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Isis and Sananada about 13 Gates

Your 13 Personal Gates and why they are here

I have had many people ask me when I was going to do the Gate calls again, so here it is.
The gate calls, consist of 13 Gates and these gates are personal gates. Each and everyone of us has 13 personal gates that when we go through them will assist us in raising our frequencies.
At this time we are being connected up to all 12 spiritual gates as well when we go through our personal gates. Since they are open and secure at this time. They were not open when we started our first gate calls.
This is a 13 week class through conference call.
We are starting on Friday, April 17, at 9:30pm EST. The cost for this 13 week class is $ 149.00.
This can be paid in one time, or with a monthly payment of $ 50.00 for 3 months. Just send me an email if you prefer the monthly payment.

You can sign up here

As always we will record every meditation and they will be available on our website for download the day after the call, so if for any reason you have to miss one call you can catch up.
This is some more information on these gates from Isis and Sananda.

Message from Isis, February 15, 2008.

I would like to provide more information about the 13 Gates.
As many of you may know, these Gates are part of the ascension process.
We have already told you that many have gone through these Gates in previous life times. Most of you up until the 10th Gate.
The process of going through the Gates has been changed for everyone that is physically incarnated on your planet earth at this time.
Several Ascended Masters have taken it upon them to assist people with the process of preparing and going through these Gates.

St Germain has been assigned for the Gates 1 through 6.
Kuthumi is assisting with Gate 7 and 11.
Ashtar is helping people go through the 8th Gate.
Sananda has the 9th Gate and El Morya is at the 10th Gate.
I myself am assisting people going through the 12th Gate into the 13th Gate.

Every Gate is a step into ascension, every time you go through a Gate you spiritual and physical energy is raised to a higher level.

Now with the help of the Crystal Skulls we have started the Gate initiations at the 1st Gate so you can experience these raises in frequency more consciously, since many of you don't have any recollection of going through these Gates in previous life times.
And I do want to say that we think it is an experience you will find to be amazing, it is supporting and informative for the opening of consciousness that you can experience at this time.

But since we also know everyone is at a different level of conscious opening and experience, we have decided to adjust the process even more at this time.Tthis means that people that are ready, and you will know when that is, are able to skip the process of the first 9 Gates and can start with the 10th Gate consciously.

Sananda will explain more about this at the end of this message.

I leave you for now with sending you many blessing and until we meet in person at the 12th Gate and beyond.

Much Love,


Sananda, February 15, 2008.

Welcome everyone and many blessing to you.
I am Sananda and I am here to reach out to all of you.
These are exiting times and the changes on your planet are amazing already. I cant wait to see what will happen after the new consciousness has been released unto your planet.

In the mean time I would like give a message to all the people that feel they are not connected or never have been going through any of the Gates.
No matter what, all of you will consciously or unconsciously go through these Gates.
Those of you that have never gone through any or just a few of these Gates in previous life times, will go through them in this life time.
All of us, and this includes St. Germain, Ashtar, Kuthumi and EL Morya, are already taking many of you through these Gates in your dream time.
This means that the spiritual part of you is going through these Gates.

As Isis explained in her message, both your spiritual and physical energy will go through all of the Gates. The process of going though these Gates with the physical energy is slower when not going through them consciously, but it will happen.

Reason why we are giving everyone a choice in this and why the skulls have started the initiations through some people on your planet.

As I said before, these are exiting time and we welcome you into these new energies.



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