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Quan Yin Creation of Compassion & Mercy Within

Quan Yin
Creation of Compassion & Mercy Within

The Clarion Light Beings ~ Unity in Oneness
March 21st, 2011

Good evening.
This is Fred speaking. It is a pleasure to be here. We are still the Templeof 911 but we are so much more. The essence this evening is the continuation of the Oneness and so many other elements that are happening, not only bringing in the frequency of the love and the continuation of everyone, but to fully allow ourselves to see that we’re all part of the Spiritual Hierarchy, we’re all part of the Oneness; that our Soul Families are coming together whether we’re in body or out of body. I thank you, Christine, once again - this is a new birthing that we are going through and it’s a very exciting time for each of us, just as it is an exciting time for each of you being embodied upon the New Earth that is going to be birthed. Love and blessings to each of you.

The beauty of this moment is the incorporation of the essence of each of us individually and collectively.

I come to you as Quan Yin. I am representing the Lady Masters this evening in Compassion and Mercy, the beauty that each of you is, and the continuance of our frequencies deeply as the Divine Feminine is being incorporated into everyone in these moments. It is my pleasure to be here this evening. It is my pleasure to speak with each of you, to connect with each of you, and to have so many souls. We have new additions this evening once again, and we want to put our hearts out to everyone for the experiences that have been very traumatic. Each of us is being affected by all these experiences. We have many different types of souls here this evening that are new. The work still continues. Thank you, Archangel Michael, thank you, John, thank you Christine, and others that are assisting in the beginning processes. It is a powerful time.
I would like to say it’s a wonderful time for the birthing of the new name. The name that is coming forward of the Clarion Light Beings ~ Unity in Oneness. How can we not express ourselves in those energies as we bring forth a prayer this moment? Breathing deeply ~The Clarion Light Beings represent each of us. It’s a Clarion Call for Unity in Oneness. How can it be any other way? To bring unto others the essence of our Golden Flame, the essence of our Platinum Flame, the essence of all the Flames coming together. As each of you represent a different level of ascension within your body, each of us represents those different levels also. How can we not assist each other with such a diverse amount of light frequencies of colors and the essence to come fully into everyone’s state of being? As we bring in that state-of-being it helps us to embody all aspects. As I stand here in the middle of this Temple, I look around completely as I go circularly in a clockwise manner at all the souls that are here and each of you that are here in this Etheric level of your meditative state that are part of these frequencies even more so than you could ever imagine. I stand here holding out my energies unto each of you to share with you the compassion of what each of you are going through. As each of us is experiencing that within, how can we not have the beauty and the mercy and the expression of divinity that our Dearest Divine Mother expresses within all of us? This is what we are embodying this evening – the Divine Complement of expression of love, compassion, bliss, joy and peace. We totally want to express this peacefulness not only within each of us but within each other and out onto the Earth. This is what the world needs more - love, peace, joy and contentment.

So let us each now take a deep breath and within that deep breath, let’s center upon our Heart. As we center upon that Heart, we open up into the deepness of that chakra, the deepness of the Heart center as the embodiment of your Lotus Flower is deep within the core of your being. It may take several deep breaths for you to start to open up the petals of the beautiful essence that you are. Breathe deeply and the petals in the beginning may look quite different than the petals that are in the core because the core is the true strength, it’s the true essence of your being. That is the element we want to embody. That is the frequency that we want to show unto each of ourselves and unto each other to assist humanity. So let’s breathe deeply through that.

