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Death does not exist but only within the human mind - Ascended Masters

Death does not exist but only within the human mind

As you all move closer toward the ascension it is time to release the biggest hurdle that can prevent you from achieving the ascension.

Many of you still have not released the belief system of the physical death.

This is what creation is, thought manifested within the energy of the creator.

You manifested the physical body and this reality together with many other beings throughout creation.
You also created a physical body that goes through recycling of death and rebirth as this allowed you to move into spirit and regenerate, update and learn more about the path that you set for yourself. You needed this as you created the physical reality to be disconnected from the spiritual reality.

Only way to reconnect with the spiritual reality was to leave the physical body and return to all other parts of you that are within the spiritual reality.

Many teachings were developed to bring you back to the spiritual reality.

Many were distorted as the duality within your physical world remains a big issue even now.

Now you can all let it play out and see what happens as this is one of your choices.

The other choice is to start using your creational abilities to release the thought of death and embrace the thought of life.

What has been created in duality is all your own creation, you can blame it on the dark hats or illuminati or many other groups. As you still remain within that duality consciousness you will not be able to change the reality of what is happening.

Duality is just another name for different groups having different thoughts about what should or what they would like to happen within their own creation.

Groups can be a lot of people or just a couple or even just one person that has a different point of view on creation and what could or should happen.

The thought form does become more powerful when more people are involved in the process.

This is what duality is in reality, thoughts of creation.
Now the thought form of death of the physical body is one of the most powerful creations as it has been accepted by most humans as a reality for a long time.
It is engraved not just within you but within the consciousness and realities that are being created at every moment.

It is engraved within many parts of your being as it has been a part of your physical reality for such a long time. Releasing this thought form of physical death is not just as simple as saying I change my belief system, it has to be released from the many energy systems that make up the physical body as well as the reality you created within this physical body.

How to release all this?

By becoming what you are in spirit here within the physical body on earth.

Get to know all those parts of you in spirit.

Those parts know that the physical body is a thought form, a creation, in fact those parts of you created this physical body so who better to ask for assistance in releasing the thought form of death.

Your spiritual counterpart consists of many integral parts of knowledge and being within spirit.

Let me explain this a bit further in a way that is clearer for the human mind as I know your spiritual mind will know this already.

Your being came from source, the highest frequency possible, to create a human body upon earth, within you third dimensional reality it has to step down the frequency, this is done in sort of a step ladder. Parts of your being stays within the highest frequency, other parts go into a lower frequency and this happens all the way down to the human reality. So the human reality has the low frequency needed to create the human reality, the physical reality.

So every step up the ladder you will encounter parts of your being that have knowledge not known to the physical part of you.

The higher on the ladder you get the more knowledge as it requires a certain level of frequencies to be able to hold certain knowledge.

The higher up the ladder the clearer the knowledge becomes as well as those higher parts of you have a larger oversight as to what is going on within your spiritual being.

For example, your higher self is the first step up the ladder.

The key to this process of releasing is to consciously with the human mind be able to communicate with those parts as it is the human part that needs to be converted into a new way of thinking.

I know many of you love to connect with other beings in spirit, channel many of those beings in spirit. But one thing is more important and this is to know your own being in spirit.

The changes within the earth reality cannot happen in a complete way if you are not connected with your entire being in spirit. You will see changes, but the changes will still contain the death of the physical body. Those changes are only changes outwardly not inwardly within your own being.

Yes there is much that needs to change within your human reality and yes you need to be a part of this as you are the creators of all of this.

You as spiritual being are in charge of this creation but also many other creations throughout the cosmos. This is something many of you do not realize as you are focused at this time on your earthly creation. But all you do here has an effect on all that you do out there within spirit.

This also brings me to the channeling and messages out there, you have to realize that those messages are focused on you and your human understanding of what is happening. It does not apply to much of what is happening in many other parts of your universe and other universes where you do have parts of you working within creation as well.

This is not ruled by one person, a God or even the Source you came from. This is ruled by each and every being, creation happens within very moment by each and every being either on earth or in other parts of the universe and other universes.

You all came from the one source, but when you left you left with free will to create of your own free will.
Many messages are just that, a review, explanation of what you feel as a human and think as a human is going to happen or should happen.

Any message out there that has duality thinking in one way or the other is influenced by the human way of thinking.

Within spirit you know there is no duality as every being in spirit has its right to create in free will.

Yes you might not agree with it and yes sometimes you will even prevent it from happening but that is also included within the free will of creation. It's a play of each other that teaches you, gives you experience and allows for a greater expansion of what you create and this is what makes the free will important.

The message about beings that are going to save you, that are taking care of you, that is your creation as a human, within your higher spiritual part it is known that this is not going to happen and will not happen as free will is not about being saved by others, it is about saving yourself.

Saving yourself, being your Self, being what you are completely, not just a human being but a spiritual being creating out of free will. Stop fussing about what others are doing wrong, acknowledge it and move on and create what you think is right.

You have the right to create as does every other being, if you see something you don't like, you can do something about it, but do it from a place that is not influenced by the thought form of duality thinking, the human thought form, do it from a spiritual place within your being, do it from within your entire being in spirit.

This requires you to get the full scope of what is happening, not just what others have told you, or what you see as a human. You will need access to every part of your being as this is where creation can happen in the most pure form possible.

This is why we say get to know your own being, every part of your being, you will be amazed in how much this will change your way of thinking, your way of reacting and your way of being.

This is what makes the changes happen for real; this is how you bring your creational abilities into the human reality.

How does this tie in to the ascension process that is happening?

This is what ascension is all about, it's not about changing the others; it is about changing yourself, becoming yourself, becoming what you are in spirit within the physical reality you created as a learning experience for your entire being in spirit, not just for the human part.

It is about learning how to create your own reality from the highest level possible.

This is your soul purpose within spirit.

You have many other things to be done as I know many are asking for this. What is their role now, what are they supposed to do, what is their future role.

Your spiritual being has ideas about this and they might be a bit different than what you think as a human, this is why it is so important to connect with all those parts of you in spirit.

Think of what you can do in the moment and focus on becoming more and more acquainted with your own being as this is the most important purpose you have on earth. Learn how to create a new reality, work on creating a new reality as this is all about creation.

Everything on earth is a part of creation, all your illnesses, healing systems, belief systems and everything else that is happening is part of what you as a group have been involved in creating.

All with the purpose to learn about creating, creating on every level within every part of your being and everywhere else.

Yes ascension as you call it is part of this as the ascension process is a part of the learning experience to leave this physical reality and return fully to a spiritual reality without the death of the human body. Being able to exist within every frequency and create within every frequency to expand and learn even more about creating and creation.

What is the end goal here?

There is none, as the universes are ever expanding and you are ever expanding there is always something new to learn for every being.

I am Isis
Through Petra Margolis
September 16, 2011

This Sunday at 1:00 PM EST we will have a special workshop and channeling with Isis.

As she channeled her message to me today she asked me to set this up as she would like some time as well to allow for questions and answers so she can give some more specific information as to your personal process during this time.

During this workshop we will do a meditation and sharing and after this we will have time for you to ask a question to Isis, I suggest you write down some of your questions as this will make the process faster.
Each person will get the time to ask at least two questions depending on the time we have it might be more.

This will be a 2 hour workshop and channeling and the cost is $ 10.00

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