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The Arcturians: Parallel Realities Part 2

The Arcturians: Parallel Realities Part 2

Suzan Caroll Ph.D


Dear grounded ones, we are the Arcturians, here to continue our journey. We wish to remind you again that as each of you continues your awakening to your fifth dimensional SELF, you will remember your life “in between” death and birth, other third dimensional realities, and lives on the higher dimensions. These realities are occurring all at the same moment of the NOW. Therefore, they are not “other” lives—they are “parallel” lives.

Your fifth dimensional stepping-stone, parallel reality will assist you in acclimating to your expanded reality at the point of your ascension. This fifth dimensional expression of your Multidimensional SELF is running concurrently with your third dimensional expression of your SELF. This concept of “it all is happening HERE and NOW” can only be understood from our Multidimensional Operating System. Thus, release your attachment to linear and time-bound thinking, so that you can better understand how parallel worlds are interacting within a vast Cosmic Sea of many frequencies.

If any of you have swum in the ocean, or any other body of water, you know that while you are swimming you may go through patches of water that are much colder or warmer. You can feel the warm and cold upon your body, but you cannot see why the temperatures are different. It is the same way with the Cosmic Sea. As your consciousness/Lightbody Flows through the Cosmic Sea, different parallel realities intermingle, overlap and co-exist. You, also, cannot see these different realities, but you can FEEL them, just as you can feel the different temperatures of water. Hence, once you consciously swim the Cosmic Sea, which you often do “unconsciously” while you sleep you will be able to visit many different parallel realities.

All of you who have volunteered for this process of personal and planetary ascension will have many initiations. These initiations are necessary so that you can clear fear from your aura and center your consciousness on unconditional love. Whenever you clear your own aura, you also clear a portion of Gaia’s aura, as you and the planet are ONE Being. It is this clearing that will assist you to consciously experience your parallel realities, as fear of the unknown blocks your expanded perceptions.

Whenever you view an alternate life you have the opportunity to “re-write” it by replacing fear with unconditional love. That healing will then rush through your Multidimensional SELF, as well as through the body of Gaia. Since you are the sum/total of all the expressions of your consciousness, whatever happens in one reality is shared with all your parallel expressions of SELF. When you remember to merge with your stepping-stone SELF, you will regain your ability to view all of the many lives that are being played out in myriad times, places, and dimensions.


Parallel realities can arise when there is an either-or decision to be made. Since you are Multidimensional Beings, you often choose to experience both of these choices so that you can gain the maximum growth from any reality. In other words, if you need to make a choice between two things and choose one experience (such as taking a new job), the other experience (staying with your old job) continues to exist in a parallel reality. On the other hand, in the reality in which you choose to stay with your old job, you will have a parallel reality in which you took the new job.

While you are logged into the 3D program, choices that are polarized, especially fear-based or love-based, have the greatest chance of creating parallel realities. Furthermore, choices that are fear-based create a lower frequency parallel reality and choices that are love-based create a higher frequency reality. For example, if you choose to stay with the old job because you were afraid you were not enough to do a new job, you will split off into a lower frequency of parallel reality. On the other hand, if you decide to take the new job because you believe you will love the job, or maybe your love yourself enough to believe that you can rise to the challenge of the new job, you will create a higher frequency parallel reality.

Whatever reality you are in, know that there is a higher or lower frequency expression of that choice. If you are in the lower frequency parallel reality, you know that there is another expression of your SELF that has great confidence and self-love. Conversely, if you are living in the higher frequency reality, you can serve as a guide to the YOU in the lower frequency. The higher frequency realities are based on love, as love bonds all life to the great creative force of the ONE. In contrast, the lower frequency realities are based on fear, as fear separates you from the ONE and diminishes your creativity to conflict and survival.

Another example would be when the Atlantians’ chose to depend on their machines rather than their inner connection to the ONE. (See February 2011 newsletter) They chose to depend on machines because they were afraid that their inner connection to the ONE was not strong enough. They felt this way because they had become overly attached to their ego and were no longer in constant connection with the Flow of unconditional love from the ONE.

