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Jennifer Hoffman The Power of Potential

The Power of Potential

Every one of us has the potential to be in a loving relationship with a partner who loves, honors and respects us. We have the potential to enjoy a financially rewarding career doing work that makes our heart sing. We also have the potential to be confident, fulfilled, move forward with clarity on each step of our life path and to look forward to each day of our life with joyful anticipation. If that is not happening for you, it's because you are aware of the power of your potential but you are not in your potential.

Our potential is there for us but it exists as a possibility, one of many paths that we can choose. And that's the sticky word, 'choose'. We can be, do and have everything we want but too often we look at the possibility of our potential and can't find the energy to empower it. We get stuck in our beliefs about the past, are paralyzed by our fears, we listen to our inner (and outer) critics and think that other people can do those things, but not us.

It takes courage to step into our potential because that means leaving the security and relative peace of our comfort zone. Just because it's called a 'comfort zone' doesn't mean it's comfortable, it just means that it's what we know, where we feel powerful (even if that's a place where we are totally powerless) and not going to create change in our life. But it is in our willingness to embrace change, to allow a new paradigm to become part of our reality, where we know the power of our potential.

Embracing our potential means inviting new possibilities and sometimes that is the life transforming, up-ending change that takes us from what we know to new and unfamiliar territory. Are we up to it? If we listen to our voices from the past, we aren't. But if we listen to our heart's call for joy and our soul's reminder that we are powerful, unlimited and worthy of all of the good and wonderful things we can imagine for our life, then we are. And while we explore the edges of our potential, wondering whether we have the courage to step into it, we can remember that we are divinely supported, connected, blessed and protected, every step of the way.

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