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Relaxing the Ego by Lady Quan Yin

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Relaxing the Ego by Lady Quan Yin

Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 06/12/10

I greet you with the blessings and love of my heart, such a divine privilege to channel my energies to you now and to share a sacred moment within the light of the God Presence that is so evident to me within and around you. I reach out my hands to you and ask that you trust in my compassion and love for you, in the friendship that I have and wish to build with you. As you trust in my energy, let yourself trust in your own energy recognising our energies as the Creator and supreme source of love. Take my hands and allow me to wrap my gentle arms around you. Allow yourself to relax completely into my energy.

When you sit with the intent of relaxation in your physical reality it is only a small percentage of your being that relaxes, tension and stress can remain within you even when you feel completely at ease. We spoke of nurturing and nourishing the spiritual being previously, it is my wish to nurture your ability to relax and soften the energies of your entire being. This will allow for limitations, restrictions, blockages and negative thoughts to soften, dissolve and be completely removed from your reality and being. To relax completely can bring thoughts of fear as you are letting go of the control that you have over your being and are simply existing in light, it brings a greater sense of freedom which can be daunting, but remember that all fears are illusions, they do not come from your true self, they are magnified by you without you realising so they become more powerful than they actually are.

This is a very interesting point that requires additional attention, when a fear is created it has very little power, it is essentially a neutral thought but you have programmed yourself to recognise the thought which has a negative connotation and to place a huge amount of energy behind it. It is almost as if you are loving this fear and wanting it to be a magnificent part of your life. When you think of the way you have programmed yourself it seems irrational but you have taught yourself that fear is good and that you need it in your life and that by energising fear you are dealing with the problem, thus helping the situation. If an animal was sick would you place it on dirty bedding, leave it in the dark and surround it in negative energies? For most people a sick animal would bring up feelings and thoughts of compassion and a desire to surround the animal in love. There is a need to surround yourself in love, whatever you are thinking or experiencing as this will act as a healing and uplift your energies thus transforming your reality. To empower loving thoughts and firmly not allow yourself to engage in negative or fearful thoughts is the key to reprogramming yourself and mind, permitting a greater happiness to blossom.

To relax your being and energies completely you must engage, accept and bathe in love. The presence of love unknots your energies and allows for expansion, it is essentially like exhaling deeply. When we think negatively or are not engaged in love our energy can draw close to us, its expansion short and small, this is due to the lack of life force energy flowing through you. With the continuous presence of life force energy or Creator light your energy becomes luscious, flexible and expansive, allowing you to manifest with ease, adapt to changes and remain balanced, akin to a tree blowing in the wind, eternally grounded and focused in the energy of God.

Something that hinders the process of relaxation on a spiritual and energy level is the ego. We can imagine the ego as an eager child at Christmas wanting to look inside every present. The presents are the thoughts created by the mind, the ego is especially drawn to the thoughts or presents that will make it powerful or that magnify more fear in your being. The ego is not a bad energy essentially it is like a child, it doesn't know any better; it has no one to guide it and therefore enjoys ruling your life by reminding you constantly of your failings and mistakes. Every time you think a negative thought about yourself or another that is your ego asserting its power, playing with you to see what it can manifest. If we imagine a child who has no parents and has fallen into a group of youths who enjoy making mischief then we begin to understand the ego. Children are pure and can be influence easily, your ego is the pure energy of the Creator but you have allowed it to adopt negative habits, to play games with your life and to sabotage your truth. If you noticed your child acting in this way you would make efforts to alter their negative habits and teach them what is good and true, but you are perfectly happy to allow your ego to have all the fun at your expense without even a word of complaint or objection. This is something to contemplate, it requires your understanding.

There is a need to love your ego unconditionally, as if it were a child. You are not loving it for the chaos it has caused but for the truth that it is when aligned and guided. It is important not to scold your ego or to hold resentment toward it but to forgive it for its controlling qualities knowing that changes can be made with ease which would bring happiness to your life and to your ego. Yourego thinks it is contented by the power it has but really it is a lost child looking for love, attention and approval. We can see that the ego is not content as it keeps creating fear, unable to receive what it desires.

To dissolve the power of the ego and to allow your entire being to relax, there is a need to assist the ego in relaxing in love.

I remind you that I am surrounding you in love, I have extended my loving arms to surround your entire being in a soft pink light; we must remember and recognise the power that love holds its magnitude and supreme presence of transformation. Feel my love melting into your being and breathe deeply, gradually as the love of a soft pink colour melts into your being it is allowing you to relax with ease, undoing knots and assisting expansion.

See within your heart chakra at your chest area a symbol of love, this can be anything you desire it exists within and as your heart chakra. This symbol has its own pulse, presence and breath of life. Let this manifest, let it radiate.

Imagine a symbol that represents your ego, it can be anything you like; it represents the presence and manifestation of your ego. Picture this in or around your mind. Then as you exhale, imagine with ease the symbol of your ego flowing down and melting into your heart chakra. Let the symbol of your ego sit within the light and love of your heart chakra and feel my love embracing you completely. Allow yourself to relax into the energy and with time you should notice yourself reaching a new level of spiritual relaxation.

You can also remind yourself of this technique whenever you feel a negative thought or emotion brewing or feel the controlling influence of your ego growing. As you allow your ego to relax so the rest of your being will relax, heal and enjoy an embodiment of love.

With sacred blessings and gratitude for your attention,

Lady Quan Yin

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