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The 11-11-11 portal, new consciousness and the Crystal Skulls.

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The 11-11-11 portal, new consciousness and the Crystal Skulls.

With the ending of the Mayan cycle of descending and ascending within the human consciousness and spiritual realities, we are coming to a point where we can find completion of this cycle within the human consciousness reality.

There is a time shift happening between this ending of the cycle and the 11-11-11 doorway that is opening.

Some have already found out that the doorway is to bring in the realities that were sent into other timelines, as this is what happened with the energies of Lemuria and Atlantis and more civilizations that seem to be lost.

Some are talking about a new coding system that will come in for those that are ready to start on a new path.
The 11-11-11 doorway and the time between the completion of the Mayan cycle and the 11-11-11 doorway will be important for those that are moving into a new or maybe more expanded mission as I would like to call it.

Many new teachers, channels, healers will start on this path, as many of the older ones will expand their teachings even more as the need to bring in the information and knowledge that is available through this doorway will be an expansion of what is already known at this time.

This is where the information that was lost through destruction and splitting of time lines is to be found.

This is also where different stories about your history were implemented and the confusion has become greater amongst you as much of what was implemented is simply just that. Part of it really happened, part of it was added.
Memories were erased, whole parts of the time lines were removed and either new parts were brought in or there is just an empty space.

This is one of the reasons you have civilizations that seem to have disappeared off the face of the earth. They were taken out of the time line, put into another time line or are just being held within another dimensional frequency.

Remember we are talking about a timeline a bit longer than what is known at this point.

When you look at the Egyptian civilization at this time you can already see the conflicts within what is known or is said that they know, and the reality that is there.

They only release information they want to release and much of that information is only partly true as many already know.

This has been happening over billions of years and yes some if it has knowledge that could be of great help at this time.

So the opening of the 11-11-11 doorway will be of great help for those that can go through it to retrieve this information and bring it back into the physical reality you live in right now.

For many this is and still will be science fiction so to speak, although many will resonate with it.

This is why we are putting again such great importance on releasing attachments, beliefs and thought systems.

And of course bringing in your own spiritual being into the physical world as change is starting not only from above but also from below.

Once you become a channel of your own being so to speak, once you are able to translate within the human reality the knowledge that your being has within it , it is also time to find those missing pieces that are out there.

As these missing pieces are needed to complete the mission of many that are here to complete this cycle.

From this we move to the crystal skulls as their knowledge is contained within their energy and even though they are connected in many ways, there are differences between them.

The Mayan history goes further back than many of the other civilizations and they have worked very hard on keeping their teachings alive.

Many of them were descendants of Atlantis and Lemuria and the original skulls were created in the time of Atlantis.
They each carry specific information about that time, they also carry within them the future possibilities as they were seen through the eyes of the atlanteans.

These coding's, or energy systems within them are very old and are within a completely different language then you are using at this time.

Much of it is within the original light language, but this language also contains sounds and frequencies that cannot be heard with the physical ears.

You can however connect with the skulls and start receiving their energies.

As they are available at this time and have been for some time.

Do not focus on the ones that are within your physical reality as some of them are just decoys and the original skulls are hidden still.

Their information runs through many different dimensions and frequencies of light.

This is where it is of importance to be able to reach those dimensions or frequencies in a more conscious way and have your awareness expand through them.

The 13th skull, is not and will never become available in a physical form, this simply because the 13th skull was never intended to be present in physical form.

The 13th skull was created within the higher realms at the time of the creation of the 12 crystal skulls.

Just like the crystal of Atlantis, it will be there when the earth ascends as their energy and information is needed at this time. Not before and not after.

Through Petra Margolis
October 29, 2011

As we have had a workshop at every portal opening this year, we will have a workshop of 11-11-11

What will happen during this workshop?

We will bring in the energies for you to receive them and any and all other activations that can be received by you at this time.

These have been very powerful workshops where many are signing up even before I can explain what we are going to do as they know it will be another eye opening, mind blowing, experience.

This workshop is of course on Friday 11-11-11 at 10:30pm EST (22:30 Orlando Florida time).

The cost for this workshop is $ 11.11

You can register here

For anyone that cannot be present on the call, just sign up and you will receive the recorded meditation, including the sharing of others and any answers to questions, the day after.

As always we will have time to share and ask questions after the meditation, this is the fun part as sharing bring knowledge to all of us.

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