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Jennifer Hoffman Father Contract

The Father Contract

Like the mother contract, the father contract is a complex soul agreement for energetic empowerment, to enable a specific level of soul growth and to heal karma. The emotional expectations we have of the father mirror those we have of Source, to take care of and provide for us, which is why abandonment, neglect, emotional and physical abuse and rejection are so often part of our father contracts. Through our fathers we learn about our power, resolve issues with male energy, create balance with our male/female aspects, heal the karma of domination and control and learn emotional balance and boundaries. And we often learn it through the most difficult, cruel and challenging teachers.
Father contracts are lessons in learning to give and receive unconditional love for both father and child. Many fathers have to work through guilt and shame associated with being warriors and the trauma of war, death and destruction. Many have dominated and controlled others. Some have died traumatically and others have been instigators of pain and suffering and experience the pain they inflicted on others. Many become fathers to fulfill father contracts they could not complete in other lifetimes, or to avenge or atone for other lifetimes. In some ways the father contract is hard because it involves overcoming and transforming ancient male energy paradigms and integrate emotions into an energy that has been, historically, non-emotional.
The expectations of the father as a loving, emotionally and physically supportive presence is a detrimental factor in the father contract because they blind us to the true reason for becoming a father, which is to teach about power and balance male energies. Without a high level of spiritual understanding, this can become an experience of domination, control and abuse. Destructive father relationships happen when the father is unaware that it is by giving unconditional love that it is also received and that they are worthy of that love, no matter what has happened in other lifetimes. They either reject or acknowledge the emotional aspects of this contract and their behavior reflects that.
Until the recent generation, fathers are seen as being responsible for financial support andthey were emotionally disconnected. Today's fathers have changed that and are wonderfully supportive parents who are learning, through their children, emotional balance and love, things they may not have experienced with their own fathers. We are changing the paradigm of the father contract to a more balanced experience that allows fathers to know the love they have sought in many incarnations. And it is changing the world as it creates empowered and energetically balanced children who see the best aspects of male and female and who are learning wholeness as well as helping their fathers heal lifetimes of trauma.

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