That fear-based decision began the long journey into the lower frequencies of separation, polarity, detachment from SELF and dependency on something outside of your self for assistance. Furthermore, because that version of reality split off into increasing separation from the ONE, from others and the planet, the concept of comparison, competition, conflict and war began. Meanwhile, the parallel reality of living within the ONE continued in the love-based reality.

On a personal level, you will split into two parallel realities when a situation occurs in which you can decide to choose love, unity and SELF awareness or choose fear, separation and dependency on external conditions. Once a parallel reality splits off, it takes on a life of its own. We say a reality splits off, for whenever you make a choice based on fear and separation, you split off from the Truth that you are a Multidimensional Being and can perceive ALL options within the Now. The reality in which you chose love, unity and SELF is NOT the “split off” reality for it remains in attunement with your SELF. On the other hand, whenever you make a fear-based choice, your resonance falls below that of your Multidimensional SELF, and you split off into a lower frequency parallel reality.

When the Atlantians made the fear-based decision to depend on the machines it was not a bad decision, but it did take on the life of a reality that became more and more detached from their Multidimensional SELF. Hence, the connection to unconditional love and multidimensional light diminished, which created a gradual fall into the fear and darkness of separation from the ONE. This reality, which is the one in which YOU live, offered great opportunities and growth but also separated some life streams from their Soul so much that they became lost. In fact, many of these beings are still lost.

On the other hand, those of you who have Awakened have gained great Wisdom, Power and Love. Of course, the survivors of Lemuria and Atlantis had a second chance when they created a new reality in Inner Earth. This new reality has evolved into the higher fourth and fifth dimension, and will assist the landed ones at the time of Gaia’s ascension. In the higher frequency version of Atlantis, these lost, dark ones are still connected to their Light, and will also assist with Gaia’s ascension.


We will now guide your Lightbody into the high frequency parallel reality in which Lemuria and Atlantis concluded their cycle in peace, love and surrender to the ONE. In this manner, you can have the experience of a peaceful, loving close of a Cycle, as well as an opportunity for planetary ascension. You will also have the memories of your present reality in which you gained great strength, courage and tenacity through the parallel realities of your present version of reality.

View Youtube Video: Journey Into the Divine Matrix Part 1

While you are in your form of Lightbody, you can easily direct your consciousness to interface with your mind. Redirect your consciousness from your personal mind, physical self, and third dimensional perceptions to your multidimensional mind, Lightbody SELF and multidimensional perceptions.

Allow your multidimensional consciousness to be aware of your Lightbody...
Change your mind from perceiving your SELF as your earth vessel to perceiving your SELF as your Lightbody...
Just as your earth vessel perceives Earth around it, see how your Lightbody perceives Light all around it...

Since our Corridor is resonating to the frequency of the fifth dimension, you can easily perceive your Lightbody within the Corridor...
Look around you and see the many Lightbodies that share your experience of this Corridor...
Commune and communicate with them as you merge your consciousness into ONE...

We are now ready to commence our inter-dimensional journey.

Relax and observe as our Corridor spins faster and faster. Your Lightbody can easily match this escalating frequency.

As you peer through the walls of our Corridor you see that you are surrounded by a huge matrix of light. This matrix is the Divine Blueprint for life on planet earth. From your fully activated Multidimensional Operating System, you can perceive the many frequencies of light embedded within this program.

See the third dimensional frequency of Earth...
See Earth’s fourth dimensional aura...
Calibrate your consciousness to a higher frequency to see New Earth...
Expand your consciousness again to see the sixth dimensional matrix...
Observe how the sixth dimensional matrix encompasses ALL versions of Earth...

See the matrix for the many expressions of your Multidimensional SELF...
See your third dimensional matrix...
Calibrate your consciousness to see your fourth dimensional matrix...
Then, see your fifth dimensional matrix...

