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11-10-11 The Great Shift is beginning.

11-10-11 The Great Shift
is beginning.
Installing/initiating within you the possibilities to awaken fully

This Tuesday October 11, 2011 is a very important date as it heralds in the time of the past, present and future.

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We will be doing a special call on this day as we have had call on each 11th of each month to prepare many for this Great Shift within us and around us.

The time to make the decision into physical immortality while staying here in earth to assist others as they reach the goals that they have set out to accomplish either in the time before the ascension of Mother Earth, or after the Ascension of Mother Earth.

This is the time of no return and this has been told in many messages not just by me but also by others. As we look at the Mayans and many other indigenous groups we can see they have prepared and made their decision to be of service to Mother Earth during this Great Shift of consciousness that is going to happen.

It depends on you what is going to happen for you, many see what is happening in our 3d world and see thatl a lot more work is needed to bring into balance the influences that are prevalent upon it.

This is the time, a window of time where we make the final decision to go for either Cosmic Ascension and assist mother earth in the most powerful way possible and make the great jump with her as she ascends and move back with her as she creates the new earth reality for all others. This is where you will be able to assist and move freely without going through any reincarnation process, without going through physical death.

There is still so much to be done in the year that is ahead of us and many are needed to assist the earth in her return to balance which will have a great impact on the balance of all that are living upon her.

The time between now and 11-11-11 is a time of this decision as many will choose not to move further and really awaken beyond what is happening at this moment.

This meditation will be focused on installing within you the possibilities to awaken fully, if you choose to move beyond what is possible, into a way of living not influenced by all that is happening around you and where you will fully create your own reality.
Now this is only the initiation and installment of possibilities, the choice is yours and the work needed is yours.

No one has ever reached ascension without working for it, even though the work has become easier as the energies on earth are supporting us and allow us to find this greater way of understanding, it is still work to open up your consciousness without hesitation, without fear as you allow your own being to show you the truth behind every truth over and over again.

We will have this installment/initiation meditation through conference call on

Tuesday October 11, at 22:30pm EST (10:30pm EST) Orlando Florida time.

For anyone that signs up and cannot be present during the call, you will be able to download the recorded mp3 meditation the day after on October 12 from our website.

The cost is $11.11

After the meditation we will see if we have some time to ask questions to the masters about this and many other subjects related to the Great Shift and the ascension of Mother Earth.

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