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The Blessed Mother Integrates Divine Acceptance (clarion call for dec 2010)

The Blessed Mother Integrates Divine Acceptance

The Clarion Light Beings 911 & Beyond
December 6th, 2010

Good Evening,

This is Fred speaking. This evening is going to be very special with a lot of magic in the air along with calmness and gentleness. I am not going to say anything else; thank you for being here. We look forward to the next few months of integrating the energies that are about to be brought into each of our hearts.

Love and blessings to each of you.

I am the Spokesperson for the Clarion Light Beings 911 and Beyond. Namaste

Good Evening, good evening, good evening, it is my pleasure to be here with you in this moment. It is a very beautiful moment as the Earth is now in her New Moon phase as the Sacred Heart of Light frequency is coming down on the planet. It is not quite being activated at this time but is being infused. I come to you as the Blessed Mother.

I am the spokesperson for the Christ Consciousness for the Oneness and for the acceptance of the Beingness that each of You Are and that each of Us is acquiring as we come together in our Soul Family of Light as we realize together the capacity and love we have for one another. It is unbelievably special as people awaken that they start to feel the energies within them. Some of them are very, very unsure about what is happening to them presently and they are the ones that we need to fully give compassion and love to because they do not understand the energies that are coming into them. They don’t even know that some of them that they are frequencies. All they know is that they are not feeling very good. So in the essence of what is occurring, the peacefulness that we want to bring through to you tonight, coming through me but I am not the only Being. It comes through the consciousness of the acceptability of the Spiritual Hierarchy as they have asked me to bring this blessing onto each of you. This blessing is a calmness and centeredness. We know that the energies of the New Moon have started with the opening of the Sacred Heart energies. It depends on where you are. We put individuals into three phases.

Phase 1: The Ones that are fully awakened and have been on the path for quite some time. Let’s say more than five to ten years and even more so. Those of you will be receiving the Sacred Heart energies like a release, a sigh, with a completeness that it is finally occurring for you. Within that sigh there may be emotions to come up so they may be more focused on release and that IT IS finally happening.

Phase 2: Then we have the second group of souls. These groups are the Ones that are awakened on the path but not to the extent of the first group. This group is about individuals that are on self-help pathways; they have been looking at themselves; they are looking within themselves and are looking at their mental thoughts and emotionability. They haven’t fully actualized that higher frequency within them. Some of these individuals may not have cleared as easily as they need to clear. So these people are also going to be ready to receive the energies but also they are going to be very surprised in what is happening to them; because the pain is going to come up along with the emotions and the thought forms. The cellular memory is going to be more affected with them than they have previously been receiving. That causes a lot of change within their physical essence but they are more accepting of it.

Phase 3: Then we have those that are totally unawakened, and they are not sure what has happened. Possibly in this category you can have someone that is unawakened but they are not sure what has happened to them. This is because they have no concept of what ascension is or de-ascension, the higher realms, the frequencies, the initiations, or being on a pathway of that de-ascension occurring. These are the ones that truly need the Compassionate Love and Acceptance very, very deeply. It is going to be very important that these individuals are completely put into the essence of love, and consideration in different faculties than they have ever received before. There is going to be more assistance coming from the Angelic Realms, coming from the ascended mastership realms, coming from the Christed ET’s, a lot of Pleidians, and those frequencies that are pure love essences are going to be focusing upon the planet even more so. Watch your skies, look for the clouds, look for the movement of the clouds, look for how the sun looks, look for when there isn’t any sun, look for the essences of the changes in the wind; there is s a direct result of the changes coming when the wind is whipping around and very high movements and then all of a sudden it calms completely down. It is very important to realize that the earth is changing at the same time as each of you. The Earth is receiving her Sacred Heart so the vibrancy upon the Earth is becoming stronger than it ever has been, and we have been waiting for this time to occur. We are so happy that each of you are on this pathway for it to happen. It is a magnificent time of great change and within this magnificence, the movement and the frequency that is occurring within each of you is only going to assist the Ones that are coming closer to your circle of family into the Soul Essence.

