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Merging with your Mighty I AM Presence - Doorway to your Higher Selves

Merging with
your Mighty I AM Presence - Doorway to your Higher Selves

Hi everyone,
this is one of the doorways to your higher selves/aspects, it is incredibly
magical, very special and powerful. I have never come across such a brilliant excercise/meditation that just moves one forward in leaps and bounds. This was channeled on a White Eagle site no longer active and was
posted on a list I belonged to some years ago. This meditation or excercise can
be made as simple as one wishes, it always works, it was through this
meditation that I was merged with my higher self otherwise referred to as our
Christ Self. ��Although it does not refer to
it in the meditation below, I chose to take my precious Inner Child/Ego with me
on a few visits which one can do by simply intending it so, and it was during
one of these visits that I was told to leave her behind where she received
healing and refinement and was then merged back with me. One of the major
obstacles in moving forward or outward is that our inner child/ego has not been
healed. It depends where one is on the path but lets say you start at
level/floor 12 in the below meditation/excercise then it can be that the next
visit to your Mighty I AM Presence you will notice, sense, see or just know
that you are on a higher level/floor till you reach level/floor 33, this is a
real level it is the Cosmic Level. So here one can in fact see how one
progresses along the path. This certainly brings about expansion of
consciousness otherwise referred to as ascension and besides being merged with
our Higher Self/Christ Self one begins to remember our higher aspects or even
our soul aspects. Our soul is made up of 9 parts/aspects i.e. there is another
8 yous residing concurrently in different levels of reality/ dimensions, once
you get to know/remember who your eight other soul aspects are, you merge with
them and work as one with them on your planetary tasks. 9 standing for
completion, so this is a form of completion. Soul aspects otherwise referred to
as our multidimensional self and so when we remember who they/we are and merge
with them then it is our precious Oversoul who works through us. Also then we
are more in the fullness of our "self", and here we can understand one of most precious Lord Kuthumi's sayings Man know thyself. Returning home is being merged back with
our higher aspects and then we become more in the fullness of our Greater Self.
So herewith for those interested. I myself did not do the counting mentioned
below but did it simply and all is done through intent. I told my precious
inner child/ego I love her but now it is time for me to look after her and I
visualized myself holding a small girl in my arms when taking her on a few
visits through the doorway of the heart to my Mighty I AM Presence. This excercise is just so amazing it was through doing this that I then remembered who my 8 other soul aspects/multidimensional selves are, as well as some of my precious higher aspects. Every now and again I post this to the lists for those who might wish to enter the doorway of their higher selves. Embracing
all in Pure White Source Light, Fredaricka

Procedure to
Connect with your Mighty I Am Presence

Visualize your finer body entering a magnificent
doorway to the Sacred Chamber of your Heart. You may envision this chamber to
resemble a
cathedral, a neighborhood church, or a chapel in
the woods.

See yourself walking into the foyer and donning a
white robe and sandals. Enter the narthex of the church and walk down the aisle
to the chancel.
Take three steps upward to stand in front of the
altar. It is appointed with decorations that you have specified. Notice the
bowl of white
shimmering light that is holding a three-partite
flame. One flame is pink, the center is yellow and the other is blue
representing the Trinity of God;
Father, Son and Holy Spirit, or Power, Wisdom and
Love. This is the flame of God that each of us carries, as that spark of
Divinity, which makes us in
the image of our Creator God, our Mighty I AM

Now look to the right and notice a door. This is
the door that usually the minister or priest use to enter the chancel. Instead,
your Beloved Christ Self walks toward you. She/He resembles you and in some
cases is the younger version of you.

Your Christ Self is going to accompany you up the
crystal cord much like a fireman's pole in reverse. Take her/his elbow and
slowly begin to move upward. As you progress, you pause at a platform. This is
the place where your Christ Self hands you a Violet Cape to place around your
This cape allows you to more comfortably to stand
in the presence of the higher frequency/vibration of your Mighty I Am Presence.

Now continue upward and you will sense a distinct
energy change. You are now in the presence of your Beloved Mighty I Am
Presence. (pause)

His smile is so incredibly all enfolding giving
you a deep sense of peace, serenity and Divine Love.

Perhaps He will speak to you much like these

"O, Soul of my heart. I have waited for you
to come to me for so long. I am so very happy to see you standing here. As a
gift, I will present to you a Perfect Finer Body. This will affect your
physicality giving you a greater vitality, better health and stamina to
complete your Divine Plan."

Will you take one step toward me and then one step
to your right. (As the soul does this, the finer body she/he came with
dissolves and a perfect finer body is standing there now).

"Now my Soul, I am going to place your hand
in the hand of your Holy Christ Self, who will be your guide and assistant to
return often to visit ME, for I have many things to share with you of your long
soul journey that will awaken and enable you to bring your gifts and abilities
into the physical plane."

"I will bid you farewell for now (He bends
toward you and kisses you on the forehead). You may return with your Holy
Christ Self often."

After bowing with gratitude, you slowly descend to
the platform once again. After handing over your violet cape to Christ for
safekeeping, you continue downward until you are fully in the cathedral. Then
you bid your Christ Self farewell and replace your gown on the hook and you
exit the cathedral doors and walk down the steps. You return to the place of
your meditation fully grounded.

If time permits, sit quietly with meditation music
and ask your Mighty I AM Presence to come down the crystal cord until you feel
a warm feeling, perhaps in the back of your neck, your spine or solar plexus.
It is the solar plexus where your Mighty I AM Presence will anchor His
Presence, until such time that you are able to fully merge with Him and hold
the light with equanimity. This takes time and many individual merging sessions
like this one until your body adjusts to His light.

Have a pencil and paper nearby and write down the
thoughts that come to you. It helps to lower your brainwaves from the beta
frequency, which is our everyday workaday frequency. Count backward 5,4,3,2,1
and say.....alpha (second lowest frequency; count backwards 5,4,3,2,1 then
say.....theta (which is the preferred frequency for meditation). This will
preclude any interference from the ego, as he cannot function in those lower
This lowered brainwave/frequency will assist you
in "hearing" your Mighty I AM Presence. Ask for all static and
interference to be cleared. Then begin to speak aloud or write down His
greeting and message.

OF ALL OF HIS GIFTS including the ability to channel your own Mighty I AM
Presence directly. Do not give up, be patient and do this meditation two (2
x's) times a day. Success is yours. YOUR COUNSEL FROM THIS MOMENT ON IS GOD

Ed. note: Explanation: This procedure for
contacting and connecting with your Mighty I AM Presence was given to Beloved
White Eagle of the Rockies in 1982 by her twin flame, Ascended Master Lord

She taught it to her students in the Advanced
Leadership Training and those who took this gift and "ran with it"
now hear clearly, have daily sessions with their Mighty I AM and are moving
with the feet of God Mercury towards their full merging (ascension) with their
Mighty I AM Presence and dwelling in the Ascended Master realm wholly Ascended
and Free!

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