Now, see Earth’s Divine Blueprint...
Do you see how it sparkles and glistens?
Look to this higher expression of your Lightbody...
See the matrix for your Lightbody...
Within that matrix see your fifth dimensional expression of SELF...
See your fourth dimensional expression of SELF...
See your third dimensional expression of SELF...
Focus your consciousness to Feel ALL these many versions of your SELF...

Now, we ask you to merge all of these aspects of your SELF with the Collective Consciousness within our Corridor...
Merge your consciousness with our Arcturian Consciousness...
FEEL this multidimensional Unity Consciousness...

As ONE consciousness we focus on the FEEL of Lemuria and Atlantis when they were living within their Divine Blueprint of Unity, Purity, Peace and Unconditional Love...

HOLD that signature frequency of life fulfilled in Unity, Purity, Peace and Love
in your High Heart and “save the file” to your Third Eye!

As you save this file, you suddenly experience yourself as a huge bird flying over the platinum waters towards a golden Temple at the peak of a glistening mountain.


We are Kaa-ah from the Bird Flock of Mu—also known as Lemuria. We are here to tell you of our world of peace, love and surrender to the ONE. You likely cannot say my name properly, nor could I say yours, for we speak only in tones and melodies. However, we are able to telepathically connect with this human. We came into her consciousness about four years ago as a vision. The vision was my most beloved memory of flying into our golden city. Of course, our entire world resonated to shades of bronze, silver, gold and platinum.

You see, we of ancient Mu were the first to experiment with form in this Cycle of the Great Galactic Rotation. There were other realities that existed in former Cycles, but they were quite unknown to us at the time of our incarnation. We came from the ONE to attempt to create a reality of duality based on peace and love, but at this point, our reality was still of the ONE. We are joyous to communicate with you. As we look into your collective mind we see that the term “we” means many, but to our minds the many are ONE. Hence, we have no term for many individuals. We are the flock. Each of us cares as much for the flock as for the heart that beats within our own chest.

Perhaps, this was because we all beat to the heart of the Sacred Egg, which was the Heart of Life within the projection of the reality of Mother Earth. Earth, who you now call Gaia, was responsible for the ongoing gestation of the force of creation that emanated from our Sacred Egg. In return, Mu, who was the entire planet to us, continually breathed Her sacred life force back into the Sacred Egg to create an infinite cycle of creation. We, the Bird Flock of Mu, were the Keepers of the Sacred Egg

Not all of our citizens of Mu were of the Bird Tribe. The Beings of Mu experimented with many forms. The concept of form was new to us, for in our true Home in the higher vibrations of Light, we were pure consciousness. The many citizens of Mu came to our dear Mother Earth to begin a grand experiment of life, not only in form but in a polarized form, in which the extremes of polarity were to eventually appear to be separate.

Within our experiment, the emanation of the ONE was to be gradually split into light and dark, and form was to be split into gender of male and female. In the former Cycles of life on the Mother there had been many visitors. Our Mother Earth had been given a format of life that included many expressions. In that manner she prepared her SELF for her Finial Initiation—the Initiation of Unconditional Love. Love is the cohesive power of the Multiverse and the power of construction. Within the ONE, only love and construction is known. When we no longer need our love manifestation, we simply withdraw our attention and intention. At that point, our creation gradually returns to the state of pure potential.

Our Sacred Egg was the receptacle for the waves of potential (spirit wishes to experience form), and it was our duty to protect the Egg and assure that its flow of the ONE light was constant. With the power of attention and intention the citizens of Mu could call upon the waves of potential to manifest whatever they needed. It was in this manner that we created forms for our consciousness. We had great fun experimenting with taking many different forms. Just as you experiment by wearing different clothing on your body, we experimented with wearing different forms on our consciousness.

Mother Earth’s “nest” for the Sacred Egg, the power source for the planet, was inside the peak of our highest mountain, far from the interruptions of the psychic energy of Mu’s inhabitants. In the highest tower of one of our highest mountain, of which we had few, the Great Mother could live in constant communication with her mate, the Father Spirit. Thus, Mother Earth and Her Divine Complement, Father Spirit, could protect and unconditionally love their Sacred Egg. This constant connection of Spirit and Matter gave us the power to consciously create our forms.