In this moment what I want to contribute to this Temple this evening, is the nurturing of the Divine Mother as I am a great representative of her energy. The aspect of the blessings to come to you in the essence of nurturing, compassion, your Will being in the Purity and Love that is part of the Divine Essence within each of you. So I want each of you just to sit back and relax. Allow that purity and essence of your soul to be activated in a different level than it has been previously. As we center upon the Sacred Heart that has been infused within each every individual in a frequency form, the actual movement of the rebirth will actually take place on the 25th of December. At the time of your Eclipse, the Full Moon, with the Winter Solstice, that is going to be when the full change will take affect. So there is going to be a lot of fluctuation at that time. Right now we just want to center upon everyone to feel the peacefulness and the love that is so much apart of this energy to bring forth the Acceptance within each of you as you fully start to integrate the frequencies that are in your body. Allow the lower frequencies to infiltrate with compassion and love as you are going through your changes. This is an essential component as the movements are changing quickly; we also want you to embrace the nurturing along with the Acceptance and Divinity of your Heart within to tap into your Higher Heart. The Heart that is connected to the Mother and Father of Divine Complement, and as we bring in these energies within each of you, you will start to see a peacefulness and serenity start to envelope within you as you allow it to filter into your Physical, Etheric, Emotional, and Mental bodies along with the cellular structure. It is very important to let the body relax so just take a deep breath.

We bring you the frequency of a Bluish Silver, Bluish Green, frequency of no-color but all colors, and we want to center upon more of the Platinum colors. Feel the soothing energy that is coming down through you and settling from your Soul Star into your Crown and allow it to spin in droplets of magical dust. Allow it to infiltrate every part of your Being as you breathe deeply with the Silvery hues of Blues, Greens, and Lavenders. Allow that to settle into your Heart. Feel how the heart is accepting of this energy. Feel that frequency to come down through your Solar Plexus, into your Sacral, into your Root and filtering down your limbs. Allow it to integrate through your body. Allow it to blend into your muscles, tendons, bone structure, all the joints, and if there are any ailments that you have, just think of them now and allow this magical dust to go to these areas. Feel a tingling sensation as this is happening and occurs. You are being embraced by the Divine Mother and by the aspect of the frequency within you to fully accept your Divinity in a new way than you ever have before. Allow this to filter down into your Earth Star and allow it to spin upwards around you around the Physical, Etheric, Emotional, and the Mental as you become a unified body of Platinum Blues, Greens, and Lavenders. The power within you, the essence within you is so beautiful. You feel your compassionate side as you embrace your nurturing energies. You feel the essence of Love that you are; the essence of the Universe; the essence of the Cosmic Rays filtering within you, the essence of your soul family within your Monad, your soul family of the 144 souls, then your soul family beyond the 144 souls as all our families intertwine with each other. Allow this moment to enfold within you, and embrace this moment of Compassion and Love. Feel the bliss; you are very blissful in this moment. There are no worries; just the essence of completeness - completeness fully within your Being.

As you bring forth this completeness within you, there is nothing for you to worry about; nothing at all. There are no thoughts, there are no emotions, there is just the element TO BE. Feel this Beingness Within You. And relax into it – Let it settle within your body. Let it move into your Solar Plexus and your Heart. Let it move into your lower chakras as we blend the higher chakras with the lower chakras. As we connect with the higher chakra of the Seat of Your Soul, allow those higher chakras of that 4th dimension to settle within the first seven chakras, the 8th in the Thymus, and 9th in to the Root, then they go upwards, the 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th, and 15th. The 15th is in your Crown, the 16th is in your Crown, feel that circling within you and then you start over again. The 17th in the Root, the 18th, 19th, we jump because the Solar Plexus and the Heart are one unified chakra, then we move up into the Throat, the Third Eye and the Crown. You have now attuned yourself with 22 chakras within your entire being. Feel one unified chakra; feel all these chakras all blending within each other as you receive the Platinum Ray of the 22nd chakra. Feel the essence of that occurring for you. There are no worries; there is only the blissfulness of a 5th dimensional body. Feel this activation starting to be intertwined within you, being integrated within you. Allow that frequency to be active and as you do that your I AM Presence is now fully activated within you. You are working with 11 other soul personalities within that group consciousness. Then you connect with the 144 souls, you are not alone. We are all connecting with each other as this occurs. Just allow that to settle in. Don’t think about it, just feel it. Accept it, embrace it. Embrace yourself more fully than you ever have before as you fully attune yourself to this frequency that is your Divine right to actually accept the Divinity within you.

