23 Eylül 2011 Cuma

The Fall Equinox this Friday September 23 and the birthday of Isis.

The Fall Equinox this Friday
September 23
and the birthday of Isis.

This date of the fall equinox is somehow more important than others as it happens to be the birthday of my youngest daughter as well. She is turning 8 on that day and has been preparing for her birthday for weeks now as most children do.

It is funny though that just in this time Isis has been given me so much information as well.

It also seems to be a very important energy wave as I have been busy day after day writing down the messages from Isis.

They all seem to have one thing in common and that is that they are very focused on starting or if you have already started on your path to make a full commitment once more to move into the new energies that are coming in through this fall equinox.

The commitment to your Self is the most important part that I see coming forward in these messages.
They also reveal more of what could happen in the next year or so for those that have chosen the cosmic ascension path.

And for those that will just move with the shift and go into the 5th dimensional reality this will be an important time to prepare their energies and raise them to a 5th dimensional frequency or higher.

As far as I understand the process that is happening now, is that the shift and the energies up to this shift of the ascension of the earth will be very supportive for us as humans as they will be way beyond the 5th dimensional frequency.

Once the shift has happened there will only be the 5th dimensional frequency present upon the physical new earth and the process of raising your frequencies will be much slower again. Of course all other frequencies will be available but it will take more time to reach them.

To celebrate this moment we will have workshop on Friday September 23rd at 10:30 pm EST.

During the meditation we will go through the energies of the fall equinox and start the process of anchoring and integration of these new energies that can support us in the coming months of radical changes as they are coming up within the energies around the earth.

We will also celebrate the female energies as they are so much needed at this time to resolve many situations that are happening around the globe in many countries.

This is a very important time and I know many more of these dates will come and go, just don't want to miss any of them and I hope you feel the same.

The cost of this workshop is $ 23.23

You can register here

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