher, more spirit-based energy that has a place in the ascended earth paradigm. You may see this as moving forward but as guardians of the new and the old, it is a process of re-purposing the old energy with the intention of shifting it into a higher vibration. The old is part of the new and the new arises from the old.

But when you forget that the purpose of re-calling the old is to transform it into its higher aspects and it becomes the dominant factor in your life experience you have stepped back into the past. While the energy of the past is of value and useful, the emotions and fear of the past are not, when they become the energies of the present moment. As you re-call the past, be sure to separate the energy from the feelings, beliefs, thoughts and experiences that are stored there. They arise to remind you of what needs to be transformed and do not need to be experienced. This is a time for you to practice 'hands off' transformation, where you work energetically and with great, purposeful intention but outside the realm of physical experience and more in the area of energetic consciousness.

The question to ask of the past is 'what is a higher vibration or aspect of this energy'? What is the highest vision you can carry for yourselves, for the world and for humanity? What is the highest experience of love, peace and joy that you can envision for the world and how can the energy of the past be transformed to empower that vision? You experience the past so you can envision a different present and future. Use your guardianship of the old to access enough of the past to have clarity about what you will transform and your guardianship of the new to access this moment's highest energies to envision the highest and best potential for your greatest guardianship, which is that of the ascended earth.

Inventing the Future, Re-Inventing Ourselves

As I look back on my life I see how much I struggled, how unhappy I was, the time I spent repeating lessons over and over again and how I tried so hard to succeed but it was always out of my reach. And as I look at my children's accomplishments I am so proud of how far they have come and know that they will not have the limitations that I did. I also wonder why, at my age, I'm starting over, on a new path and creating opportunities at 50 that my children will have before they are 30.

As a mother it was very important that my children knew that their dreams were supported, something my parents never did for me. And I now know that although I pursued my dreams, my purpose was to raise confident, self assured, purpose-ful children, which was my part in inventing the future for them and for the world. In time, I would have the opportunity to re-invent myself, which I am doing now. This is a wonderful gift that we, as adult Indigos and Crystals, have, re-inventing ourselves.

While we may, at times, be downtrodden and sad, we always find a way to pick ourselves up again and create new opportunities. Our children watched as we did this and they learned from us but our greatest gift to them was the support, love and commitment we offered, which is why we often had to put our dreams on hold until we empowered them with the start in life that they needed. As parents we empower our children to do more, dream bigger and step into their lives knowing that they can be, do and have whatever they want. This was our gift to them, it was how we had to use our energy during that part of our lives and now it's our turn to create this for ourselves.

In giving of ourselves, our time and energy, we invented the future for this generation. Now we get to re-invent ourselves, to dust off our dreams and become what we always knew we could be. It's never too late to realize a dream and there is no time to look sadly at the past and anything that didn't work out then. It wasn't the right time, we weren't ready and we had a bigger commitment to fulfill. Our time has come and whether your re-invented life is voluntary or not, it's time to remember the dream you had for your life and know that your powerful, bright, fulfilling future is ready for you to energize it. Now that you have created the future for your children, you can create the one you want for yourself.

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