The petals now open, they can be many different colors. Allow yourself to see the colors – there could be Violets, Greens, Blues, Pinks, Reds, Golden, and Silver sparkles, whatever it is that you see. Breathe deeper, take another deep breath and another deep breath, and another deep breath. Now it’s really starting to open up so much that the petals of the Lotus are fanning outwards and almost flat across your whole chest area as this chakra is now opening more fully than it ever has before. To see the essence of the Greens and the Pinks, and the compassionate colors – Lavenders and Light Blues – allow that to flourish within you - rainbows and rainbows of colors. Sparkles and sparkles of light as the compassionate essence that you are is embodied, not only now within your Heart, but also flowering to the rest of your being. Allow it to flower to your Solar Plexus, and allow your Solar Plexus to relax. That power within you has not been ignited to the level it needs to be, because there’s stress and anxiety of what you’ve been experiencing. Allow it to go up to the Thymus ~ we want the Thymus to be open because this is going to assist you with the higher frequencies. Allow those three levels of chakras to be the basis of what you want to feel in these moments. Allow that to be your expression. Allow this essence to be embodied within you. As you take that deep breath, now the flowering colors blend into your lower chakras – into the Sacral and into the Root. Center any frustrations in the Root area, center any fears or anxieties. Allow these higher colors to blend as the Lotus now is flowering through your whole being. The core of it is at the Heart, and now you’re seeing the core as it’s starting to pop out that beautiful bud in the middle of the flower. Then it moves upwards into your Throat, then up to your Third Eye and your Crown. Now you’re one huge and complete flower. Allow yourself to be that flowering essence. Now it moves down into your feet and you’re just a beautiful flower, almost like you’re a child and you’re dressed up in a costume as a flower. You are the flower and in back of you between your shoulder blades is the core of the flower; as the core of the flower opens up, the petals are now in back of you also. So allow yourself to feel this beauty and this lightness that you are. Allow yourself to embody the creative essence within you and as it opens up you see that any debris, any thoughts of lack or those lower energies are now dissipating, because as you’re fully open now there are sparkles of light coming down in rainbows of colors into your whole being. Feel that essence within you completely around you. Feel it at your feet and at your Crown. You are one entire being and as you do this now your Physical is blending with your Etheric, your Etheric blends with your Emotional, your Emotional blends with your Mental, and the petals reach out to those areas and you are the essence of purity within your Heart in this moment. As your Spiritual body is now centering upon you in this beautiful crystalline light, and this Spiritual body focuses and blends through all the other bodies, so now you’re one huge body of light. You’re ready to receive, you’re ready to receive the light that you are.

Allow your Higher Self now to fully be embraced as it comes in a shooting star into your Thymus, your Heart and your Solar Plexus. Feel the connectedness and allow it to go all the way down to your feet; allow it to embody the entire structure of your being. Allow yourself to be embraced by the frequency of this light that you are. Allow yourself to feel it; allow yourself to accept it and compassion for yourself. I want you now to bring forth the compassion of what you have gone through to receive these energies. It is now time to embrace the highest aspect of your being. It is now time to embrace the conditioning circumstances to be removed and there is freedom within this, and within that freedom you feel that purity that you are. It’s very beautiful and it’s been hidden because it’s been feeling very safe tucked away; now it doesn’t need that safety because there is strength in allowing this essence that you are to be fully embodied in your Physical vehicle. Breathe through that as that is embraced within you as it expands.

Let’s look around the Templeand see all these beautiful flowers and all the souls that have been hurting from the changes that have been occurring. Even if they haven’t been affected directly or indirectly, everyone is being affected by these traumatic events through the processes of the levels of the Cosmic into the Multi-Universal, the Universal, the Galactic, the Solar and the Planetary. It’s not just about Earth, it’s about all of us coming together in this unity, in this purity, in this acceptance of all that we are. The entire Templeis now vibrating with the flowering petals of purity and compassion. How can we not expand ourselves within this?

It is contagious; the energies are unbelievable because when you’re with like-minded beings you cannot help but embrace their beauty and their essence! It enfolds back into you whatever is missing in your aspect, you’re receiving from someone else. Maybe it’s someone next to you, maybe it’s someone across the way that you see in the other areas in the Temple. Let’s all just take a deep breath and send a little bit of yourself out into the middle of the Temple. As you send these little sparkles of light that you are, they gather in the ceiling and then they filter and twinkle together. As these little frequencies of light blend, they’re going to go back into other areas and now you’re going to receive something that you need from someone else. Feel that coming to you now, feel the balance of giving and receiving. As you allow this essence to be within you in this very moment, you start to see the purity of sharing, of the unity that we have in this beautiful Temple. We have come to a new space of being here and this space of being is going to be infiltrated to the rest of the Planet, the rest of the Universe, the rest of the Multi-Universes, the entire Cosmic Force, because this is the Creative Source of Oneness. We are One. We have our individual personalities and aspects, but when we come together how can we not create the bondage? It is there for us, it is there in the essence and the purity that we are.

