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Message from the Pleiadians

Message from the Pleiadians

With all that is happening on earth, we are here to be with you at this time. As are many of the others that are watching closely all that is happening to you and your precious earth.

Lady Gaia as we call her is getting ready for the great shift, and she is offering you at this time her protection and energy. Connect with the elementals, connect with Lady Gaia as you bring in more and more of your true source being.

This is the time of the Great Shift as you are preparing and have been preparing for this for eons. Yes, we say eons, this is not just a Great Shift, this is to us one very important event that will assist many on their path to becoming full source, completing full circle back to source.
As we have been watching and with us many others here in the Higher Dimensions, we know that you are the strong ones that chose to make this Great Shift happen for all of us.

As you have grown into being human, you have been carrying within you all the answers to your questions. They are to be found in your genetics, your DNA, and your own energy.

You are us as we are you, you carry the genetics of all of us inside of you, in this way you carry every experience inside you. All that we know including all that is known by many other being of light inside and outside your universe is what you carry at this time.

This is not just the Great Shift for you as human beings back to becoming full source, this is the path of our Lady Gaia as she has been your support system all this time. Many of you now realize the importance of healing for Lady Gaia, as many of the old tribes knew before you.

Lady Gaia, is in need of a healing, as you are all bringing heaven upon earth again. This healing will be accomplished when many of you will come together as one and you will assist Lady Gaia while going through her transition.

This is why we were there in Sedona, and why we assisted in opening this first gate in Sedona. There are more gates to come as you all know. These gates are specific for your earth, they can be used for you as a human to travel to other starsystems, but they are needed for Lady Gaia as she will travel through these gates on her way to restoration and healing.

We are the Pleiadians

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