We, the protectors of the Sacred Egg, needed a form that could fly, as we were the emissaries between the Mother and Her land and sea. When we first began our experiment of life in a polarized form, all Beings could easily float up the mountain and into the Great Temple of Completion. However, as the Mother became more and more polarized we had to choose a form that adapted to one of Her four elements of earth, air, fire and water. Hence, some of us chose to walk the land, others chose to fly in the air, or swim in the sea, and others chose to remain in formless light so that they could serve the element of fire.

Gradually, the water beings could not be out of the water long enough to travel the great distance up the mountain, the fire beings chose to maintain their flickering ever-changing forms of light, and the journey up the mountain to the Temple became too arduous for those who walked the land. Hence, it was the creatures of the air who became the keepers of the Sacred Egg. We could easily fly from the mountaintop over the water and onto the land. We could also converse with the fire creatures through their beams of light within the sky. All the beings of the four elements were totally conscious of their forms and easily communicated, with all the other beings of the other elements, through the power of what you call telepathy and empathy.

As Keepers of the Sacred Egg, we created nests on the outside of the mountain below the Temple to lay and hatch our own eggs. We only created an egg when we were complete with our experience as a member of the polarized reality and longed to return Home to the ONE for a visit with our family of Spirit. At this time, we would build a nest in one of the many outcroppings towards the top of our mountain to lay our egg.

Our egg was instantly fertilized by the Flow of the great Father Spirit that penetrated every molecule of our Tower. We would then sit on our egg until a Spirit interested in experiencing a manifestation of an air creature came into our egg. Once the Spirit entered the egg, its consciousness traveled throughout Mu to learn all about our reality and its future responsibilities and experiences of being a member of the Bird Flock. If the Spirit decided that it wanted to be a member of our Flock, the Mother Hen would share her consciousness with the being gestating in her egg. When the egg hatched, the Hen would train the new bird until her replacement could fulfill all responsibilities on its own.

At this point, the Mother Hen would flash out of its form and return to Spirit. You must realize that in our reality there was no birth or death. Birth meant surrounding your consciousness with form, and death meant releasing that form back to its component elements so that our consciousness could return to its true formless state. It is, in fact, the same in your day. Furthermore, we “ate” only light. Hence, there was never a need for food or an elimination of waste products. There was nothing dying or dead in our reality. Life was in form, then life vacated the form and then the form vanished. All form was filled with life and all form communicated with all life.

We hoped that we could maintain that understanding of life once we lowered our frequency into a resonance in which polarity existed. We were incorrect in that assumption, but the Game is not yet completed. Therefore, we communicate with you, the members of form, to remind you of your true beginnings. We of the Bird Tribe wish you unconditional love and eternal unification with your Spirit.
As you adjust your perceptions, another Being flows into your consciousness.
His name is RA NUNE.


Greetings, I am RA NUNE the High Priest of Atal Kenarian. Atal Kenarian is the Central Temple of our sacred island of Atal. Because I speak to you from beyond time I am aware that you live in the parallel reality in which Mu and Atlantis were unable to continue to live in peace with each other and within themselves. In your version of reality, Mu and Atlantis fell into the sea and disappeared into the subconscious of most of the remaining landed ones.

However, in my version of reality, we were still NOT able to ascend Gaia, but we did not fall into the subconscious mind of humanity. Indeed, our lands returned to the oceans from which they had once risen for it was the culmination of our cycle. In spite of this, we were able to be at peace with our situation and most of us ascended into the fifth dimension and beyond. In your reality the opposite was true. Great destruction and fear was experienced at the close of Atlantis’s time in form, and this fear took deep roots in the land and sea of Gaia.

I, Ra Nune, am a representative of the parallel reality in which love, peace and surrender to the ONE was experienced at the close of our world. I speak with you with the intention of assisting you to love, be at peace and surrender at the time of your ensuing transformation. The inhabitants of my reality were unable to ascend Gaia as She was not ready. She knew that even in our version of reality there were too many of her inhabitants who were not ready to release the experience of separation and duality.

