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What does a light worker do when the world seems dark around them? ISIS ascendedmasters.org

This is the theme of today as you see more of the darkness coming out into the light, or being shine upon by the light as we see it.

The darkness is seen by many and many are scared, afraid of this darkness as it brings an unbalance in the world surrounding them.

The world they would like to see as peaceful and loving, as they consider the fact that light workers are supposed to be full of love and have to remain peaceful in a 3D world that is out of balance in many ways.

Many light workers have created a reality for themselves based upon this teaching that it is what light workers need to be to change the world around them.

Sometimes this can interfere with the real process of bringing in the real balance that is needed not just within the light worker but also the world around them.

What happens if someone does something you don't agree with and you let it go?

The other person will not know you don't agree with them and will not change their ways as you did not tell them what you thought and there is nothing for them to learn from.

Yes sometimes they will consider you a nagger, or an annoying person, or just a nutcase, but as long as you state your feelings and thoughts it will be received by their mind, their consciousness and unconscious being and will be used by them if they like it or not.

Have you ever noticed how long something can or could linger within you as someone told you something they did not like about you?

It is time to shine upon the darkness and the darkness doesn't come out unless you confront it.

The darkness as you think of it.

The darkness or what you consider being the negative parts within other humans.
You all have them, these so called negative aspects, and you can say as long as you want that you don't, but as a human within a human body you cannot avoid or ignore the so called negative aspects of the human being.

You can find a place of balance and know when to act and when not.
But to say that as a light worker you have to stay silent is a misunderstanding.

Jesus never remained silent as he knew the human mind and the spirit mind in each person.

He spoke his truth and you can speak your truth as it comes from a place of balance.

There is nothing wrong with feeling unbalanced, but the learning comes in when you acknowledge that as a human you are allowed to feel that imbalance as it is a teaching space for your human being to find the balance within all things possible.

As a human/spiritual being you acknowledge the human by allowing all that you are to be present and this means positive and so called negative aspects of the human. By acknowledging the human and all of its aspects you allow the human to become more spiritual in your daily life.
You have to acknowledge that you are living in a human world in a 3D human environment and that to change this you can start with your own human being, but you also change this by allowing the human being to become more spiritual and express from that point of view.

What would happen if the all the masters stayed silent?

Nothing would have happened as you probably would not have known anything about spirituality and all this that we are discussing in this message.

You would still be a human, but if the masters had stayed silent you would probably not have known about light work.

We do not stay silent as masters; we are here to expose the truth.
And as you all are becoming masters, you expose the truth.
This is not done by being silent.

It is done by expressing yourself from a balanced perspective, but still exposing the darkness that needs to come into the light. The darkness needs the light to become in balance with the light and bring balance within yourself and the world around you.

You are all experiencing this in many ways and each and every one of us in spirit are grateful as you bring out the darkness to find its balance.
So many things have been hidden from you, as you yourself have done this as well by moving into a human body with no memory of your true being.

Now is the time to remove the veils on every situation, not just spiritually but also in your third dimensional reality. As this is where you as a human have come to be the masters, you have come to bring the truth to your own being as to what you really are and you have come to bring your true self into this third dimensional reality to change this reality of the earth and bring balance within what has happened and is still about to happen as you change this reality into one that is full of abundance on every level for all human beings.

This is what light working is, bringing truth and balance to a world that has been in a dark place for a long time.

December 19, 2010

Petra Margolis

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