25 Ekim 2011 Salı

New Paradigms of Family by Jennifer Hoffman

New Paradigms of Family

There was a time when a family consisted of a father, mother, 2 children and a pet. The parents stayed married for their lifetime and everyone was happy, or that is how we were told it was supposed to be. Sadly, this paradigm of family is one that never really existed because while there may have been a marriage, it was often not happy or things happened within the family structure that were not happy or fulfilling. Then we entered the world of divorce and 'blended' families which were often troubled because that is not how family was 'supposed' to be. But since there are no accidents in the Universe, is it possible that what is happening in the family today is normal and what we were trying to create as a standard in the past was not?

The new paradigm for family is a step or blended family, where the parents have divorced and remarried, the children are from different parents and they all try to co-exist as best they can. If we look at these families from a karmic and soul group perspective, the biological aspect is less important than how they are brought together, which is their karmic path. While a child may be born of one parent, it is the step parent who must also participate in their upbringing. And the first marriage may be the fulfillment of a karmic debt while the second is more lasting and brings happiness and fulfillment. These relationships are less about the fulfillment of a romantic dream than the fulfillment of karmic healing.

The stigma that has been attached to divorce and to step families is slowly fading as this becomes our new paradigm for families. And I'm glad to see it happen because there is a need for us to see life as purposeful instead of accidental, with the fulfillment of our healing purpose and path as encompassing all aspects of our lives, including the people we partner with and the family dynamics that are part of those relationships. We can more easily embrace step children if we look at their presence from a karmic perspective - where have we known them before, how have we known them and what part do they play on our healing path and us on theirs?

There is nothing standard about life or living and the more we try to fit ourselves into standards of 'normal', the most powerless we feel because normal usually describes a life or lifestyle that we do not have (and very few people do). What we are doing in our families today is giving ourselves an opportunity to reconnect with soul groups to heal lifetimes of karma and get closure with family dynamics that have been a source of drama and trauma for lifetimes. These dynamics include children and partners we seek healing and closure with, as well as lessons that we are collectively resolving. So embrace your family dynamic, whatever it is, understanding that it is the reason these people are in your life and as you accept their presence within the spirit of unconditional love and divine purpose, you allow healing to occur for everyone.

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