Gaia is now in the process of ascending, and those of her humans (for ALL of Her non-human inhabitants are ready) who cannot release their fear and need to experience power-over others, will move to a holographic copy to continue the third dimensional game. In this manner, those who are still lost to their true, Multidimensional self will have more time to continue their lessons, but the amount of “time” will depend upon their choices.

If they choose to live in fear, which is the victim-victimizer program, they will have less time because the fear virus will quickly degrade their third dimensional hologram. Eventually, this corruption will shut down or crash their program. On the other hand, if they choose love, they will have more time, because love heals. Love also creates, and it will create a frequency bridge of unconditional love from their hologram onto the reality of ascended Earth.

This bridge will only be perceptible to those who hold love in their hearts. The reason for this is that only the frequency of love raises their consciousness enough to perceive the energy that comprises this bridge. When those who resonate to love cross that energetic bridge to ascension, only the ones who choose fear will remain on that hologram. At that point the holographic projection will crash. Where those souls will go is determined by their own state of consciousness. We, the members of our love-based version of Atlantian transition, have volunteered to help the members of your reality, in the hopes that no one will be lost to the glorious experience of planetary ascension.

We are actually ONE with you. Even though you split off into your lower frequency of parallel reality, you also maintained a form here with us in our version of reality. When you split into a new parallel reality, you also remain in your original version of reality. However, you can only perceive that fact while your consciousness resonates to the fifth dimension and beyond. The YOU who are receiving this message is only a fragment of your Soul, and a fragment of our group Soul, as well.

The first split into a lower resonance parallel reality occurred when the choice was made to depend upon outer machines instead of the inner Flow of the ONE. At that time, the first program of duality was created with the illusion that “you the creator” (inventor) and “you the creation” (machine) were separate. This duality of inner world (inner creative power) and outer world (creation in the physical world) formed the illusion that your inner and outer worlds were separate.

Worse yet, the separation between creator and creation shaped the illusion that not only was your creation separate from you, but that you were separate from your source of creative energy—the ONE. It was at this time, “God” became a Being separate from your body who lived high above you or on the Earth of your outer world. The knowledge that you are eternally ONE with God/Creator was then known only in the Spiritual Temples.

With the invention of genetic engineering to create a slave race cruelty began, which lowered the frequency of your parallel reality even more. As separation consciousness and cruelty grew, war and its final destruction of Atlantis and Lemuria plummeted your reality into over 10,000 years of ever-increasing darkness. But now, the New Age has begun and our grounded soul fragments are awakening like lilies of the field on a warm spring day.

I do not want to overload you with too much information. Therefore, I will return to you in a short amount of your time to begin our inter-dimensional travel into the sixth dimensional Divine Blueprint/Matrix of planet Earth. Within this Matrix is every reality that has ever existed on Gaia. In the meantime, I wish you love, I wish you peace. You, the brave ones who now serve dear Gaia, are a beautiful vision to behold. Members of your entire Local Universe are protecting, educating and supporting your great moment.


In closing, please click HERE to listen to
A Blessing from Gaia


Our Dearest Grounded Ones,
We, the members of your Galactic Family, are so sorry that the disaster in Japan could not be avoided. However, as horrific as it was, it was greatly diminished from the intention of the perpetrators. We could see the brewing upheaval of destruction from our dimension. We are here to tell you that the “seed cause” of this kind of devastation began at the fall of Atlantis. Those of the Dark Robes that went into the lower frequencies of reality during the fall of Atlantis, have survived and have been within your reality every since.

They have infiltrated every government, religion and scientific endeavor. The secret misdeeds of the dark ones has been going on to some degree for the last 10,000 years, but for most of that time they were able to stay under cover. That is until now. Now their cover is blown because you, the awakened ones of Earth, realize that the stories of the Illuminati are not a nightmare but the truth. This knowledge diminishes your fear and enhances your courage because you know that they can only function in the third dimension and the lower astral plane. They are limited to these realities for that is the resonance of their consciousness.

