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EARTH-KEEPER Global OMM -Wave Meditation and Message from Archangel Metatron The OMM Wave


Global OMM -Wave Meditation

1st Wave-Saturday March 19th
2nd Wave-Sunday March 20th

This Equinox is Incredibly Powerful
Paired with A Full Moon & Uranus Conjunct

Join Us as We Unite in this Energy and Send the Transformational OMM-Wave in a Global Meditation

Scroll Down for the Meditation Format & Exact Timings

Global Omm Wave

Find a relaxing place for the Equinox Ceremony


If you have crystals, place them around you forming an etheric circle

Keep one crystal, preferably a Phi Vogel or Crystal Skull, in hand or within touch

Form the mudra with thumb and middle finger, face the palms up, fingers at rest but not touching, other than thumb to middle finger. We will hold this mudra for the entire meditation.

Begin the infinity (figure 8) breath, 8 count inhale and 8 count exhale.

Inhale thru the nasal passage, exhale thru the mouth - for three minutes.

In your mind's eye surround your field with Violet Light fed by the Violet Ray.

Form the Star Icosahedron (Mer-Ka-Na) around you. Begin to rotate it anticlockwise.


Feel a deep sense of connection. Feel Love, Joy and Well Being.

Connect Your Heart Chakra to the receiving Pyramids of the Cosmic Trigger . If you are in the eastern hemisphere, visualize first the connection the Giza Complex. If you are in the Western Hemisphere visualize first connection to the Moody Pyramids.
Then connect the two Pyramids, and bring the connection back to your heart, and feel energy circulate thru the triangulated connection.

Then visualize an enormous golden Beam of Light being emitted by the Great Central Sun. See it flow to the Planetary 144- Crystal Grid. Then see it connect to both Pyramid complexes (Giza & Galveston isle) and then to all Crystalline Fields of the Planet.

Visualize the release of the sacred Crystal Codes from the Earth, and see crystalline diamond light totally envelop the planet. See in your mind's eye the planet expanding its energy field within the 144-Cyrstalline Grid and becoming bright and brighter.

Retain grounding in the 1st - 3rd dimensions, and connect to the core of the planet.

Then feel yourself and all Humanity rising into the Crystalline Non Polarity Energy Fields beginning in the 5th dimension and rising one by one to the 12th dimension.
Feel a connection to ALL Humanity and Project UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, Crystalline Love.
Go into rapid breath, inhale in and exhale out thru the mouth, as quickly as you can for 33 breath intakes, again...all thru the mouth. 15 seconds.


Upon completion of the Affirmations release a Crystalline-Platinum Wave containing the BEAUTIFUL SOFT ENERGY OF :

Visualize this as now as a Platinum Light Tsunami-Wave (Silvery-Violet in Color) that penetrates all dimensions of your Beingness in ultra violet frequency.

Send it to the Crystalline 144-Grid. And then feel the wave coming back into you as a shimmering diamond light containing within it all of the sacred Crystalline Codes of the Cosmic Trigger and of the Crystalline Earth.

Feel these codes inside you, become these Crystal Codes. Now convert your Light Body to pure crystal and allow it to integrate the Crystal Codes. You will know when this has been programmed and completed.

Now feel LOVE, Feel well being.

Continue toning for 3-4 minutes. Until you sense the completion.

Now before we complete, we send a special nurturing love to all the locations on the planet that are in need, to all humanity in need of healing, that are feeling sadness. We especially send the Emerald Ray and the Love of ther OMM to the people effected by the earthquakes and tsunamis, to Japan, New Zealand, Haiti and Chile. To all in need. To All Humanity and to the planet.

Continue to tone for 3 -4 minutes.

Then open your eyes in JOY....Crystalline JOY and HIGHEST GOOD.

And so it Is ...And it is So !

Our earlier newsletter erroneously listed the 1st OMM Wave meditation as Friday night, it is actually planned for Saturday, March 19th. Kindly note the correction.

Global OMM-Wave Meditations

Saturday Night - 8 PM CDT-USA

March 19th
Full Moon Equinox in the Pyramid

6 pm - Pacific
7 pm - Mountain
8 pm - Central
9 pm - Easter
2 am -London UT (next day)
12 noon -Sydney (next day)
2 pm Auckland, NZ (next day)


If you wish to confirm the time in your area click the above link.


- 2nd Wave -
OMM Global Meditation

3:30 pm - Central Daylight Time - USA
Sunday - March 20th

Timing Specifics:
1:30 - Pacific
2:30 - Mountain
3:30 - Central
4:30 - Eastern
9:30 - London UT
10:30 - Europe
8:30 am (Next Day-Monday Sept 21) - Sydney, Australia

10:30 am (Next Day-Monday Sept 21) - New Zealand

World Time Converter Link


The Global OMM Wave is not a web telecast, it is a Divinely Coordinated time to meditate together and tone the OMM. We will bathe the planet and humanity in highest good. We will nuture one another. Please join us at the listed times. We will be in the Moody Pyramids with over 150 people inside the octahedron and over 5000 global participants. We will be united in amplifying the loving energy of the Cosmic Trigger.

We will project and receive Unconditional Love. Please Join Us !

Message from Archangel Metatron

The OMM Wave

"Masters take a moment to consider all of the events around the planet that are happening at this time. Do you not see the evidence of the shift ?

We tell you it is not only occurring in the 3rd dimension, but this magnanimous shift is truly occurring in all 12 dimensions of your Earth.

And within the 12-d aperture that is occurring on the Equinox spectrum, a beautiful opportunity is awakening. That of the OMM Wave.

You see, specifically because of the dimensional openings that occur in this embellished energy , humanity are capable of vastly facilitated access to expansive energies that can serve you in myriad ways.

Masters at this time of the Cosmic Trigger you have an opportunity of increased ability to both receive and indeed 'code' the resonance of Unconditional Love by participation in the OMM Wave .

The OMM Wave is induced, is originating with we of the Angelic Realm and the Cosmic Council of Light. For we are devotedly with you at this time of shift, in this time of Ascension.

Dear Ones, we honor you so very much, and are in great support of you. For humanity have made the decision to Ascend, and it is effecting the Cosmos far more than you know.

So please, never forget that, for you are not alone at this time....and know that we ever Love you Dearly. We are with you in OMM.

The Cosmic Trigger is truly a most unique and benevolent aperture that will allow us even closer intertwining of our energies. Indeed it is an opportune time for humanity to gather, for your collective energies will be exponentially more dynamic and bathed in unconditional love of the OMM Wave.

Dearest Human, whether or not you are capable of gathering physically en masse, or whether you are not, we tell you, each of you, that you can indeed be a part of the OMM Wave through participating in coordinated timing at any locale. Your energy will add to the collective and will be of benefit in micro and macro, to the earth , humanity and each individual.

Masters, the Cosmic Trigger Equinox is a time to meditate and focus, and receive and amplify the OMM Wave. So whether in group ceremony or in solitude....let the energy be ordained, it will indeed collate.

And we tell you , that each seeker, each participant will indeed receive an enormous reciprocal energy in so doing, an energy of benefit, and energy that will assist you in optimal well being & stabilizing your Beingness in the energies that quicken around you. "

.... AAMetatron

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