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The Crystal Skulls manifested

Isis through Petra Margolis

At the moment of the destruction of the earth in the time of Lemuria and Atlantis, 13 priestesses gathered to preserve the energy of the largest crystal in Atlantis.

The history of earth before the destruction was placed in the crystal and through the priestesses divided in 12 parts, the crystal skulls were manifested into form.

The 13th skull was held by the 13th priestess.
The 13th skull never became manifested into form and the energy has been held by this priestess until now.

During the destruction the earth's time line was split and a third one formed in the middle as the continuation of our timeline.

The outside timelines, Atlantis and Lemuria, became scrambled and the energies spread throughout your universe because of the explosion of the Crystal and the rift that was created within the energies of the time line. Work to repair these time lines, Atlantis and Lemuria, has been a continuous effort until now.

The time lines are almost complete and are becoming ready to merge with your time line.
The crystal skulls, as they hold the earth history from before and after the explosion, will be becoming more active.

Now some of them are already on earth, some are decoys as it has been too dangerous to have them all be on earth at this time.

The 13th skull is still being held by the priestess.
We would like to give you a bit more detail about what really happened and the thoughts behind all of what happened.

The earth was close to her ascension point at the time of the explosion and some were trying to prevent this.

They had taken over all other crystals including the crystal grids running through the earth.
All crystals and crystal grids that were connected to the largest crystal in Atlantis were under their control.

As they started to use the power of the crystals to gain more control over the earth and the beings upon her, there was an overload of energy being pulled from the crystal in Atlantis.

The crystal of Atlantis was powered by Source energy and was needed to open the gateway for the earth's ascension.

As the earth's ascension was not in the plans of the ones controlling the crystals and crystal grids, they tried to actually physically take the crystal in Atlantis.

A plan was created with the assistance of mother earth, as she was willing to stay and support the human beings upon her and give them more time to find their way back to their original source self.
This crystal, as it was powered by Source energy, you can imagine was the most powerful crystal on earth and could not be touched by physical hands, except for one priestess at that time.

It did mean the death for that priestess however, death from the physical body as in spirit there is no death.

As the priestesses gathered around the crystal, one of them was standing underneath the large crystal and connected to the other priestesses through the heart and crown.

Even at that moment there were ones that tried to gain access to the crystal within the physical but as the priestesses were filled with the power of the crystal there was nothing they could do.

The energy of the crystal was divided amongst the twelve and as memory is held within the mind, the head, the energy was being collected within the physical head of the priestesses before it moved into the heart and from there into the hands as the crystal skulls manifested within the hands of the twelve priestesses.

From there they were taken to a safe place in higher dimensions where they were hidden until it was time to return them to the earth.

The crystal skulls and the energy of the crystal skulls combined with the 13th skull form the crystal power needed to assist in opening the gateway for the ascension of earth.

Added to that is also information being held within the skulls about the ascension process of the earth and the human beings upon her.

Now at this time preparation has begun for the ascension of the earth and as this portal is very large there is an opportunity for humans to move with her if they can reach the frequency needed.
For all of those that have chosen not to ascend with the earth, there will be a continuation of the time line you are on right now and they will move into a higher dimension.

The earth before the explosion was in a 7th dimensional frequency and the moment your timeline continued it was a 7th dimensional frequency so as you can see the humans and earth have gone further down in the dimensions over time. Once they are raised within the 5th dimensional frequency they will begin to receive more of an understanding and the move into higher dimensional frequencies will be easier.

Do not forget that many have chosen not to move with the earth before they incarnated and only agreed to move into the 5th dimensional frequencies. There is however still a choice at this time as we are moving closer to the ascension of the earth.

I will leave you for now as much more information is needed but we will get to that at a later time.

December 5, 2010
Petra Margolis


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