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Lady Gaia/Mother Earth Gives Thanks

Marlene Swetlishoff
April 24, 2009

Mother Earth/Lady Gaia Gives Thanks

My Beloved Children,

The joy in my heart knows no bounds. The love that you have given me, the ceremonies and rituals that you have performed in honor of me, in honor of Mother Earth, has lifted my heart to the highest level that I have ever gone. Beloved Children, know that your love reached deeply into my Being and I respond, my Dear Ones, by creating a closer bond with you, and I bless each of you. Look about you, Dear Children, I bless you in all of nature around you, I bless you with beauty, with peace, with joy, with harmony.

Know that I respond to your love, Dear Ones, with my own love. I have such great love for each and every one of you. I know each and every one of you who work with me, who love me, who honor me, who remember me and my heart is open to receive all of my Children.

Within the core of my Being, the energies are rising higher and higher. I am birthing into the Star Being that I was destined to be since the beginning of time. I am birthing into this New Being and so there shall be some places and spots upon the Earth that will feel the change that is occurring within me. Those who work with me upon the Earth plane and within the Earth and above and around the Earth are helping greatly to stabilize these forces and I honor you, Dear Children, for the part that you are playing in stabilizing these forces.

Each of you are precious to me, each of you are a part of me, and I long and intend to take each of you with me as I Ascend into the Greater Light, for you, too, Dear Ones, are of the Great Light. Please know that is my Great Intention, and Prime Creator knows this, and all that can be done is now being done, to ensure that all of Humanity and all of the Kingdoms upon my Being are lifted up with me. It means great transformation, great change within each and every one of my Children, within every place and space within me, on me, and around me, great transformation is taking place, Dear Children.

I thank you and I honor you for your ceremonies on the day that you have named Earth Day. How I enjoyed your ceremonies, how I enjoyed sharing these energies together with you. We are One, Dear Children. Thank you for honoring me, thank you for remembering me. Thank you for your loving willingness to work with me to create a better world for ALL. I love you ALL.

I AM Lady Gaia/Mother Earth

©2009 Marlene Swetlishoff

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