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Dec. 7th Major Shift Comming In

December 7th Shift

I was told in meditation there would be another big push of energies by the Pleiadians on December 7th. The November 23rd shift lasted 6 days and was a clearing to prepare for this next wave. We were inundated with emails from people around the world talking about crazy dreams, waking up tired like they were working all night, aches, pains etc. It seemed as if unseen negative energies were at play. Those who are healers and sensitives were targeted the hardest. The lower planes are being cleaned up and the dark hearts are squirming, fighting back above as below, doing all they can to maintain the frequencies they are accustomed too. It is a futile attempt to stop the awakening and healing process. There are other events; which are designed to throw you into fear playing the terror card; which are designed to take away your freedom and suppress the process. We are inviting who ever wants to join us to participate in a world healing meditation where we move up the vibrational continuum through our multidimensional selves to the Godhead, Creator, Source and then send energy back to the Earth from the Golden Plane of Bliss. It does not matter what faith or color this is universal love we are working with. When we participate in and initiate the higher consciousness and energy it has a much greater effect. We will begin at ECETI at 7PM PST and continue every day until the 14th for those who want to join us. We will most likely have a skype connection or live stream it from the site, www.eceti.org Be well, hope to see you on the 7th. James Gilliland

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