We are now going to blend with each other in the Temple as we become one Unified Body of Light. We are going to center these energies upon the Earth and give everyone compassion. Let’s not do it as an individual aspect this evening. We want to think of this Earth as one whole nebulous of energy and visualize ourselves around the Earth. We are just spinning around the Earth with this beautiful Platinum, Silvery Blues, Greens, and Lavenders and it goes into the core of the Earth, into the middle of the Earth, onto the planetary existence so it goes into all the countries, the cities, the states, the municipalities, all the governments, especially to areas that are really hurting right now. Haiti, needs assistance; there are many other areas in the world that needs this energy, and we want to bring up the consciousness of everyone, to realize that they have the ability to fully focus within their lives and manifest their desires on the highest frequency of the Christ Consciousness. We take a deep breath and send them what we are receiving right now, because we are very compassionate, loving and we are in Oneness. So what we are experiencing we can give to them as it is all coming back to each of us. The Earth feels Gaia now taking a sigh of relief as she is receiving these energies to assist in the process of her divinity so we can all grow together.

Bring your mind’s eye back into the Temple as we ask for the Seafoam Green to clear away any debris that you may have picked up as you were concentrating on any areas that were of ‘lack’ and to allow that Platinum Ray to take the energies of Lack into energies of Prosperity - the frequency of God’s Light of the nurturing and the compassion. It is very important for us to have compassion, but it is important not to hold onto the aspects of others as you are giving that compassion that are of a lower energy or quality as that will bring your energy back down. In this moment we take a deep breath; and we bring these colors within us again of the Platinum Silver, Blues, Greens, and Lavenders. Feel that within your Heart Center, and then feel your vibration change. As you take that deep breath, and allow the bliss to be within you once again. In one moment with that breath you are connecting to your highest essence. Your higher essence to the Divine Mother and the Divine Father that is right within each of us, and will reaffirm within your bodily structure, that frequency. Just breathe deeply; it is just a matter of remembering to assist yourself through the process. Assist yourself first, give to others, and assist yourself once again. You will see your vibration raising, you will feel differently, and you will see it reacting in your body differently. I embrace each of you within this moment with these activations that are occurring. Remember to utilize this energy as much you need to do so as you will see the changes happening upon the Earth. Many are going to be affected because as the Sacred Heart is being placed within, each individual inhabited upon this Earth, many are not going to accept this because of the lower forms of energies of the anger, frustration, and the pain. It is very important as you the Leaders, the Teachers, theWay-Showers, the Counselors, and the Healers have the compassion to realize what is happening because as a Way-Shower, you need to show the others of how to get through these times of challenges. Each of you know that you have been through these times of challenges, and will be able to accept yourself on a much deeper level than you ever have before. It is an amazing month this year in 2010. Each of you are being prepared enormously for the Divinity Within You to Enfold. Many manifestations are going to be occurring. Many of your relationships are going to be getting 100% better. But remember, whatever that does not align with this energy will need to come up. Please utilize these elements to assist you in the process. And then, you can fully be the Way-Shower that each of you are intending to be. It is my blessing and my desire to walk with each of you during this time as these energies will assist in the upcoming year greatly. I am honored to be here in the Temple this evening to be representative of the Christ Consciousness in this manner, and I look forward to working with each of you individually and collectively.

I AM the Blessed Mother at your service. My blessings and love into each of your hearts in this moment. So Mote It Be in the Name of the Christ.

This is Fred speaking. Thank you Blessed Mother, thank you for your love. I feel it deeply. I am honored. I know that everyone here feels the same. Please do come and join us this week because I think it is going to be a very beautiful week for us to commune with each other and share our Light upon each other. I know that this is going to assist the Earth even more than I have been doing so. Thank you once again, Meleriessee, for opening up your heart to each of us. Thank each of you for participating as we all love you very deeply.

I am Fred, the spokesperson for the Clarion Light Beings of 911 and Beyond.


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