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Full Moon, Equinox and Atlantis ..Jennifer Hofffman

Full Moon, Equinox and Atlantis

Just as we finish with the effects of a super full moon now we have the Equinox, possibly this year's most powerful energetic vortex. Within less than a week we have watched the world come together in love and compassion over the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan, have seen the nuclear industry turned on its ear as the truth about its dangers (which are strongly related to the destruction of Atlantis) come to light and now we have an international alliance attacking Libya to force its leader out. This energy is about balance, truth and justice and it sets the tone for much of this year and into 2012.

When someone asked me whether the Japanese nuclear incident was related to Atlantis I didn't give it much thought. But the next day I began to think about what happened then, the Atlantean agenda and the events that led to its destruction. Atlantis' fell because man tried to create the energy of heaven without the aid of spirit. This was a powerful energy that, when used in the wrong way, was very destructive. Atlantis was also close to ascension but they made one critical error in judgment, believing that they, through the ego, had unlimited power to create and destroy at will. We are seeing this story re-told through the use of nuclear energy.

Richard Rhodes, author of The Making of the Atomic Bomb, was one of my neighbors and asked me to transcribe the interviews of the then-living creators of the atomic bomb for his book (which won a Pulitzer Prize). I learned a lot about the fearsome power of this technology, the scientists' reluctance to develop it, their warnings about it and that it was never intended to be used as it is today. Now the truth is being uncovered and if we continue with this technology, we know what can happen, has happened and will happen again. The lessons were there in Atlantis and they are appearing again.

History does repeat itself as it is doing now. But today we have so much more information, are much more aware and connected, have more support, are once again moving towards ascension but we have the reverence, humility and respect for the earth and spirit that will prevent another Atlantis from happening. The Equinox is the start of an astrological year that resounds with powerful, once in a millennium planetary alignments, and energy that will support our desires for peace, love, joy and wholeness. This marks the beginning of the end of the world as we have known it and the birth of a new paradigm for humanity because we are ready for it, will support and nurture it, have the power and intention to create it and the will and solidarity to ensure that we do not let those whose desire for power and ultimate control destroy us and our world.

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