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Sacred Alchemy of the Kings Chamber Initiation of the Infinity Sarcophagus Into Blue-Body Frequency (UltaViolet) - ( Kings Chamber)

Sacred Alchemy of the Kings Chamber

Initiation of the Infinity Sarcophagus Into Blue-Body Frequency
(UltaViolet) - ( Kings Chamber)

The Chamber of Infinity Sarcophagus was also known as the Hall of Judgment, Resolution and Resurrection or the Blue Light Initiation in schools of Ancient Alchemy.

This ancient yet timeless Hathorian rite involved sacred symbolical ceremonies involving the laws of 3d to 12d transition, physical dissolution & regeneration, resurrection and reincarnation. All were indeed experienced by the prepared Initiate. The successful Initiate will/would ascend etherically and sense Cosmic Mer-Ka-Na in the blue-indigo wave octave frequency of the 'Blue Body' in the spectrum of Ultraviolet Light.

The Blue Light Infinity Initiation was introduced originally in Atlantis by Thoth. Thoth is an aspect of Metatron. It was an initiation of the Atla-Ra, and passed down over eons. It was used by the Hathors and the Arch-Priestess and Arch Priest of the AKHENATEN Mystery Schools. It was rigorous and required total determination and discipline to be fully completed, correctly achieved. It was rarely completed in one ritual. The completion required multi-dimensional involvement of what may be termed the Divine Beingness of Higher Self, or the Oversoul.

In most cases final Alchemical Mastery Initiation candidates did not physically survive the entombment of the sarcophagus , yet gained the ability to operate in 'Blue Body' etherically, often choosing to quickly reincarnate physically in order to take what was gained and attempt the Initiation again in physical form.

The Arch Priestess and Arch Priest were able to fully communicate with the beings in the Ultraviolet Realm, and were aware of the reincarnational plans of the Initiates. Accordingly birth time and place was perceived, and the reincarnated Initiates were raised from birth in the Monastery. This is precisely the experience of the channel in the era of Akhenaten, and also occurred with several that are to participate in the planned Pilgrimage of the 12th Wave.

The ancients knew that once completed successfully, the Initiate will have the ability to work in 'Blue-Body' or Ultraviolet Frequency, and as such could be said to no longer be subjected to death, illness or the limitations of linear time. It is therefore important to understand for many of you who died physically in the Initiation process, that physical death was not considered a failure, but rather a step in the process. For indeed the courage to take the step represented a success of tremendous will, and the intent carried the soul into the ultraviolet where the process of learning continued.

It is in that concept and reality that it can be said that after the completed and successful Initiation , the Initiated One will be a ' resurrected' blue- body, having mastered within the ultraviolet realm the polishing of judgment, forgiveness, compassion and the overcoming the illusions of fear and separateness.

Masters of Blue Body who are not fully incarnate physically are at times able to manifest a semi lucid form of physicality on a temporary basis. The time-distorted truths that evolved into legends of the resurrection of Osiris and Jesua ben Joseph were based on blue body manifestations.

It is termed as a resurrection, only because most in linear physical biology have forgotten their true nature. In truth it is a re-connection to Divine Self. A rebirthing of the ability to work in both duality frequency and non duality frequency of the non-polarized integrity of the crystalline dimensions.

Many of you are drawn to re-enter the Chamber as an essential completion in physical.


It may be of interest for you to know that this Initiation in the Kings Chamber achieved what is also available in a different modality in what is termed Vision Questing, Ceremonial Dancing, and Shamanic Journey. The later involving the appropriate application of Sacred Plant Wisdom. Yet let us be clear, the current modalities of both are in most cases far removed from the ancient modality . The ancients employed more strenuous preparation disciplines, and rigorous pre- ceremony of purification rites.

The original Ceremonies in the Infinity Chamber did not involve hallucinogenic plants. Later versions did. As has been noted in certain texts.

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