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Uriel's Message -- From Learning to Creation

Uriel's Message -- From Learning to Creation

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The desires of your heart are interwoven with the lessons and soul wounds that are your human experience. Your desire for more fulfillment, love and abundance are born from your knowledge of limitation that arises from being disconnected from your source. It is the way of humanity to know fear before it can embrace love, to know doubt before it can trust, to know sorrow before it can allow joy. But your knowledge of the limitations of human experience can lead you to believe that higher energies are out of your reach. They are because the polarity energy of the earth allows you to experience all aspects and ranges of every energy.

Each of you lives your life through two stages, learning and creating. When you are learning you are experiencing life through your soul wound, attracting and manifesting from the energies that you have come to heal. These are challenging times for you but through your soul contract you have agreed to understand the source of your disconnection and how your fear has created it. But you become grounded in your fear instead of the light of your truth as creator, you forget that there is always another way, a higher truth, a more fulfilling path and a brighter light that shines even in your darkest moments. These are the lowest aspects of the energies you connect with.

Once you have completed your learning phase you move into the creating stage, which occurs when you embrace your co-creative power, align yourself with your dreams, and begin to manifest from the energy level above your pain. Each level above pain and fear is a higher aspect of those energies. If you experience continued challenges it is because you have not yet completed forgiveness, which is you move from learning to creation. The energetic vibration of pain is the one the ego is most familiar and comfortable with but it is released once forgiveness, of the self and others, is accomplished.

Pain is part of the human experience but it a path that you take by choice when you are in the learning phase and being led by the ego or the emotions. Every moment of despair holds a choice for its opposite energy of joy. When you know you can choose a higher aspect of every energy, you have moved from learning into creation. Remember yourselves as creators, as masters of the energy of the earth. You can transform anything because your power is unlimited. Be mindful that with every thought you are learning or creating, in pain or in joy, expressing fear or love and the path you take is always of your choosing.

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