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Sekhmet - 2-0-1-2 - Dragon Flame of Empowerment, Water of Harmony

Sekhmet - 2-0-1-2 -
Dragon Flame of Empowerment,
Water of Harmony

Ascension Energy Tools Call,1-17-12

"Well, Greetings Everyone! Such a wondrous time we are in this year of 2-0-1-2. Yes, someone was asking about it in terms of the Dragon. And this is the year of the Dragon, and of course that is all about power, taking charge, as it were, powering ahead, and sometimes it can be somewhat overwhelming.

"But wait a minute, this is the year of the Water Dragon! And so the water has a tendency to cool the excess of fire. It is a balance, you might say. It is another way of creating Harmony, where there might have been a perception of, shall we just say, power running full steam ahead, with no regard for anyone who might be in its path.

"And the World has seen enough of that, has it not? So, we have this year of the Dragon, and it is a most auspicious year. Because, what it means is, that the control which is being, shall we say, is coming into the forefront, is of a much more harmonious and balanced nature, and those who were, shall we say, firing the path with no concern or regard whatsoever for what they might destroy in order to reach their ends, well let's just say their power's being put out, just like you pour water onto a fire. And with their exit, which is in progress, comes the opportunity for gentler, more balanced, more harmonious energies to come, to come into the places they have vacated.

"And what does this mean? Well, it means the changes are flowing in, with ease and grace, much more so than when they have been attempted in the past. The water has the cooling effect. It brings the Harmony, it brings the balance, and thus in the astrological system of the Chinese People, 2-0-1-2 is foreseen to be a year of great change, yes! Yes, and Empowerment for those changes!

"The Dragon is the most powerful of all the animals, you know, but it brings the tempering, the Harmony of the Water, so that the changes can flow, instead of being so hot, and burning that they do more harm. As we have said, the World has seen enough of that.

"So, once again just fasten your seat belts, and know that this is the year it's all going to happen. We know you've been waiting, many years, lifetimes, as it were. But, this is a most happening time - it's all happening! Yes, it's going to be a bit compressed, but remember, remember to be in the flow.

"And this is about individual inner balance as well. It's not just for the whole World, or we should say, the World as a whole. It's for each and every individual to strike that harmonious balance through your intentions, through your requirements, so that you move ahead with empowerment, but at the same time you flow with ease and grace.

"And this, Beloved Ones, is the year, and this is the grandest opportunity ever, because you are so ready, because you have reached this point in the history/herstory of Planet Earth. Yes, you've been here before many times. And yes, some of you've been here - you've all experienced other water years we should say, Water Dragon years, but there hasn't ever been one like this, where all the elements are coming together and cooperating.

"So, if you feel pushed by forces that you are not feeling are harmonious to you, just stop and pour a little water on it. Keep your water bucket handy. Slow down! If you feel as though you may be getting into things a bit faster, and not quite as graciously as you would like, slow down! Remember to be flowing with the water.

"You no longer have to swim upstream, Beloved Ones. That's over! The World is going in one direction. And it is yours to feel that direction, to feel that flow. Another name for it is Love, of course. Be in the flow of Love. Be in charge of your own course!

"Be not stressed that you're not getting where you need to be fast enough. That's old 3D stuff. Let it go! Wash that away too, and just float and flow with the water, and feel the Joy, and feel the Love, and then if you're so inclined, you can help others by teaching them these same wisdoms, and these techniques that we are teaching here in 'Yes I Can! 101'

"So, with that in mind we have an Exercise to do which is in honoring of being empowered, and yet in the flow of Grace. Balance is what we're talking about here - pure Balance, harmonious, uplifting, and joyful for you, for the energy fields around you, for your home spaces, your work spaces, your in-between spaces, and to share with all of the Kingdoms, Humans of course, but all of the Kingdoms, so as to bring more of this empowered Harmony to the World, because you know what it's all about.

"And so if you would just relax, and breathe. I'm holding out my paw, because I'd like all of you to join paws with me, and with each other. It can be done. It can all be done. Just put a finger on my paw if you wish, and make room for everyone else here with us to do the same. And then hold hands with each other, and create a great circle. Alrighty!

"I'm a bit larger than you are you know, so I've got pretty long arms and big paws, room for everybody. Step right up, don't be shy. Oh, of course I don't have my claws out - my goodness sakes! Sometimes I'd like for you to admire my latest manicure, but not at this time. I am as soft and gentle as can be. So step right on up, I just love you all!

"Now we're going to do a little journey together. Alrighty! What we're going to do is, we're going to get up into a high vibration. So just feel the Love, and allow it to come into your Hearts. You know how to do it. I'm sending it out, radiating it out through this circle from my Heart, and when you feel it coming to you, just let it go right down into your Hearts. That's right, just let it go right down into your Hearts, to empower even more the Love you are, and then pass it on.

