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Isis on the universal and cosmic flow of energy and how we interact with it

Isis on the universal and cosmic flow of energy and how we interact with it.

As you are moving more and more into a new earth reality, it is becoming more and more important in how you use these new energies that are coming into your awareness and physical reality at this time.

You are the creators as the new earth reality is being built.
You are the ones that can use this flow of energy in creating this new earth reality.

This is where you are going to follow the flow of universal and cosmic energies that are giving you every possibility possible at this time and will bring in even more possibilities in the future as you flow and learn how to flow with these energies.

The interaction between you and the energy within your universe is of great importance.

Creation is moving the energies in certain directions, certain places, certain configurations.

There is a constant flow, or movement of energies in every part of your life.

Nothing is stagnant, as it is always moving, taking you forward or moving you backwards, and even when you stand still, there is still movement within the energies.

Your physical body is one example of this as it regenerates itself in every moment.

The world around you is part of this as is it never at a standstill, but always moving.

The flow of energy that is within your universe can be used in many ways, it is like following a small stream of water, and you can go against it or with it. Do you know where you will end up and does it matter?

Having the trust that no matter where you end up it will be the perfect place for you, will guide you to find that perfect place for you at that moment.

Find that place within, find that place where the energy flows at all time and can guide you in the right direction in every moment.

Each and every particle of energy has the universal and cosmic knowledge within it.

When you connect with that little particle of energy, it only needs to be one of them and all others will follow.

This is what creation on the divine/source level is, it is connecting within, with the divine flow, and let it guide you into creating and manifesting the new earth reality.
Does it matter what you create?

Yes it might, but you have to decide that for yourself as the universal flow guides you, you still have a choice.
Creation can be done on many different levels, as it can be on a human level, or on a source level and all levels in between.

As you are becoming more and more comfortable within the flow and how to create/manifest into the physical reality you will find that many times what you thought on the human level would be the right manifestation/creation, is not what the universal energy brings to you.

For example, you might think you are hungry and need an apple, the universe brings you a banana as it knows it is better for you physical body at that time than an apple.

Trust within your own being that the universe is supporting you in many ways as you find your way to the new earth reality that is so important for many at this time.

The new earth reality is within reach as this cycle is coming to an end and a new cycle is beginning within the ever expanding universal and cosmic flow.

This is the time where the consciousness and awareness is opening up to new possibilities and changes as you have gone through many of these cycles.

Each and every one of you is part of the ever expanding cycle of universal and cosmic energy.

No matter where you are at this moment in your awareness and experience.

Oneness is in every place within every moment.

Through Petra Margolis
October 28, 2011

Isis asked me to write down my experience within this flow and I will send that out in a separate email right after this one.


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