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Meditation for calming the ring of fire by Judith K. Moore

Meditation for now and Ring of Fire Conference Call on Saturday, March 12, 2011 9AM MST

Judith K. Moore

Asking participation in a conference call Sat. 3-12-11 at 9 am MST
Conf. Call # 218-862-7200 access number 215976

JKM 3-11-11 Calming the Ring of Fire

Judith in Chimayo and Sean at the sanctuary 5am PST

S. They are reporting an 8.9 magnitude earthquake in Japan this morning.

J. Pele told me in Hawaii that she was actually releasing pressure from the Ring of Fire which would lessen what was coming. That is why I have to get to Holland and work with the people who can work with the light over there. We need to channel the manna from the Golden Lemuria into the Ring of Fire. I need people to meet with me at 9 am MST tomorrow morning on the conference call. I will ask Christy to send out an email to the 131313. If you would inform the core group.

Get people toning the Life Beings of Creation and opening up the gateways for the Golden Lemuria. Send it to Laurie and the people we know who were in Hawaii as well as the rest of the core group. Chandra is saying yes, yes, yes. She will be there etherically.

We need to channel the Golden Lemurian Manna into the Ring of Fire tomorrow morning. Ask people in the meantime to be focusing on that.

I can see the luminescent Golden Rainbow Kahunas. They are in their golden vessels that I saw them come through the veil. I see they have called the whales and the dolphins. They are paddling their vessels out. 5 are going to the right from Hawaii and 5 to the left. They are paddling into the currents of the Ring of Fire. One is going to the center.

So you form a circle of the Ring of Fire, on the west coast of the USA and the east coast of Japan. Of the 11 Kahunas one is in the center and 5 in a crescent to the right and left making a circle of light on the Ring of Fire.

I see the Golden Whales are forming a spiral. From each of the Kahuna of light there are 11 whales and they are in a spinning rainbow formation. From the center Kahuna of light, imagine 10 crescent like swirling rainbows going from the center out to each Kahuna with 11 whales in each of those formations. They have formed this mandala of light.

We are to image this Golden Flower of Life and manna spiraling out from the center. One golden Kahuna of light is right in the heart of the Big Island and the others have gone out in their canoes of light to station themselves in the circle of light, in the Ring of Fire. They are calling the whales of Creation and the Dolphins. I am getting a lot of crown activity with this. We are to focus the manna flowing from the Big Island out in a whirling rainbow. They will receive it. They are there. They will fill the circle that they have made with golden manna from the Golden Lemuria. This forms a disc of light that will stabilize the Ring of Fire and stabilize the energetic.

From the center of the Golden Lemuria there is a line going to Egypt. We know that from the petroglyph map north of Kona the Park Ranger said straight through the planet from Hawaii is Egypt.

We are to invoke Iteus, Itea and Akhenata ama in the invocation of light with the 8 mantras. (You have the 7 and the 8th is at the house of the Keys of Life Beings)
(From 3-1-11 Transmission Epua, Ha na Koa, Ke ke ka ala, Apoa awa, Eee Me A ka, Weo Ke Ma Keo and Epua Koa Ala Aiy, Need 8th.)

Grandma Chandra said that she built the Golden Lemurian Light Grid for this purpose and it is in place and the energy will go into a quantum field in spirals of golden light from the Golden Lemuria to the Sirian realms of the Golden Dolphin to the source of the Golden Whales.

So as we think of, as above so below, spiraling out from the Big Island and spiraling up into the cosmic source and bringing manna from Creation down the 44 44 44 merkaba system that Grandma Chandra built and just flowing it into the liquid light in this golden disc that the Golden Luminescent Rainbow Kahunas are preparing for us.

It is important that people begin this meditation immediately. We will focus on it as a group tomorrow at 9 am MST.

So be it and so it is.

The 7 golden mantras is the alchemical key
Conf. Call # 218-862-7200 access number 215976

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