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Happy New Year 2011 with a Special Message from Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos

Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos
Shares a Message of Love for 2011

We come to you in this moment from the Land of Telos, the City Beneath Mount Shasta. I have asked Meleriessee to share some information through me and the Telosians due to her affiliation with each of us here and also her work with the Golden Cities.

First of all, Happy New Year of 2011. This is going to be a very magnificent year for everyone. For each of you, for each of us and for all of us together as we are now coming into Oneness as Never Before. The beauty of what is occurring upon the planet is a magnificent event and each of you are all apart of it like we never could imagine. Well, we could imagine, but we see it coming into Splendor, of the Light, the Breath of a Beauty Within, and an Expression of Love. Most of all Love.

Secondly, I want each of you that feel very aligned to my energies or the energies of Mt. Shasta, we all will be reuniting very soon. It is a beautiful time for each of us to be together once again as we were during the Lemurian times. We of the Cit of Telos embody the energies of Lemuria that was once thriving upon this planet as it will thrive once again as we assemble together moving towards the fifth dimensional energies. We have great work to do with each other until that time of existence can be cohesive and full accepted within each of us. The work with have to share with each other is coming in this year of 2011 and many of you are being prepared in various ways.

We traveled far and wide when Lemuria fell into nonexistence to live in the Hollow Cities, one being in Mt. Shasta. We live in pure bliss and contentment within each other and some of you have aspired to be with us. Many have traveled the lands of Mt. Shasta and felt the magical energies upon the Earth. We have also had our troubles upon the upper Earth and it is for that reason that our existence has not been actualized by many humans. It was meant to be so, but that time is quickly changing. The magic of the land is within each of your hearts as there is a remembrance of times long ago when we all coexisted with each other. This is what is happening within each of you.

It has been a time of forgetfulness and now is the time of remembrance. It is now our reuniting with each other tht is going to help individuals to fully remember their full heritage ~ The one that was held in beauty, love, and joy. The one that each individual no matter if male or female honored one another within their hearts, minds, and pathways together. It was a beautiful time but then there were elements around us being destroyed as we invited other planetary energies to join us. Then the fall of our destruction occurred. The lands around us started falling away as our relationships with each other. Some of us decided to continue the heritage but in a place that was not known to many for eons of time. Then some decided to travel through the wheel of rebirth to once be awakened onto their destiny but not for eons and eons of time.

We are the ones that survived within the lands of Gaia and you are the Ones that chose to go through the rebirth process. We honor you in this moment and future moments of the accomplishments, the tasks, the interactions, and the destruction that each of you experienced. The Veil of Forgetfulness was placed upon you and now that veil has been totally removed. Your journey has been arduous and incomplete at times. You have been riddled with fears, inconsistencies, lack of love, addictions, emotional traumas, mental anguish, and yet here you are in this moment ready to fully reap your rewards.

We are here to assist you, to help you remember not only your heritage but of the wisdom that you incorporate within you. You are now in a place to fully remember your roots and also to acknowledge the part of you that has been forgotten for eons of time. It is now our time with each other once again.

2011 is a special place of entry. 2010 was a journey into the unknown walking in darkness, feeling darkness, but yet ascending into the Light. Many of you almost fell and could not make this struggle within yourself but here you are in this moment, ready to receive the Fruit of your Labors. This is the essence of your entire Beingness being restructured so that you can once again rise to the occasion with Love, Joy, Bliss, and Acceptance within you. Many of you have had lifetimes of great affliction and now that time is over. It is a time to fully accept the Divinity of your Beingness within this body you currently inhabit.

Some of you may not be quite ready but each of you are arriving in stages. The first group are the ones that are fully ready; they have cleared themselves completely and are fully receiving their Divine Spark within them. They have changed their bodily structure, have great resilience, and strong convictions of love and joy. Their lower bodies have merged with their higher bodies to create One Body of Light. You will be showing others the way and your life is about to change drastically on January 1st. You probably feel as if you do not want to be here at times due to the lengthy journey you have been on. You share your Light in various ways and all you have within yourself is bliss to share but great humility.
The second stage are the Ones that are still striving for enlightenment. You continue to do the work but feel like it is taking forever. Sometimes you may complain about it and this stops you in your pathway. Speaking the words to others even in explanations creates your pathway to become very rocky indeed. You have great potential and have moments of bliss but you still need to get to the core of your onion in your heart and remove the old essences that have been growing within. You know how to do it and show others at times; but sometimes your ability to be so empathetic stops your own pathway from emerging fully. Continue with your own growth process as you will see that this year you will arrive especially towards the Spring when many are going to be coming out into the Light of the Day.

The last stage are the Ones that think they know what they are doing, but only talk about it. They are also grouped with the Ones that are fully asleep and believe it or not, the ones that know the processes, will find themselves doing them, and then will fully help the others to awaken. They are grouped together but actually some are more fully aware than they realize. Again, the key is the higher ego and not the lower ego. This is what is going to be the key to survival of the fittest.

The first group of individuals will find themselves in key positions of authority. They will gather a larger number of people in their teachings, then the attendees will learn their lessons and teach to the 2nd and 3rd groupings. It is like a domino effect; each of you are going to affect one another but until you fully completely your own inner work, then the effectiveness is lost in the process.

This is where we are here to help. I have asked Christine to bring forth a message from our energies, the Telosians, to help to raise your vibrations into the fifth dimensional levels. We need to be able to co-create with each other and co-habitat as we do in the Underground Cities. Without the full cooperation within each individual, this cannot be manifested in the way that will benefit the All.

In this moment we share with you a beautiful exercise to help you acquire these states of being especially when you are riddled with the old and cannot find your way out of the muck and mire into the Light of the Moment.

Breathing deeply feeling yourself walking down a forest pathway. It is strewn with many trees, some larger than others. The energies around you are very special and adorned with fairies, gnomes, butterflies, dragonflies, and pure magic. The pathway winds around and you see a beautiful stream ahead of you. You bend down to drink from the stream. As you do so you see there are many colors within the water, red, blue, green, yellow, violet, gold, silver, deep red, and light golden white. As you drink the water, you feel the essence of these colors to fully go through your entire being filling you up with bliss, love, joy, acceptance, and balance. You stand up and you see me, Lord Adama, in front of you. I take your hands in mine as we connect with our energies together. I look into your eyes and see a beautiful soul within your body ready to accept the higher conditions of love within the body. Just relax and let me share with you, what I see in you, as I reflect it back to you. We step away from one another as we are now fully connected and never to be apart from one another.

You walk back up the winding pathway with a renewed sense of being shown a part of yourself that has been locked away for a very long time. You are now ready to move into the essence of 2011 with ease and grace. The power within you is great as is the special qualities that you inhabit. Watch them flourish like a flower growing in a garden. When it comes into full blossom, share it with others as it is now time. Each of us will share with one another.

This is just a small sampling of what we do for each other in Telos. We help one another to grow and prosper as you are going to help those around you, In the moment of service, you shall receive and reflect back to each other the beauty of who you are.

We are with you, each of us from Telos and all of the Cities of Light. It is our time to teach each of you about our communities and how we can assist each other moving into the Golden Cities of Light.

I express to each of you an amazing moment on New Year’s Eve as each of you expresses onto yourself the Light that is now shining deeply within you. Express it to another with a look, a touch, a thought, or an embrace.

I Am Lord Adama at your service.
High Priest of the City of Telos

For background information on my personal connection with Lord Adama & the Telosians ~ please see my blog...


Blessings in Love & Light,

I AM Meleriessee at your service

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