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Bringing Clarity to the Rays of Light-Mahachohan Saint Germain

Bringing Clarity to the Rays of Light-Mahachohan Saint Germain
Channelled through Natalie Glasson 20-04-09

Beloved friends and souls on the Earth, I honour you now and anchor my presence into your reality. I have come today with a special communication that I hope will bring forth much clarity and dissolve thoughts of confusion and disagreement between light workers. It is my mission and purpose to discuss with you today the Rays of Light. For ease of discussion I will speak of the twelve rays of light as these are the most important and influential in the current lives of humanity on the Earth, delivering the lessons and wisdom that is most needed on the Earth now.
The Creator glows brightly with light, emitting divine and sacred energies and qualities into the universe. The energy of the Creator can be categorised as different aspects, personalities or vibrations of the Creator’s soul. The twelve ray of light are twelve separations of light that hold the qualities of the Creator’s soul that are most needed on the Earth to aid the spiritual advancement and development of humanity. They are akin to twelve nutritious minerals or books of wisdom, each expresses divine vibrations, enlightenment and teachings while existing in unison as one vast expression of the Creator’s soul. To accept the twelve rays of light is to integrate with the soul of the Creator. Each ray of light holds a colour that defines and symbolises the qualities that the categorised energy holds, making it easier for humanity to anchor the energy of the Creator into their beings and souls on the Earth. This is where confusion builds as people disagree on the expressions of the twelve rays of light, this can be because of misinterpretation but it can also be due to the expansiveness and integration of the rays.
The rays of light extend from the Creator’s soul into their individual ashrams which are sacred spaces on the inner planes of the Creator’s universe that maintain the vibrations of the rays of light for many to bathe within and anchor into the Earth. Within each ray ashram are many different levels and vibrations of light from low to high. At the lowest vibration the light is extremely intense and vibrant; at the highest vibration the light is pale and translucent. The qualities and focus of the ray of light also varies depending on the vibration that is accessed, this can make it very difficult to determine the colour of a ray of light especially when all of the twelve rays of light are integrated so deeply.
Remember that the rays of light are separated vibrations and qualities of the Creator’s soul to aid the clarity and understanding of humanity, if humanity was able to accept the energy of the Creator wholeheartedly then the rays of light would simply merge because to differentiate between the rays would be to fragment the energy of the Creator, when the mission of humanity is to become one with the Creator. This is something that you must always keep in mind, to separate, judge and to even distinguish between energies and vibrations is to gain a greater understanding of the Creator but it is also to divide and disconnect the energies of the Creator. There will come a time when understanding and discovery is complete and unity is the only mission of humanity, this will mean that even the rays of light and healing energies will merge and simply become named and experienced as the soul of the Creator. It is akin to taking a book apart and studying it page by page. Each page is valuable and aids your development and growth but together it has greater meaning and you are able to accept the book as a whole and complete volume of work. Even as ascended masters we are still seeking the truth of the Creator to gain greater enlightenment but we remember that although we have gained fragments of enlightenment each are an aspect of a greater whole, sometimes by connecting with the whole we are able to gain more perspective and understanding of the fragments of information already received. Always remember that your true mission is integration and unity with the Creator.
If we imagine the first ray of light of a red colour, at the lowest vibration it is of a deep fiery red colour, at the highest vibration it may appear as the softest of pink or translucent energy. Now if we imagine that the first ray of light is symbolised as a rose, every petal holds the lowest and highest colour of the first ray of light and every shade of colour in between. If I placed the rose in the centre of a gathered circle of people, every person would have a different view and perceptive of the rose. Different shades of the rose’s colour would stand out to each individual depending on the vibration of light that they hold and the awareness that they have gained, as well as the vibration of first ray light that is needed to support their soul’s growth. Every person may have a different experience when absorbing the light of the rose but all are correct and appropriate to the individual. We must take this into account when working with the rays or any energy, understanding that this can be why people view the rays of light in different ways, remembering also that the Creator is limitless and expansive.
It is important to recognise that as souls on the Earth are evolving and their spiritual needs are changing so the rays of light and the inner planes are evolving and adapting to offer the most appropriate energy and support to humanity. With the accelerated growth that is now occurring on the Earth and indeed on the inner planes of the Creator’s universe it can indicate that wisdom gained about the rays of light in the past is outdated and insignificant to the present day. It is important to remember that change is a process of spiritual growth, it is apparent that all must accept and understand change knowing that it is a symbol of development achieved. Even the chohans or overseers of the rays of light alter because they are growing and advancing spiritually through their roles and dedications. It can be an unwillingness to accept change, and a misunderstanding that the energy of the Creator is ever growing and limitless which can build confusion in the mind of many over the rays of light.
When you view spiritual text of past and present it is easily to see that the rays are expressed differently by many people, this is also linked to soul groups; personalities from the same soul group will accept the same qualities and understandings of the ray of light. Each soul group and aspects will have their own mission and purpose, needing different energies as supportive light to aid their achievement. The universe is so expansive and your soul is so vast that I believe acceptance of each other’s work, opinions and discoveries is needed on the Earth as a process that results in greater integration.
I have spoken about the rays of light today because I understand that people are becoming confused by the many expressions of the rays of light, but my communication is also to remind each of you to be accepting and to integrating this into your spiritual practices. Allow the energy of judgment and the powerful thoughts of the ego to be dissolved and encourage yourself to be accepting of others even if they have different beliefs or understandings, to achieve this is to accept integration and unity with all thus accomplishing a greater oneness with the soul of the Creator. My dear friends I ask you to follow your intuition and the loving guidance of your soul which will lead you to greater integration. If every person could express an acceptance of the beliefs and actions of another then humanity would be able to exist in greater harmony.
My communication is simply a reminder that I felt was needed at this time of growth on the Earth.

With an abundance of blessings,
I am the Mahachohan Saint Germain, overseer of rays 3-7

Best wishes and blessings, Natalie
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