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Moving out of Duality Consciousness - Ascended Masters

Moving out of Duality Consciousness.

This is and has been discussed in many ways and seems to be still the way most people use and will use until they can release the hate and fear that is present upon earth.
A love based society will not have duality but a different way of thinking.

This is something that has to be created by all of you as you are moving further into the higher frequencies that will be present upon earth.

This also means a new way of thinking will have to be introduced to many and not just the ones that are not awake at this time.

When you look at the world around you, you see it everywhere, not just within the ones that are not awake.
Let me first make one thing really clear, you have chosen to be here, you chose a certain way of living upon earth. Reason for choosing was to gain experience.

So every time you blame something upon someone else, look within yourself and see if this was something you chose for your life experience upon earth.

Yes you do not have control of everything around you, but you came to earth fully knowing this was how earth works at this time and has worked in every other life you have had on earth.

So this life on earth is all about experience, not for the human but for the soul.

The reason you are more invested in this lifetime is that something big is about to happen, a change that could make tremendous difference in the way life on earth will go forward.

As we move further this change is going to become more clear and you can already see changes happening around you as more people are becoming invested in how many system that are upon earth are in need of change, this is happening amongst awake and not awake people.

Now for the awakened ones there is a need of letting go of many of the belief systems that are part of the old way of thinking upon earth.

One of them is duality consciousness and the hate and fear connected to this consciousness.

Many of you are trying to move into a love based non duality way of thinking but all the signs are showing us that there is still much that needs to be released before you can move fully into a love based non duality way of thinking and living your life.

Yes there is much happening that is making your way of life even more difficult. All your leaders do not seem to be real leaders as they are leading the situation on earth into further chaos.

Just remember that this is a creation of all of you as you live on earth, much of it is a way to awaken and move beyond what is happening and start creating a different way of living upon earth.

Yes some of these leaders are in it for themselves and the ones that are in control more than ever at this moment, but you allow this to happen in many ways as you do not stand up in many ways to make a change.

Small changes are being made by you in your personal way of looking and living in this situation, but many are still looking outside of themselves for a resolve of the situation.

This is very much confirmed by the messages that are coming out through many different channels.

Many of these messages are confirming the changes within the energies upon and around the earth, everything else is a hosh posh of situations that might occur in any given description of what might come to occur as the earth energies are changing.

Many of these messages are not totally free of duality consciousness as we can see in the way other beings on earth are being described and how many situations are being descried in a way that still refers to the good and the bad.

Let me tell you there is no good or bad, there are only the groups that create and the groups that wait for other to create for them.

If you wait for others to create for you, you have no reason to blame them for doing something that you don't like as you gave them permission to create this situation for you.

Waiting for others to create also means you are standing still within your own progress.

You are waiting and waiting and some of you have waited for ten to twenty and even more years for assistance and the changes you think can happen.

Take for example all of you that are waiting for the space crafts to appear, many messages are referring to this as the big change, the one thing that is going to make it all better and will take care of those bad people that are so much interfering with the way you want to live your life.

Each of those messages says it is coming closer; it is almost there, just a little more time. In the mean time you are waiting, standing still and yes you are working on raising your frequency, but in the back of your mind you have given the creational part of your life to the beings that are coming to change your life for the better.

This is not a way to raise your frequency and this is not a conscious way of creating what you need at this moment. You are not really serious about changing the way of life on earth as you are expecting others to change the way of life on earth.

You are staying within the same situation, not moving forward, not progressing in a way that will be beneficial once the earth moves into the higher dimensions and you will not be ready to assist all the others that are going to awaken at that time as you have not learned how to create your own changes within your life.

It is time to take a good look at why you are here, why did you wake up at this time and why are you not creating and actually making changes to your own life.

For those that know it takes creation to start making the changes. This is the time to create, the time to stand up and fight for the changes needed not just within your own life but for everyone else on earth as this is what will make it possible to move everyone into the new earth.

No one will be left behind, there are no slaves that are going to stay for the so called dark cabal. If that was happening it would become pretty lonely on the new earth as most of the humans on earth and we are talking about 99% of the humans are not awake and in the position of making a choice to stay or not.

Every human that incarnated on earth at this time, awake or not, made this soul decision based on the fact that the earth is ascending and it will be progress for their soul to move with the earth into the new dimensional frequencies of the new earth.

Not one soul has made a choice to stay behind to become a slave or even die during the ascension of the earth, as this is not one of the possibilities as the earth moves in her ascension phase. Yes there might be souls that decide not to go through the ascension phase with the earth and they will leave before the ascension happens.

This is something that effects not just the earth but many other planets and beings beyond the earth, some of them have incarnated upon earth at this time, others are watching what is happening on earth and some others are assisting in the process by giving you information as to what can be done.

This does not mean that these beings have all the answers, as this process of ascension is completely new for all beings including us as Ascended Masters.

Most of them are just like you, they want to create a certain outcome that will be beneficial for all involved, some of them want to create an outcome that will be beneficial to them only.

This is what creational free will is all about.
There is not one person that is in charge, all of you are in charge of what happens.

Many changes are needed on a physical level and it is all of you that can make it happen.

Through Petra Margolis
September 19, 2011

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