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2012 is the Year of Akashic Goodwill

News from the Linda Howe Center for Akashic Studies

January 2012
2012 is the
Year of Akashic Goodwill

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February 10-12

West Hartford, CT Healing Class,
March 16-18

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Healing Class,
September 7-9

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Message from Linda:

My Dear Friends,

Happy New Year! At last, the time we've eagerly awaited is upon us! Welcome to 2012: the Year of Akashic Goodwill.

Goodwill is an attitude of kindness, friendliness or benevolence, the inclination to act on charitable impulses. Kindness and respect are also two pillars supporting the Akashic Atmosphere. Anchoring ourselves in kindness and respect, both in thought and action, can turbo charge our growth and ease transition. As we well know, the Shift is underway - both within and around us - empowering us to relinquish limiting ideas and behavior, so as to move us into expanded states of freedom and aliveness. Because we are human beings actively participating in our own personal ascension (and thereby contributing to our collective ascension), we must continue to deliberately nurture our transformation. A perfect way to do so, especially at this critical passage, is to extend goodwill in both consciousness and action. This is the year we shift from "me" to "WE."

Looking ahead, I want to spotlight some exciting and powerful opportunities for your transformation and empowerment. In January, I am offering an online course, entitled "Your ExtraOrdinary Life," where we will focus on living your ordinary life in an extraordinary way - as a conscious expression of your Innermost Self, your heart's desires and your soul's purposes. Then in February, I'll be teaching the Beginning Practitioner Certification Course in Chicago. In the next few weeks, we will be unveiling our new and improved Advanced Practitioner/Teacher Training Certification Program for 2012-13. We are constantly re-crafting our advanced studies program to make this profound work accessible to more students. Look for the same outstanding teaching, inspired curriculum, and wonderful peers, but presented in a slightly different format. I promise you a life-enhancing experience!

Join me this year, in person or online, for a weekend, a week or the whole year, as together we share this journey, one step at a time. As always, I am honored to be on the path with you. Making the journey with open-minded, warm-hearted people like you is a privilege and a blessing. Happy New Year!


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