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Evolution of your True Heart ~ A Message from Sanat Kumara

A Message from Sanat Kumara
11 September 2011 - 6:46pm | Acaana

Julie Miller
Evolution of your True Heart ~ A Message from Sanat Kumara
Channeled by: Julie Miller
September 11, 2011

I AM Sanat Kumara. I am from the planet Venus with my twin flame Lady Venus. I am the head of your planetary spiritual hierarchy and I am also one of the Seven Holy Kumaras. It brings me great pleasure to come forth this dear child to converse with so many wonderful and dear humans.

Our discussion today is your own growth and evolution of your True Heart, the Three-Fold Flame. This Three-Fold flame involves three colours, pink, gold and blue. And all three are to be balanced and maintained. I will guide you along this part of your journey when you ask of me. I will show you by guiding you, supporting you and loving you how to maintain all three on your own.

We will explain the Three-fold Flame as easily as possible. There is not need for complicated explanations. Understanding your True Heart and the Three-Fold flame that is within you is important -- Power, Wisdom, and Love.

The pink flame represents LOVE and COMPASSION which is the very nature of God. This pink flame of love knows the difference of expressing love, sympathy, rebuilding someone’s dashed hopes, uplifting emotions, living purely and unconditionally from your heart. This kind of love is not overbearing or clingy, its fresh, understanding and giving.

The blue flame represents the WILL and POWER of God. Your inner faith and your truest intent is at work here. As both are filled with your unconditional love. Knowing this aspect of the flame is knowing yourself. Finding the strength within your own bodily form to carry on and accomplish tasks that began at first looking very difficult. Mind over matter fits at this point.

The gold flame represents your KNOWLEDGE, your WISDOM. Learning when to guide, using the right words, not judging, and not discriminating. This begins when you go into yourself and learn your own truths and discover a whole world of information and ‘knowing’.

These three flames are required to be balanced within us. This is achieved by free flowing love that is pure of heart and intent. Your willingness to be selfless without anything in return. Balancing of the three is very possible. Requires responsibility of yourself, of your past actions and correcting them to live in harmony in the present and to prepare for your future. And being able to accept all beings of this beautiful planet as equals and deserving of selfless and unconditional love.

Recognizing the Three-Fold Flame that lies within your True Heart is part of your transformation and growth. Some of you might be able to see the three flames, or three streams of colour, like this one did a few days ago. A being that is empowered by their own inner wisdom, their own inner power and unconditional love that is filled with compassion, is an expression of God in them. There is no need to come across others with feelings or expressions of being better. Each of you have different strengths and different areas of improvement. I have seen many children here on Earth, put themselves up on a pedestal, they want to be recognized. In God’s eyes, in my eyes and in other beings of the highest order, ALL of you are equal. Pedestals are not required within the Three-Fold Flame of the True Heart. All that is needed is PURE and simple LOVE. A kind of love that holds no expectations, assumptions and is always giving, in no need of receiving.

All of you are very capable of living within this Three-Fold Flame. I have already witnessed many already beginning to. Maintaining the balance of all three flames will be your challenge. Believe ALL is possible. You will NOT fail, you will only learn and learn again. You will find explanations that will resonate with you while learning to live within this Three-Fold Flame. And the explanations that do not, also have meaning. Always consider both and figure out why one agrees with you more than another.

I am preparing to end our discussion for the time being. I have decided to come again through this child. As I take my leave, try to visualize a snowy white crystal with pastel colours of the rainbow, that will be me dear children. Your spiritual growth and your never-ending spirit is warming to me. My love for you is infinite.


Ascended Master, Sanat Kumara through Juiie Miller

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