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Weekly Message from the Ascended Master Hilarion about orders colors and ascended life in higher dimensions

Weekly Message from the Ascended Master Hilarion

April 19-26, 2009

Beloved Ones,

Welcome back again! This week, I would like to return to my discourse on what you, the Lightworkers and those who walk the Path of Light and the Path of Ascension can expect to find upon the Higher Dimensions. As Spiritual Beings, everything that happens on the Higher Dimensions is directly related to your creative manifesting ability. That includes all…everything, it includes the mode of dress, the mode of appearance, even the color of your hair and your eyes. All this is as YOU create and manifest. We see many Beings who come into this dimension experimenting, by having different colored hair, different colored eyes, or taking on the forms from different lifetimes. All of this is possible, all here can be made manifest and created as perfection.

Clothing is also created, even designed, according to each Being’s will and desire. The colors that they wear are the outer manifestation of the Being and what they wish to manifest at each moment. There is much color here. There are a great variety of colors in clothing and robes on this plane, we do not just walk around in white robes as we are depicted by the people of Earth on the third dimension, although we DO have white robes. The mode of clothing is loose and comfortable with intricate designs…embroidery, jewels, beads, of decoration. Each Being here loves to shine in all their Glory and it is all possible here and so we have a great time imaging and creating the robes and clothing, the jewels and gems, that we wish to appear in at any moment.

A lot of us who belong to certain Orders wear the colors associated with that Order, for an example, the Order of Melchizedek, those who belong to the Order of Melchizedek do wear white robes with gold embroideries, golden jewelry, golden gemstones. All is beautiful and perfect. There are other Orders who wear the color orange, the color pink, the color blue, the color yellow, there are the golden robes of that Order. There is a great variety and everything is a riot of vibrant color.

When Souls ascend to the Higher Dimensions, they immediately set about creating perfection in their forms that they were unhappy with upon the Earth plane such as, crookedness of teeth and they immediately create perfection…beautiful, shining, gleaming, pearly white teeth, and this continues in every way. All forms are beautiful and perfect here.

There is much less density and as the Beings here wish to see someone else or travel some place else, it is all accomplished through the mind. What the mind can conceive on this Higher plane of existence, the Being can achieve, so this is of delight to those who are newly come to the Higher Dimensions, for it is wonderful for each of them to rediscover the grace and ease of our Prime Creator’s Divine abundance. Everything each Soul could ever desire is provided instantly, is manifested instantly. If someone wishes to eat a pear, the pear appears in their hand, whole and perfect, delicious, succulent and juicy and sweet. The flavor is beyond anything ever imagined on the Earth plane. All is perfection, and that includes taste, sight and sound. All is harmonious and joyful. Creation is always joyfully creating. Much creation occurs and as wanted and desired, a Soul merely has to picture in their minds what it is that they wish and they are that.

There are higher and higher levels on the Higher Dimensions so One continuously gives of Oneself in service in order to progress to the Higher Levels, so most Beings of a certain frequency congregate and manifest on a certain level and as frequency and Awareness, the amount of Service and the purity of intent is increased, the greater levels to which One aspires to and ascends. Each Being finds other Beings of like vibration and frequency and so on, and so on, up through all the levels. There are an infinite number of levels of manifestation in the Higher Dimensions. It is a world rich and vibrant with life at every level. Much is revealed as One progresses up through the levels of frequencies.

Each Soul is able to traverse the levels of frequency and vibration that they have aspired to, and, the lower levels so that One never loses One’s friends or family members that may still be on a lower level. It is all a matter of Awareness and One can simply will where they wish to be and they are immediately there. That is not the case with traversing up the Higher planes, One must earn their way in this regard by being of Service to Prime Creator, to our Beloved Creator, to the Light. That is why I stress the importance of being of Service, for this is how One, on the Higher planes of existence, progresses into the Higher and Higher levels.

Many Beings here like to create great beauty, great new species of plants and flowers and trees, and they experiment with creating great beauty and enthusiastically create beautiful vistas for others to enjoy on their frequency level. This continues on with each Being and there is much ‘daily’, what you would call ‘daily’ since there is no Time here, activity with those who are pursuing their educational interests where they take up training in the healing disciplines and arts, in the sciences and arts, in the implementation of new methods that help to create greater Light in all of the lower Dimensions, and so there is much knowledge of new Inventions that comes forth once these are created, and these are poured down upon the lower levels and at each level, those Souls who are open to receive, and are attuning themselves, to receive these new ideas, these creative ideas, see the entire plan, the Divine image of what is created in their minds and they are inspired at the lower dimensions to create this new Invention, technology or modality and it comes forth in this way to your world. All great constructive and beneficial ideas always come forth from the Higher Dimensions as a Gift from those who have Ascended, those who wish to bless their brothers and sisters with greater Light and Love. And so, that is what is meant by the saying, ‘As above, so below’, for those above always turn and give a hand to those below and that is true Brotherhood and Sisterhood.

Until next week…..

I AM Hilarion

©2009 Marlene Swetlishoff

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