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Anaya-Ra (Nina Brown) How the DNA-Shift Sessions work

Nina Brown - Messenger of the Golden Dolphin
Anaya Ra - The Crystal Singer

Anaya-Ra (Nina Brown) -2nd level Walk-In

Anaya-Ra is an Ascended Master and Walk-In, a true 'Walking Master' who exudes unconditional love from her enormous Crystalline-MerKiVic Auric Field. Anaya-Ra is a Star-Seed and channel of the Divine Feminine Matrix in perfect harmonic balance with the Divine Masculine to form the Crystalline MerKaNa Star of Integral Sacred Unity. She is a graduate of Bryn Mawr Collge and has retired from a very successful career as President of a company she formed to assist women in establishing business enterprises. She was among a prestigous group invited to the White House in Washington DC to advise the President in this cause.She also founded a company focused in assisting disabled veterans in receiving medical care. Anaya-Ra now devotes her enormous energies full time to her sacred spiritual mission.

Anaya-Ra is on the Earthplane with a sacred mission to assist and facilate in the hologramic upshift of DNA to the Crystalline Matrix as a prerequsite of forming the Crystalline MerKiva. She will be available for a limited number of individual upshift sessions while in Arkansas. Because of the enormous energy involved and extremely hi-frequency, she limits these sessions to 3 per day, as such she has limited availabilities.

If you wish to book a session in advance, email Anaya-Ra at:

nina@crystalsinger.com or log onto www.crystalsinger.com

How the DNA-Shift Sessions work:

Anaya-Ra begins by becoming an open vessel and proceeds to use an extraordinary 144-Facet Vogel Phi Crystals paired with the toning audio of her channeled voice. The tones intertwine with the coherent crystalline light of the Phi Crystals and transmit from the Ascended Oversoul of Anaya-Ra via Nina to the recipient. Using an Infinity Breath technique, and with the Phi Crystals acting as amplifiers, Nina brings in a stream of light from the Earth and transmits it from her Sacred Heart to the Recipient's Sacred Heart, where both merge as one energy unit. The breath then extends the stream of light to the 144 Crystal Ascension Grid and back in a figure 8. A high frequency comes through Nina and transfers to the recipient so that dormant parts of the DNA become activated. The emotions of Love and Appreciation are the fuel for activating the recoding of DNA. The energetic stream of Crystalline Akash (adamantimeessence) flows through the crown chakra into the Earth back up to the Sacred Heart (now connected) andreturns to the 144 Ascension Grid. It is the frequency of Love and Appreciation that ignites the connection such that the Grid responds and the sacred geometry of the crystalline seed and the sacred geometry of the Ascension Grid entrain. In other words, a solar stream of liquid light, Love and Appreciation, is made up of very high frequency adamantine particles that ignite or recode the dormant Divine Feminine sacred geometry of the DNA to entrain with the sacred geometry of the 144 Crystal Ascension Grid.

During this process an energetic bond becomes established with the Recipient, which needs to be released. The two crystals initially creating the tunnel between Sacred Hearts, (by pointing, with permission, the crystals at the Sacred Heart), are crossed and moved from head to toe with appreciation and the intention of disconnecting the energy flow, so that the energy fields for the two may be intact with no auric bleeding on completion.

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