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Celia Fenn...21st March : Switching Tracks and Rewriting the Planetary Akasha

21st March : Switching Tracks and Rewriting the Planetary Akasha

These are indeed strange times that we live in, and as I was thinking about the events in Libya today, I realized the World that we emerge into will be completely different to the one we have just left. At this point I received a "transmission" or channel from the Cetacean consciounsess...the Whales who are the Keepers of the Planetary Akasha. This is a channel, so if it resonates fine, if not, then pass on.

According to the transmission, as the Earth moves into the Fifth Dimension from the Third, the Planetary Akasha or Records are also being rewritten. This is a process of writing "backwards" from the Future. Time is, after all, an illusion in the quantum reality, so what is happening is that the Future Reality is already in place, and we are "writing backwards" to ensure that the Present aligns fully with the Future that is in alignment with Divine Will.

In the old 3D timeline, the Planet was heading for catastrophe, and there were many prophecies that saw this. So, many of the Indigo children who came to "engineer" the shift were souls from the Future whose specific work was to ensure that the 5D present would align with the Future that was necessary for the Earth to survive and to create a Golden Cosmic Civilization. These ones are right now busy on the Soul Group level with this process of aligning the Present with the Future.

This means that certain major events that would have happened have been avoided, or have been "toned down" so that the destruction is not complete. These Souls who have this "mission" are working to ensure that the Earth passes into the 5th Dimension as easily as possible and with the minimum of loss of life and disaster. But, this is like editing a movie, the new "timeline" has to be linked into the old one, but certain things change. So it is, that many people are in fear of the "end" because that was the old timeline, but the new timeline is bypassing the "end" and aligning with the Future! The New Earth Future!

This affects us on the individual level and as well as the Global level. In your own life you may have noticed that certain relationships or careers that seem so promising just seem to come to an end. This is because they are not aligned with where you are going, in the Future that already exists once the Transition is complete.

Your movie is being "edited" so that you get to the place that you need to be, on time and in good order. And the same applies to the Planet as a whole. The highest good is being served.

So, I am told, things will continue to be very weird for most of this year, until the 11/11/11 when the Earth should be fully aligned for the entry into the trajectory for the new timeline and the Future that is now. And as this happens, the old Akashic records are cancelled in favor of the new, and it is almost as though certain things never happened!

And so, one of the best ways to cope with the current energies is just to accept that whatever happens is taking us and the Planet to where we need to be in that Future New Earth that is forming right now.

It is all in Divine Order. The "Future Engineers" have it under control on the higher level, we just have to fasten seatbelts and go for the ride. Nothing will ever be the same again, and for that we can be deeply grateful!

20th March : Full Moon, Equinox and the Planetary "Emergency": Holding the New Light : What a time it has been since I last wrote here! We celebrated the rising of the Ninth Wave, and this was followed the next day by the massive Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan. The Turmoil in the Middle East continues, and we are still learning the extent of the tragedy in Japan and dealing with the continued threat of Nuclear meltdown and radiation leaks in Japan.

Last night we experienced one of the "largest" Full Moons for years, as the Moon was very close to the Earth, creating increased magnetic energy as we move towards the Equinox. And of course, we continue to experience a very active Solar Cycle with multiple sunspots and solar flares.

Indeed, there is no doubt that something major is occuring on our Beloved Planet, in this time of Transformation as we move into the New Reality of the Fifth Dimensions. No, it is not easy....we are being challenged to the very core of our Being. In the aftermath of the Earthquakes in Chile, New Zealand and Japan, and after the Gulf Disaster and continued economic stress, many of us are beginning to feel weary and to feel that we are not being supported in the way we would like.

Yes...I think that is the issue. It is not happening as we would like, and so on many levels we may be angry or depressed, or we may just be in happy denial imagining that because everything is OK in our little patch, that everything is ok.

My own perception of this Transformation and the current energies is that we are being shifted, no shunted would be a better word, into our Heart Space at a rapid pace. We are learning how to move out of our narrow concern with ourselves and our own wellbeing and into a more global concern with the greater community, whether local of global. It cannot be "well" with us if it is not "well" with the rest of the Planet. This is the essence of the New Reality and the Fifth Dimension. Whether we like it or not, we have arrived in a Reality where what happens in Japan is going to affect each one one of us in some way. It is how we respond that allows us to consider where we are on our Journey of Transformation.

If we have moved into Love and Compassion, and if we have responded by joining efforts to hold Love and Send Love to the affected areas on the Earth, then we can be pretty certain that we are opening the Heart Center and moving into the Fifth Dimension of Compassionate consciousness. At this point, we become aware that we are one family and we do what we can to support and nurture our family from what we have and what we can do. Lighting a candle and saying a prayer may be all we can do, but it adds to the wave of Compassionate Love and Support that is received by those in places of need.

Now, in the title I used the word "Planetary Emergency", and I use this term in both senses of the word. We are indeed at a time when we are "emerging" into a New Reality and a New form of our Planet. It is not easy at this time, for we do not know what will emerge....it is a birth and we are waiting to see what will be born!

But, it is also an "emergency" in that in these deep shifts and changes, the Earth herself and her new grid system is under pressure. I have been told very gently by Archangel Michael that the Earth's "core" is being heated by the extreme activity of the Sun, and that the rising inner temperatures deep in the Earth are also contributing to the Seismic instability. This is in Divine Order, as the rising temperatures are merely a reflection of the rising Light Quotient in the Solar System as the Cosmic Light becomes more intense. But, it does mean that the Earth herself needs to shift and move to adapt to the inner pressures, and the Light Grid System is being put under stress in many places. Again this is not a major problem, but it does mean that there is a need for Angelic Emergency Teams to assist in the work of what I can only call "patching" the Grid in places where it is stressed in order to maintain the integrity of the Grids as the Earth and her beings make the Shift.

Now, for the first time, Lightworkers are being called to assist in these teams, and to work with this process from the "inside". This involves Lightworkers who have been assigned to these teams being ready to hold immense amounts of Light Energy, and to receive huge downloads of Light and then transmit these downloads into the Grids in places where they are or to people in their area.

So, many of you might be feeling huge surges of energy, you may be feeling very hot, you may feel depressed or panicky or very tired as you work with this new form of energy. What is happening is that you are being a "transmitter" for the Light Codes that will strengthen and repair the Grids in the area where you are, or in any area of the Planet that needs this energy and work.

If you are feeling this energy moving through you, then you will need to respect the process and rest your body as much as you can. Know that your Higher Self will not allow your body to be stressed more than it can manage. It is a great privilege to be able to work on these Angel Teams right now to assist in the work of Planetary balancing that is taking place as the Earth moves into the Equinox process of Balancing herself in preparation for the Shift of the Seasons.

No, this is not an easy time. We are moving into new spiritual work and new perceptions of who we are and our roles on the Planet. But....it is worth it!

Welcome to the Fifth Dimension of Love!

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