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Transmission from Isis, the highest and most divine parts of you.

Transmission from Isis, the highest and most divine parts of you.

As you are moving into this new year with much new information coming in, I would like to explain that duality within can still prevent you from reaching everything within you.

Look at the above subject of my message.

This is duality, this is where you still find duality.

Each and every part of your being is divine, there is not part that is more divine than the other.

Everything is within you, higher is being used in a human way of explaining as it explains for many of you to go higher, it means go deeper within your own being accessing higher/faster frequencies within your own being. And then you will find every frequency within your own being.

In a human way there is a need for explanation of all these frequencies, within spirit they are all that you are and lower and higher is not present.

We will still use the words higher and lower dimensions as this explains to the human where to move, where to go.

We will also use the words deeper, as this is the same as going higher or lower, as they are in fact both one and the same.

When we use the words love, we talk about human love, when we use the words divine love we talk about a part of you in spirit. When we talk about going beyond all that is into source, we talk about going beyond love into an expression of all this is within source.

Source contains everything and that is what you are.

This is the time where the human that you are is in need of an explanation of what is happening within, as the only way to move deeper within is done by giving the command through the human mind.

This is why we suggest to have the human mind become one with the heart.

The heart feels, but the human mind knows.

Going deeper within can only be done by explaining to the human mind where to go within.

Deeper within the heart, the physical heart is connected to the heart of mother earth and the cosmic heart. The physical heart is divided into three spaces.

The physical heart, the cosmic heart and the space in between.

These three spaces become one within the diamond body.

Your spiritual being is made of many different bodies, just like you have the bodies connected to the physical body, you have many bodies connected to the spiritual part of you.

These bodies, called light bodies by most, are being activated and connected to the heart, in the physical heart and in the spiritual heart.

The Adam Kadmon body is built by connecting all that you are within spirit to the physical and spiritual heart, this is what builds the Diamond body for ascension.

The divine blueprint runs through every part of your DNA, the DNA runs from the physical body into the spiritual bodies like a path of breadcrumbs leading you deeper and deeper within.

The start is to clear the DNA from any influences and knots that have been in place at times, sometimes because of outside interferences, other times because of life experiences in the human body.

From there the original blueprint is being downloaded into the DNA strands all the way to the physical body.

You can only download the full blueprint when all DNA is activated and connected within you to the source part, or divine spark as some call it, within you.

Part of the blueprint, can be downloaded along the way of going deeper within assisting in opening new parts within.

This is what we mean when we say, a path of breadcrumbs along the way.

There is no new DNA being implanted, the only part needed is to move deeper within the fully active, clear and repair the path of breadcrumbs within you.

Once you have reached the top or source within, there is more, but this is where you start building up the Adam Kadmon, the Diamond Body.

Along the way of going deeper within, you will already find the change into crystalline energies. Once you have reached source within, the change into Diamond can begin, this is done by following the path back into the physical body to bring the Diamond light into the physical body.

There is a lot of misconception about the Diamond body and we will explain more along the way as this is for now where I end my transmission to this channel.

Do not forget, ask for my real name, as my real name is just a frequency of notes within light.

Through Petra Margolis
January 3, 2012

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