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Fear of Death - ISIS

Fear of Death.

I would like to explain a bit more about the fear of death as all that intent to physically ascend will have to deal with this.

There is a moment before the physical ascension and as you are going to be consciously aware you will know this moment is happening. The moment where you know the physical body is to change into a spiritual energy.

This moment will feel like death to the physical body.

Many that have experienced death will say they are not afraid of death, and this is true.

But have you consciously experienced that moment, that precise moment just before you die, this moment where you know consciously that you are going to die?

This is the moment where the fear can prevent you from physically ascending.

This is the moment where the fear that is within your physical body, your mental body and many other parts of you that have gone through this moment in many lifetimes can prevent you from moving forward into full physical ascension.

Yes there is fear in that moment and this is the fear that needs to be overcome or changed as to not prevent you from physically ascending if that is your choice.

Many will just go from the 3rd dimensional frequency into the 5th dimensional frequency and they do not have to worry about this as it does not apply to them.

But for those that want to physically ascend it is something that is of great importance.

This is what was practiced during the times of the mystery schools including the pyramids as many have memories of the sarcophagus and the lid moving on top of it and you going onto a journey into the spirit world. The sarcophagus was used to transform the belief system of death.

This knowledge was known mostly to the ones that were completely committed to the physical ascension.

Completely committed is the key word here.

It means working every moment of the day on your progress of raising your frequencies and clearing, releasing and becoming fully conscious of every part of your being. And I mean day and night as many would consciously travel during the night with the physical body in a sleep state in the sarcophagus or any other place that was safe for the physical body as it was left behind to rest.

This moment of fear just before death is the most pivotal moment of physical ascension.

So yes even those that say they do not fear death will have to deal with this.

Just think about it, you do not fear death as you know you will move into spirit.

But as you have family, children, loved ones, you will have this moment of fear where so many things will go through your mind as the ascension of the physical body is something you have not experienced consciously before and it will feel like death of the physical body.

You will have the thoughts going through your mind of not wanting to leave your loved ones.

The fear is ingrained within many parts of you including some of your higher parts as they have the experience of death and disconnection of the physical body, it is within the memory of your cells within the physical body but also within the particles of energy within the spiritual bodies.

There are several energy matrixes that are within those bodies that have the memory of fear of death as well as it is completely within your belief systems and consciousness around the earth.

Even though you have made up your mind and say for yourself I do not have any fear of death, this does not mean other parts of you have the same thought or belief.
This is also something that you cannot do safely by yourself as others are needed to safely guide the process of going through this part of fear and releasing it from many parts of your being.

The changes needed within your entire belief system and consciousness is something that has to be done in a guided way through a teacher that is capable of seeing what is needed for you on a personal level as this is not something that is one size fits all in many ways.

This is also something that is not done easily by just doing a meditation and you are done.

Work and commitment to this process is required as it is something that is going to take some time and effort on your part as well.

You cannot just ask your being to release this or change this within you. It has to be done consciously as only consciously you can defeat this fear once you move into the moment of physical ascension.

And here we get the questions, where do I find a teacher, I don't have the money for a teacher and everything else that you can come up with to not fully commit yourself to what you set out to do in this life time.

We will discuss this in the next message as it is a whole subject by itself.


Through Petra Margolis
September 20, 2011

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