So let’s take a deep breath and move these energies as the flowers that we are and circle around the Globe. We’re going to go around the Globe in the Etheric level and center these sparkles of light onto the atmosphere of Dear Gaia. As we bring it forth into the atmosphere of Dear Gaia we allow the frequencies to be within. Allow that to go – just very lightly we breathe outwards with a little breath and it’s just going to sparkle every part of the Globe. It’s going to sparkle to the beings on the land that need it the most. It’s going to be so light that the people that are not aware will not know what happened to them. But then they will feel – they will feel the purity, they will feel compassion and mercy as each of you are experiencing in many different ways. Allow those essences to be around the entire aspect of the Earth - now it’s within the Earth. It’s just like little snowflakes, but it’s sparkles of light, and these sparkles of light are going everywhere.

I want you to think about an area that you would like to concentrate on. Where is it that you would like to do the work? Is it in your area? Is it with people that you know? Let is go for a 500-mile radius and let’s put our intention out there now. If you want to center upon where you’re sitting right now, then send it outwards in each direction. We’re going to send it to the East, the South the West and the North. It’s going to go above us and below us. It’s going to go through land masses, into the seas, the waters, the rivers and purify everything with this beautiful compassion of the Divine Mother that we are incorporating in this moment, the Feminine aspect within. Breathe deeply through that.

Now let’s just center it back within us. Feel that coming back in so that you don’t deplete yourself. See ourselves around the Globe – the flowers around the Globe – and the flowers around the Globe are going to go up together, we’re going to come back into the Temple, moving up into the Multi-Universal level from the Planetary, and then feel yourself settling back in the Temple. Feel the innocence, feel the love as we’ve just planted seeds. Seeds of growth for the spring, and these seeds of growth are going to continue to flower as they are aspects of your own flowering essence. Breathe deeply. We are now One huge flower in this Temple. Nothing can tear us apart; we are connected with each other in the frequency of all we are within each other, within ourselves. Feel this essence of love, feel this essence of purity as the challenges are continuing in your lives. This is the space you want to be – come back to this space any time that you choose and we’ll bring within you that purity and allow you to reflect on the light that you are instead of the dark that is arising. The same with Mother Earth; we ask for her to feel these energies in the core of her essence in this moment as we acknowledge her challenges and her ascension process as she is changing greatly. The changes are positive; they’re of a frequency that will allow us to incorporate the Oneness more fully within each other. Breathe deeply. Allow yourself to feel the core of your Heart again. Allow yourself to just close up those petals a little bit, create a little protective force around you so you’re not completely vulnerable when you leave this meditation. It’s very important that you do that. Allow yourself to be open with like-minded people as much as possible, but if you’re in a mixture of energies remember the protection is necessary. Just close it up a little bit, but you’re still flowering through the rest of your Light Body – it’s the essence of your core that just needs a little bit of protection – not much just a little bit, and you will see the flowering essence that you bring forth unto others, into the divinity that we are, into the expression of our essences within Oneness. Let’s breathe deeply.

Now we’re going to go a little bit further. I’m going to ask you to think of something that’s challenging you right now. It may be a personal issue, it may be another person, it may be an event, or maybe something that you have to go through. What is it right now that you need to bring this purity of this Feminine aspect to soften up the energies? Let’s concentrate on that for one moment in silence. Feel the flowering buds around this situation. Allow yourself to feel the softness around it and we send it out and it will return back to you in the way that you desire without any expectations. Allow it to be encircled with the flowering light that you are, and the sparkles and the colors. Allow yourself to see that you are receiving this gift in return when it is for your highest good to receive it -- not before and not later -- in the moment of your acceptance.

It has been my pleasure to be here. I am Quan Yin to assist you in compassion and mercy of yourself, within you, with others, and within the Earth. May the blessings that you are be within you deeply to receive. Namaste.
This is Fred once again. Thank you, Quan Yin, for this beautiful message and this beautiful exercise. We ask each of you to return this week, and regenerate this energy within yourself as much as you need to. I am in honor of being the Spokesperson of this Templeof 911, representing Unity in Consciousness and Oneness. Namaste.

Blessings in Love & Light,
I AM Meleriessee at your serivce

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