8 Ekim 2011 Cumartesi

The Energies of October

The Energies of October

This is going to be a busy and eventful month that is full of potential and learning opportunities and I also feel that it will end much differently than it began. There are many important aspects this month, including entering the 7th and final day of the of the 9th wave of the Mayan Calendar on October 11 and its end on Oct. 28. We will have some powerful energy downloads too with the new and full moons and some sobering realizations that will either propel us into new ways of being or depress us more deeply into victim consciousness. This is a month of big choices, new understandings and a choice for humanity to have the courage to go where it has never been able to go before.

October is also a '5' month numerologically, (10 + 2011 = 5) which introduces us to the '5' energies we will experience in 2012, so it is a preliminary introduction of what we will be experiencing next year. 5 is an awkward number, not stable and grounded on the earth as 4 is and not evenly centered and balanced between heaven and earth as 6. With 5 we are halfway between heaven and earth, not grounded in either one but with access to both. Every choice becomes important and reflects where we are and how we can adjust our thinking to be centered and grounded where we need and want to be in every area of our life.

Becoming aware of our power is a little like driving a really fast car, which silently and effortlessly takes us way over the speed limit and it feels like we're hardly moving at all. Then when we get into our own car the differences between it and the fast car are very obvious. It is a 'let down' that either makes us feel inferior or motivates us into new ways of being. This month we will be given a chance to see what is on the other side of the mountain we have been climbing for so long, then we can compare that feeling to what is not working in our life and it can feel like the Universe is conspiring against us. But this is our call to review what is not contributing to our joy, what takes energy from us, what is too much work and effort and replace it with something else.

What do we deserve, what do we really want, what are we willing to release in order to be more aligned with our heart's desires? Alignment and integration are two big themes we will experience for the rest of the year. Is everything in your life aligned with what you truly want? If not, let it go before it leaves of its own accord. Have you integrated your learning? How many times do we want to repeat lessons? Once is enough but we can go over the same ground again and again until we integrate its learning into our lives by using that information to make other choices. We are at a scary place because we have never been here before and now, more than ever, integrating what we have learned so we can co-create our world and the world, is on our shoulders. Whatever we choose, the Universe will support us and since we can choose anything, let's focus on choosing the highest and best for ourselves and expand our higher consciousness, intentions for joy, love and peace, alignment and integration into the world.

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