17 Aralık 2010 Cuma

Isis, Joy to the World

As the New Year is arriving soon, we are wishing you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year as you all are moving into a new place of being.

The New Year is going to bring many changes as you already see them happening around you.

People are standing up for their rights all over the world and they choose a new way of living.

A way of choosing how to live and how to be in the new energies that have been coming to your earth.

This is the time to make your wishes known to yourself, what is it you want as a human and what is it you want as a spirit being?

Make a list and check it twice, as you might find that the human wish is different than the spirit wish.

As you look at your list you choose and you can choose all that you want on that list, don't settle for less than all of it as you deserve all of it as a human being, but also as a spirit being.

There are no limits; there are only the limits of the human mind.
As you have made your list, look at what it does to others, does it only affect you or does it affect others?

The list has to be a combination of the mind, the heart and the ego as it is compiled by the observer who makes the choices on the highest level of your awareness.

You can make three lists; one for the mind, one for the ego and one for the heart, from there become the observer and see for yourself where the best choices are made.

You are all so much more than just human, as in spirit you are that whole Christmas wish list.

As a human you look for well-being for the human, love, joy, happiness and abundance.

Within spirit you don't look, you are already all that and more.
This is why you let the observer part of you, your higher awareness make the choices.

As you move further toward your real being in spirit, you see that the human feelings of love, joy and happiness become obsolete as they are not what you feel in spirit. This brings in an unbalance and a time where the feelings, emotions of the human seem to disappear and you find yourself in a space of almost non -feeling. This is the adjustment time as you integrate more of what you are in spirit it will become harder to actually name those feelings as they cannot be described in human words.

You become a being, that just is and that is everything and nothing.
You are not looking for love, joy, happiness and abundance, as you have become the love, joy, happiness and abundance. You have become all that is described in human feelings and much more.

At that moment you are not guided anymore by the heart, the mind, the ego, you are guided by your being, by your true self and even those feelings or experiences will change as you move into higher and higher awareness of what is really means to be that what you are in spirit as it integrates within your human being.

Look beyond the limitations of the human as you make your list.
And see that you have already all that you wish for within you.
Everything that you are is not found in the heart, the mind, the ego or even the observer or higher parts of your awareness.

It is within every part of you as you become a complete and whole being, the human walking the earth in a spirit body.

This is what we wish for all.


December 17, 2010

Petra Margolis

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