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Emotional Body Clearing Defragmentation & Recalibration. Ascended Masters

Emotional Body Clearing Defragmentation & Recalibration.

The emotional body is a storage place of all that we experience within our emotions as a human, so love, hate and everything else.

This clearing will clear all that is not needed within the emotional body that we have stored there during our life time. After the clearing we will defragment the energies and the third part will be a recalibration to your highest Be-Ing possible.

The Cost for is $25.00 for all three of them (clearing, defragmentation and recalibration)

This is a three step progress so we will be doing the clearing on Monday, the defragmentation on Tuesday and then the recalibration on Wednesday.

Sign up for the Emotional Body Clearing, Defragmentation and Recalibration, register for all three at once for $ 25.00
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This is all about getting your balance back, as we go through so many new energy shift. As we bring in so many new energies, they seem to move into us into the energy bodies in way that sometimes brings a bit of an unbalance within us as we integrate so many of the new energies.

We go through clearings and bringing in new energies and the new energies move into the places that have been cleared instead of spreading throughout our entire being and bring balance within our being.

It sort of like a computer hard drive, every new activation is being put on the empty space, but we also delete some programs at times and we can see that after some time the hard drive need a defragmentation to start speeding the computer up again.

This new series does just that, it clear, defragment and speeds up the integration and raised the level of your frequency as is recalibrates the energy bodies.

It is a three step process really. For example, if you wanted to run the Defragmentation and Recalibration Sequences for your aura and electromagnetic energy field, first step is anything and everything that is not divine ideally aligned with the evolution of your being at that time. Second step after all the energetic gaps and misaligned points in the aura and electromagnetic energy field are identified, the de-fragmentation is started. The third step is to recalibrate everything to align it with your divine ideal evolution of being.

We are doing this three step progress on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for 18 weeks so we can do each part of our energy bodies and make sure we get the most effect on the physical and spiritual level.

This is the list of all that we are going to do in the coming weeks.

1. Aura and Electro-Magnetic Energy Fields Defragmentation & Recalibration
2. Brains/Minds/Neuronets Defragmentation & Recalibration
3. Cellular Memory Defragmentation & Recalibration
4. Chakras, Meridians, Nadis and All Other Energetic Systems Defragmentation & Recalibration
5. DNA-RNA-Genetic Codes Defragmentation & Recalibration
6. Ego/Negative Ego Programming Defragmentation & Recalibration
7. Emotional Body Defragmentation & Recalibration
8. Genetic Archives, Imprints, Memories and Holograms Defragmentation & Recalibration
9. Inner Child/Wounded Inner Children Defragmentation & Recalibration
10. Mental Body Defragmentation & Recalibration
11. Over Soul and Over Soul Matrix Defragmentation & Recalibration
12. Pain Bodies Defragmentation & Recalibration
13. Past Life Archives, Imprints, Memories and Holograms Defragmentation & Recalibration
14. Personality (includes sub, multiple and split) Defragmentation & Recalibration
15. Quantum Field, Parts and Particles Defragmentation & Recalibration
16. Random Inner Dialog/Negative Self Talk Defragmentation & Recalibration
17. Soul and Soul Matrix Defragmentation & Recalibration
18. Spiritual and Light Bodies Defragmentation & Recalibration

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