10 Ocak 2012 Salı

Golden Dolphins - You are on the Cusp of Creation -- full moon

Dear Friends,

Happy New Year and Happy New Moon!

An important message from the Golden Dolphins came through this morning, entitled "You are on the Cusp of Creation -- full moon." We encourge you to read the entry in full and take it to heart, take it to practice. It was challenging to chose what to include here because the entire message was so full, but we determined the Golden Dolphin's call to action for this day must be the most potent thing to share immediately.

"... What we wish to share with you today is that you, in the knowing of your human divinity, are able to actualize those gifts with the power of a new dynamic love, the love of the Divine Creator. We have shared with you that this expanded frequency was gifted to humanity on winter solstice, 12/22/11. Each one of you carries the harmonics and the activation codes in your crown chakra, now, as we speak. There is nothing to do, no chant, no charm, no prayer that need be said. It is present in your being as a gift to humanity from the Divine Creator. It is with this harmonic that we are saying your creations will shift... Step out of the vice of the collective consciousness. We say this often. You now have a new realm, a new field in which to enter to support you, the Golden Dolphin Quantum Field (unified crystalline field). It has been growing each time you think of it, each time you enter it consciously. The field has been gifted the gold matrix, and the gifts called in on 11-11-11. You will find peace, gentle comfort there, dear ones. Enter as often as you you can intend. The more often you do this, the stronger your resolve to be there on a more permanent basis. For you see, it is the new earth. It is the love of the Divine Creator. It is the field of compassion, of no judgment, of no pain or suffering. You created it. Let it become you. So on this day, the first full moon of the new year, the first full moon of the year 2012, we say to you fill yourself up with the energies that are being transmitted through the field to you. Know who you are. Have self love. Then and only then will you be able to accept the harmonics and the activation codes of the Divine Creator’s love, so that you can fully manifest and create the new earth. This is the beginning of the Golden Age of Divine Love. You are that divine love. With our deep love,

The Golden Dolphins via Anaya-Ra"

With Great Appreciation,
The Golden Dolphin Team

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