"This is paying it forward, only we've got a circle going on here, because we are in communion with each other. So just let it flow all around the circle, and it will come back to me. Aaaah! That feels so fabulous! We are one big circle of Love. Alrighty!

"Now what we're going to do is, we're going to create a space, a space where you feel Empowerment to create whatever it is you choose to create. And so we're going to go to this space, each and everyone of you. Now we are going to suggest that instead of inviting a Dragon into your space, that we have a candle. Alright!

"Now, this candle is in a little holder that's basically shaped like a boat. You can have it be a leaf, you can have it be, oh, some kind of a contribution from a tree. It can even be a crystalline boat - that's up to you. Keep that candlelight burning now.

"We're all in a high dimensional space, and each one of you has a candle. Alrighty! Now this is where it gets really fun. Look down and see that there is a stream flowing through. We're not standing in it. We're standing along side of it. So this stream flows in a great circle. How about that? And it's quite wide. It's very wide. It's almost a solid lake, but not quite, because we want it to have a current of flow. Alrighty!

"So you've all got your candles? Now we know you've got one hand, or at least one finger from one hand in my paw, and you're all holding each other's hands, and this is a wondrous circle indeed. It's a type of circle, but it's OK, because we're going to put a lot of space around it and through it, and we're going to spread out. Alrighty!

"Now, with the hand that's touching my paw, reach out and get your candle, so we can kind of spread out more, because now we're going to expand, and not be so clumping together, because remember we've got this stream flowing in a circle, and as we expand our group, everybody's holding a candle, and your other hand is holding onto someone else. Yes, that's perfect! Yes, you can hold each other's arms if you wish.

"Now this stream is really one big circle in front of us. It's not all scrunching together, because we have expanded outward. You don't need to have a finger on my paw anymore, because we're already in this space together. We reached our destination when we traveled. Now here we are. So what we want you all to do is put your candles down on this stream.

"Now your candles represent of course the power, the fire, the Empowerment to make things happen, to make changes happen. And the stream of course, represents the water, the water that flows gently, but surely in this circle, because the current is constantly moving it, in a circular manner, so when you put your candle in, what happens? Your candle starts to move.

"But, are you without power? Of course not, because here, the next person's candle is coming right to you. And the candles keep moving, and the power keeps moving, and the candles are lit, and the flames - look at what happens - the candles come closer and closer to each other, the flames which are giving Light. Now the Light that these flames are giving - the empowerment - is coming together! So the Lights and the flames of these candles are joined together, just like us, Beloved Ones. And we're all flowing in a wondrous, harmonious way. It is beautiful to be together in this kind of Communion, creating this Harmony, and experiencing it!

"It is the union of the Flame of Empowerment and the Water of Harmony, and Peace, and Tranquility. And it is not still, because it is empowering all of the Love that people are opening to receive. Even though we have this Communion group, it is flowing, and it is moving. And now if you will, see that the Empowerment is creating new outlets for this stream which flows in such a beautiful circle. And now new streams are flowing out of it. And now create more candles, carrying your Love, your own personal loving, harmonious Peace and Empowerment out from the mainstream, which is where we are. Let it go out to the entire World.

"And as it does so, know that every stream that is flowing out of the mainstream where we are will eventually do a circle, and come back to you, Beloved Ones. Every one of you has this stream flowing out to the World, carrying the perfect balance of Harmony, and Peace and Love, with the Empowerment to carry it forth, and the Empowerment to add Love and Harmony to effect the changes in attitudes, the expansion of Gratitude, and most of all the great loving Oneness which the World's consciousness is coming to, and it's all going out now!!!

"Now just stand quietly and breathe this beautiful balance throughout the entirety of your being, and know that even more is coming to you. Now look down and see all the candles you sent out are now back in this mainstream, and they will circle around and go out again, even more candles, as the main candles continue to circulate.

"And when you are ready to come back from this experience it is for you to take your candle,the one you first created and put in the mainstream, our stream of Communion, and bring it back to you, and if you wish you can take a little bit of the water that flows through this stream as well, and place both of them into your Hearts - this Flame of Empowerment, this Flame of loving Empowerment, and this Water of Balance and Harmony - and keep them with you always, and share them whenever you are moved so to do.

"This, Beloved Ones, is a most appropriate and joyful and powerful and harmonious way to celebrate this year of 2-0-1-2. (Roar!) You are so wonderful and we love you beyond words! And so it is! Namaste!"

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Transcription by Arnold Neal Troeh
Given through Susan Leland, January 17, 2012. www.Ashtarontheroad.com
© Ashtar On The Road Publications 2004-2012. All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted.

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