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James Tyberonn - Live Interview Today - October 23rd

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James Tyberonn - Live Interview Today - October 23rd - Link & Topics
Coming In One Week - Final Archangel Metatron Channel on

Registration Links & Information for 11-11-11, Egypt & LSV

Today is the LAST DAY for Discounted LSV Attendance for 11-11-11

The 11-11-11 is the largest Gathering in the history of Earth-Keeper,
there is still time to join us. It is no ordinary Gathering. It is an alignment & activation to & of the Ascension Codes...
A Reunion of the Law of One.

James Tyberonn Live Interview
Today on Awakening Now

Hosted by Author & Numerologist Rhonda Smith

Inet Link Below - Click to Attend the Interview:

With Listener Call In - Questions & Answers

Interview Topics- The 11-11-11, MAX , The UN Address,

& The 12th Wave of the Ascension in 2012

Timings for Live Interview

Sunday October 23rd at 6pm ET- 5 pm CT - 4 pm MT - 2 Pm PT
11 PM - London UT

Click Below Link on Sunday - Oct 23rd:


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