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Releasing FEAR with LADY GAIA

Releasing FEAR with LADY GAIA


We are starting a new workshop to work on building our new consciousness and in this way assist in rebuilding the consciousness for our New Heaven on Earth.
I have been asked by Lady Gaia, to set up this workshop together with her.
This is going to be a once a week call of about one hour where we will work on building a new higher consciousness for ourselves. We will slowly build this new consciousness for ourselves and disconnect from the old universal consciousness.
We will also assist Lady Gaia, our Mother Goddess in rebuilding her consciousness that will be the consciousness for our New Heaven on Earth.

The Cost for each call is $15.00 and anyone can join in anytime.
We are starting on April 28 at 9:30pm EST
You can sign up here for the first evening.

This class is meant for everyone, we are all on different paths and different parts of our growth. During this class you will be assisted by Lady Gaia and she will adjust the energies according to where you are at this moment.

The first call is about releasing fear not just for ourselves but for all.

Is fear preventing you from being love and compassion?
You all know fear, you have all learned about fear at an early age.
Fear of being alone, fear of losing your job, your house, your partner.
Fear of dying.
Fear of what is going to happen to earth, fear of the dark.
There are many ways to feel fear.
When there is fear, it is an overruling feeling.
Religions are full of fear and even amongst light workers there is fear.
There is also love and compassion, and many live by that rule.
But love and compassion is something that you are.
It fills you up completely, as you become this love with compassion completely.
Love is also a feeling.
Love for your children, your partner, even your job, your car and many other things.
Love for the earth, the people upon it.
Love thy neighbor as thou loves thyself.
Many words to describe love, and the word love is used to describe many types of love.
When we talk about love and compassion is becomes a different feeling.
Compassion is used in many ways as a word by itself.
When someone harms you, you feel compassion that this person feels the need to harm you.
When you feel compassion it can be with or without love for that person.
It becomes even more different when you start to feel others more telepathically.
What if you feel and hear everything the other person thinks and feels.
What would that be like?
This is the way it was in the beginning.
There was never a need to express in words to another the way you would feel and think.
You were all one, connected through the universal consciousness.
This consciousness allowed for full connection and no one had to guess about another's feelings or thoughts.
Fear only slowly came in when you lost that connection.
You could not feel what the others were thinking and feeling.
You became separate beings in thought and feeling.
But the loss of connection came before the fear.
Now that you are reconnecting more consciously with the universal consciousness, you are starting to feel the others again.
But the universal consciousness now has fear in it.
Fear is what prevents you from feeling love and compassion fully.
And fear is spread throughout the consciousness you are all connected to.
It has become part of the feeling of love in a way that when you love someone, it also comes with the fear of rejection, being left, being hurt.
This is where you have a disadvantage.
What is it that needs to be released the most at this time?
It is embedded in you, in the universal consciousness around you. And even though you think you are without fear, it is in the universal consciousness you are getting more and more consciously connected to.
This is where I would like to assist you.
As you connect with me, we become one.
As you connect with me I feel your fear mixed with the love and compassion.
You are becoming a being of love and compassion.
A being that does not need words to be with another, to know another.
Let us release the fear now and become full of love and compassion.
Let us build the new consciousness on earth without fear.
I am Lady Gaia, the Mother Goddess.
Through Petra Margolis

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