2 Ocak 2012 Pazartesi

Isis, Welcome to the year 2012.

Isis, Welcome to the year 2012.

This is the year of change for many, as the past years have already changed many.

This is the year of completion for many as you all move forward to another cycle within the cosmic heart around the cosmic spine.

From this year forward the spiral is going up and outward once more, out of the dark age moving again toward the golden age of wisdom and knowledge.

This is also the time where the earth is moving as she is ascending along the spiral of the cosmic spine within your universe.

The time where conscious awareness and knowledge of who you are in spirit becomes available for all.

In the coming year much will be revealed and we will see many of you follow the direction of the outer world as many will be asked to take part in the changes within the outer world.

The changes are not coming from the outer world, the changes need to come from within you.

Many will come in my name and speak to you through others.

Go within to see the truth as this is where you need to be at all times.

When they come you ask for my real name, as my real name is just a frequency of notes within light.
You will know the answer to this.

I have been on earth many times with all of you, I have been there from the beginning of time until this moment and I will remain with all of you as you once again move into the golden age.

My name has been Isis, Mary Magdalene, the mother of all mothers, but also Joan, Mary and many other names not known within history.

The stories you have heard about me, they are just that, stories about the imbalance within the male and female energies in control upon earth.

Just like all of you I have had lives as a male or female.
Trying to balance the energies upon earth this way and within ourselves as we went through the human experience of duality between male and female.

I have been in places of power and places of destruction of power.

The most real power being the one that is within ourselves as we move into full balance within our own being and within Source.

I am here to guide you within, to make the changes within.

This is the year that you will make it happen, you will become once more fully connected within as this is your wish and we are all here to make this wish come true.

There are many wishes, many hopes and many will make the change within as they set their first step, their second step and more steps into their own true reality within spirit.

This is the time where you take action to make it happen within you.

I am not here to change the earth, I am only here to help you change within.

Through Petra Margolis
January 2, 2012

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