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Would you please speak about the soul?
Your soul is your true essence dear ones and your heart is the doorway to your soul. Your soul is who you truly are. Your soul is the greater part of you and it speaks to you continually.

How do we know if our soul is communicating with us and it is not just our mind?
Your mind will come from a place of need and judgment in most cases, whereas your soul will come from a place of love and acceptance. Your mind will feel needy and your soul will feel loving and accepting.

How can we best tune in to our soul?
You can best tune in to your soul by being quiet and paying attention to your inner voice, the voice of your soul. It is difficult for you to hear the voice of your soul with all the "noise" of your inner and outer world flooding your consciousness. Your soul is continually communicating with you; there is no separation between you and your soul. As you take time to familiarize yourself with the nature of your soul by quieting your mind, you will be aware of guidance from the greater part of you.

Can you give us a method to tune in to our soul?
Take a moment and center yourself. Take a few deep breaths as you close your eyes and relax. Place your attention on your body. Now place your attention on the essence of your soul, wherever you sense it to be within your being. Move deeper into this experience for a few moments. Move deeper into the essence of your soul, the essence of who you are - your essence. Notice the feeling of your soul and stay with this connection for a few moments or as long as you like. The more you practice this exercise the more you will attune to the vibration of your soul, and the more attuned you are to the nature of your soul the more you will be aware of your soul's urgings.

We encourage you to take a few moments daily and tune in to the essence of your soul; you will tune into the spark of divinity within. As you do so you will know who you truly are and come in alignment with your soul and your purpose.

As you exercise this practice on a regular basis, ideally daily, you will develop a closer connection to your true self and your inner guidance.

Please elaborate on the soul.
Your soul is an integral part of who you are; it IS who you are. We suggest that you spend a few moments each day tuning in to your soul so that it will be an effortless, continuous, conscious connection.

When you feel a yearning for something from deep within your being, it is your soul trying to communicate with you. You can easily tune in to the essence of your soul by using the method given previously.

As you strengthen your soul connection you will begin to vibrate at a higher rate in resonance with your soul. As you begin to vibrate in resonance with your soul you will draw to yourself, events, people and situations in alignment with your path - your soul's journey. You will move past and through obstacles with ease and grace and embrace the joy of life. You have come into this life experience to grow and expand, for as you grow and expand your consciousness, your soul grows and expands as well. As you grow, the greater part of you, All That Is, grows from your earthly experiences. This is what you have come here to do, dear ones.

Be bold as you walk the journey of life and we will be there to support you, to assist you, to carry you through the challenging moments. You will be amazed at what you can do, and will do, when you resonate with the vibration of your soul.

We encourage you to tune in to the vibration of your soul and follow its guidance, for when you do, your life will open and expand like a new star being formed in the heavens.

You are loved beyond your knowing.

I AM Melchizedek
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