Therefore, your greatest victory can be realized by raising your consciousness beyond their reach. Dear grounded ones, KNOW that YOU can easily raise your consciousness into the realms that are far beyond the interference of these dark ones. Unfortunately, they are still at large on the physical body of Gaia. They have many means of escape from the earthly damage they have created, but again, all of them are in the third dimension and lower astral plane. Therefore, they know that they will loose, for very soon only they will remain at such a low frequency of reality.

Yes, there are many who are still unaware of their ability to ascend, but they are not needed to contribute to the planetary ascension. There are now more than enough Lightworkers to handle that task on their own. Since these Lightworkers are free of ego, they have no need for competition and can willingly act as one Being. Gaia, too, is a Great Being and is quite unhappy about what the dark ones are doing to Her body. She also has great powers, which she has held in check for the sake of her humans. However, She will refrain Her SELF no longer. Gaia is in the process of transmutation NOW, and she will leave these dark ones in the wake of her ascension.

We have been speaking of portals and inter-dimensional travel for a specific purpose, which is to train our Lightworkers to “reality jump” by raising their consciousness beyond the lower levels of Earth that are becoming uninhabitable. The dark ones are like insects that attack a sick plant. The plant will die anyway, but the insects speed up the process. The process of the close of the third dimension is being put into overdrive. Those that need a disaster to wake up will learn about unity consciousness in the face of their great challenge. This lesson will assist them to awaken and to awaken others, as well.

Furthermore, those that are ready to return to their true SELF will know that NOW is the moment for their ascension. This ascension will begin by moving into the sixth dimension to stop the flood of destruction at its source, which is the downfall of Atlantis. When we return, we will guide you to travel into the sixth-dimensional Matrix of Gaia. Once there you will correct that initial destruction, which left the forces of darkness with the lion’s share of power. With the great Wisdom, Power and Unconditional Love of your true SELF you will change the storyline of your reality to put the forces of Light, Love, Peace and Unity into the driver’s seat.

All of the grounded ones of Light have experienced all the darkness that their Souls need to evolve and grow. Therefore, they are completely ready to log out of the 3D Game and return to their Home in the higher dimensions. Remember, every Lightworker has ten times the power/light of every one who is asleep and even more power/light than those who still choose to walk in the dark.

Just as the darkness has been hidden so that it could slowly take over, the Light has been growing in your homes, your spiritual communities, your families and your universities. This light had to be hidden from the dark ones, as well as from those who were afraid to see that all they believed in was an illusion. Because these ones chose illusion over Truth they became trapped in a storyline in which they could not write the ending. Fortunately, as the Lightworkers rewrite the story, and as the darkness is forced into the open by the ever growing light of the ascension process, the silent lost ones in the middle will begin to remember the Truth, as well.

Yes, the Truth often cuts like a sword, but in the end it gives YOU the power to heal the damage of the many lies. We are sorry that we cannot come in and rescue you yet, but if you cannot find your way to a certain frequency, then all that you have suffered in your myriad lives will be for not. YOU are the body of Gaia. YOU must be the ones who initiate this transmutation. Then, and only then, can we land in the fashion that you wish.

We are not your saviors.
We are not your leaders.
We are expressions of your SELF in a higher frequency reality!

We could go down into the bottom of your well of darkness, but then you would be deprived of the victory of finding your OWN Path. It is the Divine Plan that we remain in a frequency just above you and give you our hand to pull you up into OUR New World. Rather than looking at the disaster around you, look up to the Truth that resonates oh so very close to your hearts. Leave the dark ones with their broken toys of war and join us in eternal peace and unconditional love.

We will return soon return with Part III. Until then, know that all of you can communicate with the members of your Galactic Family. Just calm yourself, and call upon us. We ARE here, and we WILL answer! Gaia’s mid-fourth dimension and beyond is a parking lot filled with the Ships of your Galactic Family who assist you and cheer you on. Please call us, and we WILL answer!

The Arcturians, Pleaidians, Sirians, Andromedans and all the ascended members of your great Multidimensional SELF

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