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AA Samuel: What We Can Do For Japan And All On Earth

AA Samuel: What We Can Do For Japan And All On Earth

Edwin Courtenay

Edwin channels letters for people. The last set of letters included a channelling for Ofra Ben-Shetrit about what we can do for Japan. Ofra has kindly allowed us to circulate the main part of her letter for which we would like to thank her most sincerely.

Goddess Bless

I am the Archangel Samuel, Archangel of change, evolution, ascension and impermanence. I come in love and light, sent by the Divine to write to you this letter that I might pass on that wisdom and truth that you need to hear at this moment in time. Open then your heart to this, open then your mind, let your cup be empty that I might fill it with this light for there are important truths contained within this communication for you and for your world.

As you are aware things are changing, those things – long since prophesied concerning the transformation of your planet and the consciousness of humanity are now under way. Seeming disasters are befalling Earth and her people – though these are of course in truth all part of the design – and movements are under way that will alter the course of your history forever. Many are leaving now, a choice they made a long time ago, to avoid the difficulties that lie in store or simply to sacrifice themselves that others might – moved by compassion – instigate those changes that now need to be made, that will trigger the great change of which we the Angels and the Masters have spoken of many times before. The Earth is grieving now, reeling now under the strain of its own physical changes, its own physical rebirth and those unfortunate events which have transpired as a result of the Earths shifting – still all part of the design but nonetheless challenging for the Earths body. Now more than ever before the world needs your help and the help of those people that you know and can marshal. But more of this later, firstly we must make it clear to you exactly what is occurring …

All that transpires occurs as was ordained and is as we say part of the plan, part of the design. The Earth is shifting, growing, altering as was foretold, its very fabric and structure transforming on an atomic level. Ancient things, energies and secrets are being spewed forth from beneath the sea where they have been buried and hidden for thousands of years. What you have experienced so far is not the last of that which is to come – far from it – but there may well be a little lull now whilst the Earth recovers from her mammoth efforts in giving birth to herself! Those who have gone, those who have died and those who will die do so for themselves and for the world, because it is their time, because their Souls, their Higher Selves have chosen this – for personal karmic reasons and (as we have said) for some so that they might avoid that which follows but for many so that they might play their part in the shifting of the consciousness of those that remain. For the world has been changed by that which has happened, as it always is and it will be more so in the months that come too. The out pouring of compassion, the realizations and the revelations made, the shifts and changes of opinion and eventually policy helping the Earth and her people become what they are meant to be and all of this before the year 2012! Imagine then what next year and its powerful energies might bring!

Now whilst the Earth and humanity journey through this they need the help of the Light Workers and many have already marshalled their efforts, combining with others to do the Divines will and help those who have died, those who have suffered and the Earth herself through these weeks and months of need but there is still more that needs to be done. Firstly then the Earth and the people of the Earth need healing, all of them! For these events have caused a great deal of trauma and fear and this is not healthy or good for humanity and the world. Of course all healing efforts must begin in Japan and radiate out from this point, flowing and filtering through the collective consciousness into the hearts and minds of all men and women, all children, all presences – be them animal, mineral or elemental – on Earth. The core of the light then must centre on Japan but flow outwards from this space and this light must be love and trust, faith and reassurance, peace and courage, strength and light. In fact this might make a good mantra for this healing …

“Love and trust, faith and reassurance, peace and courage, strength and light. Heal, heal, heal, be healed in the Divines name and through the Divines will.”

Use this mantra whilst seeing a core of light forming and flowing outwards from Japan, all around the world, flowing into and through the hearts and minds of all. Secondly the Earth and her people must be cleansed, particularly the Earth and her people in Japan who might be in danger from the radiation leaks.

Efforts can be made with the Violet Flame to neutralize the radiations effects and contain its progression by sealing this space in a violet bubble of light. See this then, several bubbles of violet light forming one inside the other, around the reactor, around the area in which the power station sits, further and further away until the last bubble encases the whole of Japan. Each bubble filled with violet light, suffusing and saturating the people in the violet ray, cleansing and clearing, neutralizing and transmuting, healing and restoring all to safety and wellness, whilst this occurs say …

“I am the Violet Flame, Flame of the 7th Ray, Flame of Alchemy and Change, Zadkiel to you I pray … cleanse, neutralize, contain, cleanse, neutralize, contain, cleanse, neutralize, contain.”

These prayers both must be said every day until at least the end of April over which time their intensity will decrease as the situation becomes handled and dealt with. Finally it is important for light workers to know that many of them are now being called to guide the dead – in their sleep – to the spirit world and as a result of this may find themselves feeling tired and drained. During this time they must call upon the light of their Souls for sustenance as well as the light and power of the Masters and the Angels, this too in time will decrease.

Source: The Rainbow Scribe

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