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SEVEN SACRED WEEKS December 7, 2010 Special Tribute to Sanat Kumara


December 7, 2010

Special Tribute to Sanat Kumara

Sanat Kumara's consciousness lives within each of us and is the reason why we are now remembering our Divinity. Today, the global program, "Seven Sacred Weeks", calls in the radiation of Sanat Kumara into our personal lives and world. Let's pour our love and gratitude to this selfless being of such cosmic magnificence and fortitude for all that is happening in our blessed lives today.

Sanat Kumara's Sacred Fire Love to the Earth...

Sanat Kumara has held the position of Planetary Logos and now Regent Lord of the World since the darkest hours of Earth's history when human evolution lost all contact with the God Flame and the Cosmic Councils were considering Earth's dissolution.

As a voluntary exile from Venus, Sanat Kumara came to our laggard planet millions of years ago to sustain and guard the creation flame in the hearts of humanity and until sufficient numbers would awaken to their true God Nature. He has kept the world together through his consciousness and it is his magnetic cohesive power of sustaining love that makes human evolution possible.

Most people who resonate to Children of the Sun are Starseeds sourced from the Great Central Sun. Many, if not the majority of us, volunteered from many star systems to assist Sanat Kumara during his exiled mission to save the human race and to hold Earth's position in the Solar System. We were the brave and courageous souls that rode that brilliant merkaba through the Venus portal to Shamballa and then to Earth to endure lifetime after lifetime in order to assist the mission of God's regaled Prince, that being known as the Venusian Lord of Love.

Sanat Kumara established the Path of Initiation as the most accelerated and guaranteed method for spiritual evolution. Most of the volunteers who came with this great Being are still choosing to be upon the Earth serving under his Rod of Initiation. Many of these volunteers are us and who now lead the way into humanity's ascension and the new I AM Race.

Sanat Kumara also formed what is referred to as the Planetary Spiritual Hierarchy to assist his mission of Earth's evolution. There is an etheric City of Light dedicated to Sanat Kumara, "Shamballa", situated over the Gobi Desert in Mongolia in which many great beings come to Council. There are ashrams of higher learning and the templates are housed there for our new Divine-Human Blueprint.

We offer this day as Tribute to the one called the Ancient of Days. May we open our hearts wide and receive his Ruby Diamond Love!

From: Children of the Sun Foundation info@childrenofthesun.org

Adi Gaia
Universal Citizen

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