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Isis on Implants and more

Isis on Implants and more

Petra Margolis

Isis on Implants and more

Many have questions about this.

So I would like to explain how this works.

Implants are placed on an energetic, energy level, within the spiritual bodies.

They have different functions and have been placed within different lives.

As they are placed within the spiritual bodies you take them with you from lifetime into lifetime.

Why, you might ask?

You have spent many lifetimes unconscious of your spiritual being and being unconscious you were not aware of these implants.

Yes your higher spiritual parts are aware of them but they need conscious awareness on a human level to remove them, as this is part of their awakening process.

What is and was the purpose of these implants?

The control system is/was based upon non-awareness on a human level, but with the knowledge that at one point in time this would change as this is within the cycle of universal and cosmic flow.

So they thought of ways to interfere with the awakening in many ways.

Implants are one of them.

Implants can be programmed and start at a specific point or level of frequency within you.

Most of them are to prevent you from awakening to the highest level.

There are some that are also used to keep an eye on you.

These are usually within people around you.

But also within items around you as many have known for some time.

Reason for this is they know certain people are going to be very aware and will know how to clear these implants and start raising their frequencies. They want to know how you are doing this so they can use this information to either interfere with you, but also how to interfere with others that are following the same type of path like you.

As you start awaking you have to be very aware of this and know that even though you raise your frequency to the highest levels, they cannot place implants anymore but they are still watching.

Also for the ones that are clearing these implants and travel through the dimensions, be aware that new implants can be placed at those levels.

This is a game to see who can get there and to play the game you have to be aware. Protection is needed as you travel at all times.

The control system has been on earth for many thousands of years among many of the different timelines that are connected to earth.

They have gained much knowledge of how to interfere and control, as you can see in the amount of people who are actually waking up, which is less than 10%.

I know many see this as fear mongering, but I see it as information that you can use to prevent yourself from moving into fear.

To be aware means that you do not have to fear anything as you are aware of the possible interferences.

These are the basics of implants and their use.

One of them is special as they are not only within each human but also within the earth. These are the J-seals, or Jehovian seals.

You all know about the 7 seals that are mentioned in the bible. These are not the same. The 7 J-seals were placed several cycles ago and were part of what prevented the completion in those cycles of ascension for many.

The mechanics of these seals, as they are connected to the earth seals as well, is different than other implants.

They are meant to prevent you from moving into higher frequencies and the removal is different than any other implant because of the connection to the earth seals.

These seals when you would look at them on a physical level look more like disks.

They actually move and in this way make it harder to remove them as they use different frequencies and change in frequency all the time.

There are more things involved in removing them and this is very specific work.

Each and every person incarnating on earth will have these as they are there is a connection between the J-seals and the seals within the earth, so each and every person incarnating on earth will immediately be implanted with these seals as they connect to the earth at moment of incarnation.

They can be programmed in many different ways even after they have been implanted.

At this time most of them are programmed to prevent you from actually integrating the higher frequencies. They allow you to move in them, but they do not allow for integration of the higher frequencies within the physical body.

This is why so many have the experiences of the higher dimensions, but they fall back into the lower dimensions each time as the higher frequencies cannot be integrated.

Many of you know the feeling of being on a high at times and then feeling all the lows again and moving back and forth.

This information is for you to be used to become aware or to move into fear.

This is completely your choice.


Through Petra Margolis
October 23, 2011

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