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The New Cosmic Consciousness Lady Gaia, the Mother Goddess

The New Cosmic Consciousness
Lady Gaia, the Mother Goddess


The New Cosmic Consciousness with Lady Gaia.

As so much light is being released upon us all, we are being supported and filled with the love of many.
This is our time as we can now build the New Cosmic Consciousness. As we create our own reality here and now.
The old planetary consciousness needs to be released and returned to the Universe where many light beings are waiting to transform it into universal energies that can be used again with a new purpose.
The purpose is to build a new cosmic consciousness as we disconnect from the old consciousness.
This is my goal for all.
I am here to guide you through this.
What is it you need to do, you ask of me.
You need to face the reality of the old and embrace the new.
The old planetary consciousness is polluted with many thoughts, ideas and beliefs that are withholding you from truly and freely stepping into the new thoughts, ideas and beliefs.
With this, I mean at this time, the inner knowing that will, and already has become available for many as you raise the vibration of the energies on earth and in our universe.
We have to stay steadfast in our way of creating, as you are all becoming ascended beings walking the earth, walking upon me.
Many will be lifted as we remove the old planetary consciousness and build our own personal consciousness. Each and every being is now asked to build their own personal consciousness. This is what in time will build the New Cosmic Planetary Consciousness for our Universe.
The more you build your own personal consciousness in a 5th dimensional and higher spirit, the more of the old consciousness can be released.
This is what it means to be an ascended being walking the earth, you become the creator. You start with you, not others, you. This is where you create for you, within the Law of One. Within the Law of One, you become united with all that is and creating for you, is also creating for all, as you all are becoming united in the new cosmic consciousness build by many for many in the Law of One.
As Lady Gaia, the mother Goddess, I am here to assist and guide at this time. As we work with many of the beings in higher dimensions, I am here with you in this dimension as I am connected to all of you here.
This work is not just done for you, as I will be releasing much of what has been held by me that is connected to this old consciousness. This is what will allow me to further my progress toward ascension to become again your Mother Goddess as the New Heaven upon Earth will be build upon me and within me.
You all hold so much light, now is the time to use this light fully and release the old, and create the new. This is our world and we create the new world together.
You are all participants in this process as you have all chosen to be here to create this New Heaven on Earth with me.
Lady Gaia, your Mother Goddess.

We are starting a new workshop to work on building our new consciousness and in this way assist in rebuilding the consciousness for our New Heaven on Earth.
I have been asked by Lady Gaia, to set up this workshop together with her.
This is going to be a once a week call of about one hour where we will work on building a new higher consciousness for ourselves. We will slowly build this new consciousness for ourselves and disconnect from the old universal consciousness.
We will also assist Lady Gaia, our Mother Goddess in rebuilding her consciousness that will be the consciousness for our New Heaven on Earth.

The Cost for each call is $15.00 and anyone can join in anytime.
We are starting on April 28 at 9:30pm EST
You can sign up here for the first evening.

This class is meant for everyone, we are all on different paths and different parts of our growth. During this class you will be assisted by Lady Gaia and she will adjust the energies according to where you are at this moment.

The first call is about releasing fear not just for ourselves but for all.

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