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El Morya: Divine Threads of Interconnective Oneness

El Morya: Channeled through Marie Mohler
“Divine Threads of Interconnective Oneness"

Dear One,

It is I, El Morya, Sacred Keeper of the Golden Flame. Do you know what the Golden Flame is? The Golden Flame is an infinite aspect of the Source One, that alights all of humanity, and All That Is, with an expansive Source Essence of All-Beingness, All Oneness, All Light, and All Love . . . in the Highest, Purest form of the Interconnective Eternal One. It is a radiant beam of Light that is a Divine Thread in the earth’s inner tapestry. It is also a radiant beam of Light that is a Divine Thread in each individual person’s inner tapestry . . . in the collective All That Is. Thus the Golden Flame is part of the Divine Weave that interconnects every one and every thing. The Golden Flame is woven in every one of your heart’s truest desires . . . for everything is imbued with the Light of the Eternal Golden Flame. Everything you desire is threaded in this Oneness Flame. Your Heart Flame is your Golden Flame, and thus a Golden Thread in that Oneness. Whatever it is you so desire, from your heart, is infinitely and eternally already connected with and to you, through these etheric threads. When you speak of “threading the needle”, what you are really stating and claiming . . . is that you are ready to receive the Oneness Flame . . . and the gifts of your heart’s truest desires. Threading the needle . . . is threading the Oneness that already exists in the Divine Threads of the Golden Flame that lives in every one and every thing. Threading the needle dear one, is the inter-cosmic-weaving of the non-physical . . . sewing itself into the experiential tapestry of the physical. And the physical . . . etherically threading itself . . . interconnectively to All That Is in non-physical . . . to create a seamless cosmic weave of Oneness. When you vision your dreams, your purpose, and your desires, see these threads of love . . . these infinite threads of Light . . . emanating from your heart chakra and heart center, through the earth mother’s heart chakra and heart center, up into the heart chakra and heart center of the etheric, non-physical world, and back into the physical world . . . weaving the cosmic tapestry of Light you so desire to know and experience in your physical life. Every desire, created and birthed from the heart center, is then a cosmic weave of Oneness and Bliss, designed to interconnect the grace . . . in the Light of the Desire . . . with the Divine Grace of All That Is. What you desire, and what “the One” desires . . . is this infinite synergistic expansion. And every soul has needed to know the contrast of weaving without seamless flow . . . without this heart attunement and light . . . to ultimately come full circle to remembering the great cosmic weave . . . that creates the Grid Lines of Oneness and Light . . . and thus that can etherically bless all things and all beings . . . . For this Light is now . . . fully experientially known at soul levels to you.

Your interweaving process for the new earth . . . is a threading of Grace . . . and Oneness . . . Wholeness . . . Joy . . . and Light . . . between the etheric worlds . . . and the physical one you call earth. Every weave, that intentionally grounds the Light of the Golden Flame, and thus the Source One, is interconnectively One with the Highest Expansive Good for All. What then is inspired by and for one, is then inspired by and for All. What is a blessing for one, is also a blessing for All. This is New Earth Collaboration, that has its roots in the heart and hearth of the very fabric . . . that is your physical earth . . . and your physical experiences of Light. You are these Light Grids. You are the Codes of Oneness. Your dreams are the Cosmic Threads of Source Essence, woven into the Fabric of Oneness. The Golden Flame is a Thread of Divine Oneness, a Lifeline of Source Essence, Joy, and Wisdom, and a Heart Flame . . . that lives in every one and every thing. Your greatest desires are already woven in the interconnective weave. Feel your desires woven in a new earth tapestry. See the threads of Cosmic Oneness, Love, and Light sewing the unity, abundance, well-being, prosperity, and joy for all that you seek. Allow the Golden Flame to be your Divine Thread, and the Eyes of Source to be your Cosmic Needle. So every heart desire you have, visioned for Highest Good, can be a Golden Flame Thread . . . that interconnects and sews your physical desire into your experience . . . through the Highest Grace of Source Vision possible. Allow the Golden Flame to be your guiding Light, to seek out other threads of the Cosmic One, desiring to fulfill their mission, in weaving this interconnective tapestry with you. Hold the Light of your truest visions in your heart, and let the Threads of Oneness weave their magic into your life experiences, in seamless, divinely beautiful and radiantly colorful ways. Blessings to you Dear One. From the Golden Flame’s keeper, sharer, and cosmic enjoyer. We are One in its Light. I am woven in your dreams, as you are in mine.


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