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What reality do you live in? - Ascended Masters

What reality do you live in?

As we move further along this timeline, there are several other timelines within this reality that can be accessed.
In oneness everything will exist within one place, one time as within oneness there is no time.

You are living on earth in a 3rd dimensional reality and you can awaken and know there is more than one reality, this is not the only dimension and you can start exploring these different realities and dimensions.

Your earth exists within different realities and timelines, and just as many of you she is ascending and moving more and more into those higher dimensions.

Now as we say higher we mean the frequency you exist in is changing as the particles of energy start to move a bit faster each time you ascend.

As you might have noticed that as human beings you are not really moving into another place as you are still within the physical body and within the 3rd dimensional reality as well.

Everything exists within the same place, the only part that changes is your awareness of what exists within that place.

This is not only true for you as a human, your spiritual part has had many of these experiences as well as the creational aspect of each being is constantly expanding.
The reality on earth that has been created in a human physical body is part of these experiences that add to this expansion.

The human physical body is in fact energy that has a physical appearance, the awareness of the human is where the changes take place at this time.

Your being in spirit is awake and knows this but has chosen the earth as a learning process of creation and expansion.

You could say this world is an illusion but in fact it is a creation of many beings that are using this illusion to gain experience in how to create within many different possible realities.

Detachment from this illusion is something that can be useful for some as it will be interfering for others.

Detaching fully from the 3rd dimensional reality of birth and death is possible at all times through a physical ascension which means you fully move into the reality of being a spiritual being and not a physical being. This is done by constantly raising your frequencies and move your entire spiritual being to the human body within the 3rd dimensional reality.

Now many scenarios are possible as far as the ascension out of physicality for your earth.

Just like you, the earth is a being that is ascending and has been involved in creating this reality at a 3rd dimensional level.

Just as you and many other beings she is moving forward to start many more new experiences and expansions. For the earth this means that she is creating the reality for herself to move out of the 3rd dimensional frequency into a non-physical frequency.

Whether this is part of your reality you created or not, the earth has free will to create her own reality just like you.

This is a gradual process of integrating all her spiritual parts that do not exist within the 3rd dimensional frequencies into her physical body within the 3rd dimension.

The moment where the actual change happens is the moment where all of her parts have become one within the 3rd dimension and this is a flash moment.
This will happen within seconds after the integration of the last spiritual part within her physical body.

When this moment happens it means no more physical earth and this is why we are preparing many to assist in this process so we can make sure you will not just be floating within the universe but will have a place that is still a physical reality.

And this will happen no matter what reality you have chosen to live in as the timelines that exist at this moment will become one for the earth to complete her process of ascension.


Through Petra Margolis
September 20, 2011

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